Wednesday, October 21, 2020




I am an eighty-two year old retired American, and I am totally disgusted with Americans who stand flat-footed with a straight face, and lie to protect the LIAR in the White House. Lying has become an acceptable American characteristic during the Donald Trump administration.  Everyday I watch Senators, Congress men and women, preachers, White House staffers, and leaders of the Republican Party, lie to protect the most corrupt individual ever to set foot in the White House. 

Donald Trump has learned nothing about what it means to be a man.  He has always been a spoiled brat, who got his way about everything. Therefore, he has had no reason to learn the characteristics of real manhood. Nothing in the history of the United States has been more damning than what Donald Trump has done to America. Even if America survives Donald Trump, it will take decades to correct the damage he has done to America’s youth. 

American classrooms are experiencing chaotic conditions because America’s youth are confused.  They recognize the hypocrisy in adults and they know their future is being jeopardized.  Children have watched parents become liars in order to remain loyal members of the Republican Party.  Children of liars, will at some point, rebel and their rebellion will destroy family ties.  

A message to members of my family who are Donald Trump supporters; you have been conned! Even though it has been by one of the world’s greatest con-artist, nevertheless, you have been conned. The sooner you face the facts the better off you will be.  If you do not face the truth, you will suffer severe consequences from your off-springs.  You have damaged the future of your children and your grandchildren but yet, it may not be too late to repair the damage. 

Even though millions have already voted the salvation of America’s democracy remains in the hands of the voters. Americans who believe in the democratic process must take nothing for granted and make sure they vote. To purify America’s political system, the Republican Party must be demolished.  And I don’t mean just defeated, I mean completely destroyed from the ground-roots foundation. The party of liars must be removed from America’s political system. If America is going to survive, White Power must be destroyed, and the strong voice of Americans is the only way it can happen absent a Civil War. 

If it occurs ----- and it is yet to be determined ---- that a White Supremacists fool destroyed the greatest nation known to mankind ----- it will be recorded as the biggest mistake in all of world history. 

Of all the evil characteristics portrayed by Donald Trump there is one I have difficulty forgiving. Plus, I have trouble forgiving members of my family and other Donald Trump supporters in continuing to uphold a Commander-In-Chief who has allowed the Russian dictator to place bounties on the heads of American service men and women. He has refused to say one word to challenge the actions of this dictator. I must confess, I have great difficulty in forgiving this and I am prepared to stand before the judgment bar of God and defend my position.


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