Thursday, October 8, 2020




I want to make one thing perfectly clear, I strongly believe in a democracy. My belief is not solely based upon being born in America, but I have studied all forms of governments and with knowledge concluded that democracy is the best form of governing for the people. Democracy respects the civil rights of all people, and as a form of government a democracy does not discriminate. 

American democracy was established on the premise of White Power. It has been an experiment in Representative Democracy. The American version of a democracy by definition has been a complete failure. It has failed because the United States territory was gained by the genocide of the original occupants. It has failed because from the very beginning the policy of discrimination was not written in documents but was practiced in reality. It has failed because the written laws guaranteed freedom of religion, but in reality only the Christian religion was recognized. It failed because it discriminated against women. It failed because no where in an actual definition of a democracy is a form of government that recognizes the legalization of human slavery. 

White Power has built into American culture the supremacy of white men. This policy creates division and conflict. Since the days of the Civil War this culture has been kept under raps until a White Supremacists was elected to lead the Executive Branch of American government.  When a group of citizens, who call themselves a political party, have experienced the freedoms of a democracy, but yet allow themselves to be brainwashed by an authoritarian dictator, little can be said about independent thinking and the manhood of representatives is destroyed.  

When adults are so ignorant not to wear a simple mask to protect themselves and the health of their children, they are too ignorant to be classified as members of the human race.  When parents who say they love their children, but bring them to a rally of hundreds of unmasked people, it is no longer an example of love, but an example of severe political brainwashing. 

The same is true with religious brainwashing. There have been numerous examples of evangelicals who have refused to give their children proper medical attention, and have gone so far as to allow their children to die, from a disease that could have been medically cured. This is not an example of love, but another example of severe religious brainwashing. 

Even though it is sad to say, but the truth is that some members of my family and other so-called friends, will enter the voting booth and pull the lever in support of the Republican Party. In so doing, they know by reelecting Donald Trump they are bringing the end to America’s democratic government. They also know that a vote for Donald Trump is a vote against the future of their children and grandchildren, yet they will cast the vote, because Donald Trump has complete control of their brain. They know the Republican Party is an all white party, and even though they have some minority friends, they are willing to throw them under the bus in support of a dictator. There are many gay individuals who will vote republican knowing that the Republican Party would hang them from the nearest tree if given the opportunity.   

When one man has caused as many evils to a democracy as Moscow Mitch and still hundreds of voters will vote for him, it is a classic example that man may not be capable of governing himself.  Greed and power dominate all governments but a democracy has built in safeguards by the vote of the people, but that is only true when the citizens become informed voters. 

The failure of citizens to recognize that attacks from foreign governments do not always come in the form of military invasions, but in the modern era, can come in the form of brainwashing techniques in social media.  Conspiracy theories have become useful tools by foreign governments to overthrow American democracy, and yet Americans are eating it up hook, line, and sinker. There are many Americans who do not realize that democracies are on decline around the world, and it is apparent that American democracy may join that decline.

Our forefathers knew that freedom of the press is the most powerful tool in preventing power-hungry dictators from gaining control over government. When a governmental official begins an assault on the press, red lights flash danger in all directions.  It is only a fool who will attempt to destroy a government of, for, and by, the people, in order to satisfy his own lust for power. When a fool leads a fool, they fall off the cliff together.  

America’s democracy is under attack because a man of color was elected as the President of the United States. The White Power Party is leading the attack. White men are determined not to loose the governing power of America. Their methods of keeping control are demeaning. It is a sad state of affairs that those methods include lying, cheating, and voter suppression; declaring mail-in votes a fraud, destroying the Christianity within the evangelical church, encouraging evangelical preachers to deliberately mislead parishioners, and by allowing Republican leaders to use other unscrupulous methods to stay in power. 

This is an insult to democracy and to all the men and women who sacrificed their lives to protect individual freedoms, but the disgrace rests upon the shoulders of those who are enabling this to happen.  Hitler had his enablers, and Donald Trump is following close in his footsteps, and the biggest surprise the modern world has experienced is the number of Americans who have sold their souls to the devil to become Trump enablers.    


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