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Even though we can forgive we must not forget that Republicans gave America a good lesson in dirty politics and corrupt government. As important as it is for the citizens of the United States to come together, it is also important the way “togetherness” is accomplished. Forgiveness is only successful when there is a purification of the hearts of evil men and women. If during the Biden administration the sins of the Republican Party are merely white-washed in order to bring about a so-called “peaceful union,” the political problems will not be solved but merely covered up. 

The members of the Democratic Party need to realize that merely electing a Democrat President and Vice President is far from solving the internal problems that are eating away at the heart of American democracy.  Political sins reap negative benefits for citizens. Good democratic-loving Americans must demand honesty from all elected officials, regardless of party. If we fail, we are merely kicking the can of political corruption a little farther down the road. If the evils within the political system are not eradicated, it is only a matter of time until the same situations will reappear.  Make no doubt about it, a younger and smarter Donald Trump is waiting in the wings. Mario Rubio and Ted Cruz are just as crooked as Donald Trump and when the opportunity arises they will follow in his footsteps. 

The presidential election of 2020 should not have even been close. The fact that at least 45% of Americans voted for Donald Trump is the most depressing moral issue that has ever occurred in American history.  After four years of Donald Trump, Americans knew who they were voting for.  Donald Trump is the most immoral character ever to set foot in the White House, but yet, Americans were quick to endorse him.  American evangelicals were quick to forsake the morals of the Christian faith, to be brain-washed by a liar, a cheater, a racist, and a con-artist. Evangelical preachers quickly endorsed the devil as if the morals of evangelical Christianity meant nothing. Donald Trump is a cancer that has metastasized into every aspect of American society. 

The Republican Party is filled with evil men and women and the attempt to deny it, is only deepening the problem. They have done nothing but pad the Supreme Court with justices that will add to the turmoil of an already turbulent society. They will continue to use bigotry, injustice, and racism, to achieve their goals. They will endure the turbulence of minorities in order to confirm White Power. Republicans need to openly admit that they would rather destroy America’s democratic process than give up "White Power Control.” 

The American white race is a spoiled race.  They think because they are Americans, and because they are white, they are BETTER than others. This has been and continues to be the major problem for White America. From the Jamestown Colony to the present, White Power has been the controlling governmental power, and as a result, the United States has suffered severe consequences. Many Americans have yet to realize they have been brain-washed by an authoritative dictator.  50% of Americans are still supporting a president, who is calling a “Stop to the Voting.”  Furthermore, he has called the voting process a “fraud.” He is denying the basic concept of a democracy and many Americans are following. 

From the very beginning American Christianity has been a shallow religion. The Christian religion does not have deep roots in the lives of most evangelicals. As quick as Moses went upon the mountain to receive the Ten Commandments and returned to find his people worshiping the Golden Calf, just that quick Jesus found his followers worshiping the Orange-Faced Spinster. The only way Christianity is going to return as a dominating force in the lives of Americans is that bigotry and prejudice be removed from the accepted Christian principles. 

***** Op. Ed. Published October 10, 2020 ***** 

In the end Donald Trump will be left friendless, standing character naked, before the bar of justice.

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