Sunday, December 6, 2020




I cannot enjoy the lemon-aide,

because I have tasted the sour lemons. 

I cannot smell the roses,

because I am entangled in the thorns. 

I cannot relax in the sunshine,

because I have experienced the hurricane. 

I cannot lie down in the waters,

because I am afraid of the sharks. 

I cannot forget the treatment,

because I have been mistreated.


***** BUT *****

There is one thing of which I am certain; the world has never witnessed a more perfect example of, “Nero fiddled while Rome burned,” than what is happening in the United Stated today. 

The people of the world know what it’s like living in a corrupt government. The people of the world understand the struggles of trying to get ahead in an oligarchy. The people of the world are concerned about Americans because, “You won’t miss your water ‘till your well runs dry.” 

One of the biggest surprises of my life is to witness adult man and women stand flat-footed, and without one once of remorse, tell one lie after another, all to protect the biggest liar in America’s history. 

It is one thing to be so selfish as to destroy the world’s greatest democracy, but it is something all together different, to destroy it for future generations. It is literally an act of stupidity to know that while you are destroying America, you are destroying yourself. It will be the children of tomorrow who will look back in history and realize what they have missed. From the ashes of American towers, will historians rise to tell the world the truth about America. 

Americans have turned Christianity into “Evilianity” and the billionaire evangelists and the millionaire preachers, who would rather preach hate than to live in a diverse nation, must understand that God will not build a firewall around them. They may get a taste of hell long before they get there, for when America burns they will burn with it. 

Donald Trump is not only the most corrupt president in the history of the USA, but he is the most corrupt person ever to live in the USA. He is not a builder, but a destroyer. No one person has ever done as much damage to America as Donald Trump. He is attempting to destroy America, and his enablers are assisting in the destruction. He will never go down easy. He now has two choices; he can either declare Marshall Law, or he can falsely accuse another nation of an invasion, and involve America in another conflict.  Rest assured Donald Trump is not finished with America. 

God have mercy on the nation of Americans, who would rather destroy the greatest democracy known to mankind, than to admit they made a mistake.     

While America burns Donald Trump is attempting to build a fire-proof wall around the West Wing of the White House for him and his outlaw family.



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