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The great phenomenon that the modern world has witnessed is how a nation with more institutions of learning than any other nation on the planet can develop a population of people who are so easily brainwashed. For decades it was religious brainwashing, a form of indoctrination. Only in recent years has political brainwashing become a major problem. Today, brainwashing has turned into both religious and political cults. 

One of the most well known religious cults was Jonestown, Guyana. The   cult leader was an American preacher and self-professed faith healer named Jim Jones. He demanded that his followers commit mass suicide by drinking a poisonous cool-aid. The devastating fact about this mass suicide was that parents gave the poison to their children. The worst parents in the world are those who will murder their children at the command of a cult leader. 

Another religious cult leader was David Koresh. The Branch Davidians  headquarters was in Waco, Texas. David Koresh was a preacher and a mind-control religious fanatic. Before the compound was destroyed children were given the opportunity to leave, but parents refused, knowing that by remaining it meant death. 76 adults including 20 children died when the FBI destroyed the compound. It is a selfish act of any parent to deny children the right to live. It is even more selfish for a leader, knowing he controls the minds of his followers, to deny them the opportunity to live. Living is always more important than dying.  

Warren Steed Jeffs is the president of The Fundamentalist Church of Christ of Latter-Day Saints known as FLDS.  To his followers he is the prophet even though he is serving life in prison convicted of two felony accounts of child sexual assault.  Nevertheless, he still has thousands of brainwashed indoctrinated followers. 

The Church of Scientology is the largest of all the religious cults with ten of thousands of followers. No matter how much proof of evil misdeeds is presented by Leah Remini and Mike Rinder in the TV production, “Scientology and The Aftermath,” it has no affect on the remaining remembers. Leah and Mike have interviewed dozens of individuals who were once Scientology Church members and they have   provided proof that the church is destroying families. Plus, they have documented evidence of beatings by David Miscavige, who is now the head of the church. They have also provided reports of individuals who were involved in cover-ups of adult involvement in sexual abuse of children. They have openly read church by-laws that were written by L. Ron Hubbard, where he said that it is okay for church members to become liars to protect the integrity of the cult and its leaders. 

For decades parents have tried everything possible to convince their children and other love ones to abandon religious cults but with very little success. It is tragic that a religious or a political leader can control the minds of individuals and in many cases are able to convince followers to lie to protect the cult. 

This brings us to the all important Republican Party Political Cult controlled by Donald Trump. Many Americans have become liars to protect Donald Trump and the character of these individuals cannot be white-washed or merely swept under the rug. It is going to take a great deal of work and much professionalism to reprogram these brainwashed cult members back into the mainstream of American society. 

The Republican Party is the largest political cult known to mankind.   America is faced with many problems but none greater than the fact that over 71 million Americans voted for Donald Trump and this speaks volumes about Americans.  And within those volumes there is very little good and much corruption. The reason Donald Trump is so popular is because most of his followers are just like him and the others want to be like him. He is a wannabe dictator with mind control indoctrination over those who have lost the value of a democracy. 

There has never been another nation on the planet that was so quick to throw religious principles under the bus. The full extent of this is yet to be measured and the influence will last for decades. Because the truth means nothing to Trump supporters, the vast majority of these   followers will erroneously hypnotize mainstream induction, but when the opportunity arises they will turn on a dime and revert back to the Trump Cult. This is a fact that should alarm every American who is a believer in democracy. 

When a member of the Republican Party is banging on the window of a public building where votes are being counted and shouts, “Stop the counting,” this individual is actually saying, “Stop democracy.” When an individual is marching in the streets carrying a Trump flag and yells, “Voting is a fraud,” he is actually saying, “Democracy is a fraud.” They are denying the basic principle of a democracy. These individuals are seriously indoctrinated and if Americans do not admit it, a big mistake will be made. 

It is a serious offence when citizens refuse to hold a leader accountable for not confronting the Russian dictator about placing bounties on the heads of American service men and women. It is a serious offence when citizens refuse to hold a leader accountable for dis-respectable remarks and acts against women. It is a serious offence when citizens refuse to   repudiate a leader for making fun of or mocking a disabled reporter. It is a serious offence when citizens refuse to reject a leader who has taken babies from the arms of mothers and put them in dog cages. 

Indoctrination may be the straw that broke the camel’s back and destroyed the world’s greatest democracy. Although, it is unbelievable that the majority of Americans will allow this to happen, but the influence the Trump administration has had on elected officials is mind blowing. It would have never been imagined in a thousand years that American men and women would be so weak as to be controlled by a fool, and refuse to stand up for the basic rights of mankind.


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