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   I have said many times the success of any story is the ability of the storyteller.  Therefore, I have rewritten the book and returned to the original title SHOWER TALK 20/20 PLEDGE.  I have also retained the premise that the book is 95% dialogue with the use of very few boring tags. In order for this unique feature to be accomplished, the reader must become familiar with the 9 main characters, after which their characteristics will allow identification. 

   The book is a series of conversations of high school boys in the shower after PE Class.  In order to retain a high reader interest some of the shower conversations involve conceited talk about the size of family jewels and bragging about their sexual exploitation with the opposite sex. Also, because boys will be boys, they participate in homophobic gestures that relieve tensions of naked bodies in a group shower. 

   Even within foolish boy talk, it is evident that these boys have a keen interest in improving social conditions. Their discussions of modern social and political issues prove their intellectual achievements are above their average age group. Several of the boys form a tight nit relation and decide to form a Shower Club with the objective that “actions speak louder than words.” 

   The coach listens to some of the conversations and is impressed. He realizes this is a special group of teenagers and their objectives could be achieved. He asks the principle if the schedules of the boys could be arranged so they could continue having gym class together in upper grades. The principle agreed. 

   The book develops a new dimension of diversity when a minority student enters the gym class.  An African American basketball player is added to the group. The shower conversations provide an insight into the economic conditions in the black community. 

   When a Latino student enrolls in the school and is assigned 5th period gym, the anger of a minority student is revealed. He has a deep hatred for White America and is trapped in the USA because it is the only place his father can find employment. 

   The main character is a gay boy who has a homophobic father, who is a veteran of the Iraq War. He is overwhelmed with hatred and rules his son with an iron fist, constantly preaching about American queers. 

   Two of the boys develop an attraction for each other and attend the Senior Prom as a couple. The Senior Prom has a tragic ending brought on by the anti-gay father of one of the boys. 


   (When a reader realizes the material he is reading was written by a novice, the reader suddenly becomes a professional critic. This is true in all forms of art; paintings; original music, sculptures; acting, and designing. But when professionalism is already established, the originator has freedoms not allowed to the novice. There is a long hard road between the novice and the declared professional, and only a very few make it to the end.) 

I wish I could tell you the ending of this story, but to realize the detailed description you will have to read the book. This book is an exciting read through out------but the dramatic ending is the most exciting part.

(This book will be published on January of 2021.)









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