Monday, October 12, 2020




To members of my family and friends, I beg you to read at least a few of the following statements. There have been dozens of books written about Donald Trump and all of them relate thousands of deceitful ways Trump used to reach the top.  Two of my favorites are TOO MUCH AND NEVER ENOUGH by Mary Trump, and DISLOYAL by Michael Cohen. 

Even though it is hard to believe, credence must be given to Michael Cohen and Mary Trump as they describe in detail the deceits that Donald Trump used to cheat his way to the top. The distortions used to refuse payments to smaller contractors for work completed for the Trump Organization, initiated by Cohen on behalf of Donald Trump, supersedes the imagination of any writer. Donald Trump is the most cold-hearted individual ever to be called a human. The evil mind of Trump surpasses the evil perpetrated by the devil himself. His niece, Mary Trump, explained in her book how the Trump family created the world’s most dangerous man. 

When and if, the truth is ever revealed about Donald Trump, it will shock the world.  History will record Trump as the “king of fools,” but it has stunned the world how the king of fools became the “Cult Leader” of thousands of so-called intelligent people. It is hoped that the king of fools will one day be held accountable and the truth will be exposed; when you cheat your way to the top, the top will cheat on you. 

As Michael Cohen rightfully said, “in essence Donald Trump has no friends. All those enablers are “hangers-on” to benefit themselves, even Vladimir Putin, but loyalty to Trump means the willingness to do things that you know to be wrong and that are harming others.”  Already the rats, who became liars to keep the LIAR in power, are abandoning the sinking ship. In the end Donald Trump will be left friendless, standing character naked, before the bar of justice. 

As to the evangelical preachers who laid hands on Donald Trump, and prayed, Michael Cohen, who was present at the time, records how Donald Trump laughed and called them stupid after they left his office. Evangelicals who have chosen to go to bed with the devil in order to get----- Supreme Court Justices----the repeal of Roe v. Wade------the removal of the Marriage Equality Act ----- and the Affordable Care Act declared unconstitutional --- in the end will have gained nothing but destroyed Christianity. 

Since the year 2015 evangelical churches have lost thousands of members, especially young Americans. Teenagers are smart enough to know that American Christians have turned the “Amen Corner” into “Hate-Men Corners,” and the deceit has openly revealed the hypocrisy.  The preachers who lied to their congregations about Donald Trump need to steal as much money as they can from the “collection plate” because soon they will be unemployed. Americans are becoming smart to this so-called “Prosperity Christianity.”  The only prosperity that has occurred is for the millionaire preachers and billionaire TV evangelists. 

If Americans really want peace they will enforce sever penalties for white policeman who murder African American men. But Republicans are once again setting America back another fifty years by stacking illegal justices on the Supreme Court. To place another justice on the court that will repeal Roe v. Wade is inviting turmoil. White men should have no jurisdiction over the body of women. Once again the Republican Party is initiating chaos in placing another justice on the court that will overturn the Marriage Equality Act. There are thousands of happily married same-sex couples, who are causing no problems, and are productive community citizens. Yet, the government is going to step in and create turmoil. It has never been the responsibility of government to dictate to consenting adults who they can marry. For over two hundred years American government and citizens have not been happy unless they are involved in a war abroad or creating domestic turmoil.   

All the acts of the Republican Party are to initiate more problems for American citizens. It is stupid to believe that happiness can be accomplished during times of disorder. Americans have been born in confusion and will die in confusion. White Americans have been born in bigotry and will die as bigots, never realizing that peace negotiates happiness. Without equal justice there will never be peace. 

However, there is some light at the end of this tunnel. There are many examples of African American Women saving American democracy. Now it is possible that African American Churches may save Christianity.  It is only an act of divinity that the oppressed will save their oppressors.    

How may lies can a liar lie, until the lies of a liar are called lies?

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