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20/20 PLEDGE 

The reader of this book is presented with a slight challenge. The unique feature is the author uses very few tags; therefore the reader must become acquainted with the characters. Once the characters are recognized it is easy to determine who is speaking. The main content of the book however, are the conversations of high school boys in the locker room shower. 

Hawk----- the farm boy who is bused to the city school. His father is a veteran who fought in the Iraq War. He is a strict disciplinarian and is greatly concerned about the macho imagine of his son. 

Bennie---- is the tall good-looking student, who is the leader of Shower Club and is the originator of the pledge.  

Butch----- the student stud, who is always looking for the next female he can conquer, so he can carve another notch on his bed post. 

Sherman--- the devout Christian student who always takes the conservative side of all issues. 

Kellin----is the student basketball player, who becomes Hawk’s best friend. 

Matt----is another member of the group who likes to brag about his experiences with the opposite sex. He will agree with anything the liberal group says.

Reggie---- an African American basketball player, also known as a stud in the black community. 

Zero----is the Latino student who doesn’t like anything about America.  He doesn’t like the school and definitely doesn’t like White Boys.  He is stuck in America because, America is the only place his father can find employment. 

Coach Watson -----his famous words, “Hurry up and get out of that shower; you don’t want to be late for your next period class.” He does however, through out his tenure as a coach, drop a few tidbits of genius insights that he observed along the way.   

(I am seeking professional assistance in marketing this book.)

(This book has potential, but I need someone who is a professional in marketing. If you are a literary agent or if you are friends with an  agent, tell them about this book?)


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