Sunday, December 21, 2014



   A biased and conservative media has set America back 50 years, and in time, history will confirm this fact.  America is no longer recognized internationally as a progressive nation. Hate spouted from pulpits and from conservative leaders has caused an increase of hate crimes against minorities, gays, and lesbians in recent years.  Such violent acts would not have occurred in a progressive society. The verbalization of Christian principles has become one of the greatest examples of hypocrisy the world has known.
   Those who went to the polls and voted skin color will in time discover that they have voted themselves into a financial quagmire.  Fact—the incoming House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) says that he will pursue cuts to Social Security and Medicare in the amount of 129 billion. Fact—the Republicans have already voted to extend the tax cuts to the wealthy. The quagmire is already in the making.  The millions of American men and women who gave their lives to secure a free America did not intend for their sacrifice to enrich 1% of the citizens who advocate making the other 99% economic slaves.
   It has become a sickening affair when the only intent of one political party is to find fault with every policy advocated by the President.  And it is even more sickening to realize that so many people have been caught up in the dilemma.
   When one political party stands in the way of all constructive legislation, and uses strong brain washing techniques to remain in power, the final outcome will be devastating.








Saturday, October 18, 2014



   The ignorant intelligence of the so-called military masterminds and the warmongers in Congress has convinced the American President to engage in another unsolvable military conflict.  To make matters worse, these military geniuses are using the same failed strategies of the last 50 years.

   Since they have been given several weeks of warning, the ISIS soldiers have baited their opponents by placing some military equipment in strategic areas near schools, hospitals, religious institutions, and metropolitan areas, and they, the soldiers, have disappeared underground. Thus, the only way the air strikes can be effective is to kill innocent women and children. Once again the Americans will become the hated enemy. After several weeks of air strikes, the warmongers in Congress, the military whiz brains, and the war-hungry media are saying, “Guess what, folks, this isn’t working, so now we must put boots on the ground.”

    Again trillions of tax-payers’ dollars will be spent, many young American soldiers will be killed, many others will be burned beyond recognition, hundreds will loose an arm or a leg, and many more will suffer emotionally to the point where they can no longer function as a husband, a father, or a productive citizen. Thousands will become wards of the state, and the state will tell them that due to limited resources they cannot be provided with adequate medical treatment because trillions of dollars are being spent chasing other world conflicts.

   A few years from now the ISIS soldiers will reappear, with increased numbers, a better trained militia with better equipment, and the warmongers in Congress will once again say, “We could have won that thing if we had stayed in there just a little longer, spent a few more trillion dollars, sent in more troops, and got a few more Americans killed.”

   Military ignorance is in abundance in the USA, and a war-hungry media is brainwashing the people into believing that America must be the savior of the world. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014




   The American people did not elect President Obama to engage in another foreign conflict. In fact, he was elected to do just the opposite. It is true, however, that the war mongers in Congress, the military geniuses, and the war-hungry media have convinced hundreds of Americans that it is necessary to engage in another military conflict. It is sad to see the leader of the free world easily convinced to engage in a military conflict for the purpose of increasing approval ratings. Regardless of the consequences, it is the responsibility of a Commander-in-Chief of a democratic society to stay the course for which he was elected.

   It is difficult to understand how a country, such as America, with so many institutions of learning, can continue to produce a population that is dominated by simple-minded thinkers. Today, as in days past, individuals who proclaim the truth are called radicals or extremists.  

   However, being called a radical does not prevent some from revealing the truth. And the truth is that in the Middle East, outsiders cannot solve insider problems, and there are two hundred years of history to back it up. Instead of chasing another unsolvable conflict, American’s leadership would be better off chasing butterflies.    


Tuesday, July 15, 2014




America’s elected leaders continue to spend money as if it grows on trees and they own the forest.  At the present, I don’t see how anyone could doubt that American has an out-of-control federal government that is paying little or no attention to the wishes of the people. It is my firm belief that the majority of Americans are tired of governmental wasteful spending. If government leaders do not stop this irresponsible spending, at some point the people will put a stop to it.  Just what form that will take I hate to predict, but sooner or later the people will force leaders to adhere to their needs. I believe that something has to give, and I also believe that it’s not far down the pipeline. Every day more Americans are waking up to the fact that we have a corrupt and out-of-control governing body, and they realize that sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing will not solve the problem.

The person or persons who came up with the idea that America could borrow money to give away, should be declared insane. I do not know which is worse, the insanity of the policy or the insanity of the American voters who continue to re-elect these people to office. History will have no other choice than to declare this policy one of the worse economic policies the world has ever known.

It should be a wake up call to all Americans when the federal government can, within minutes, agree to give billions of tax payers’ dollars to foreign nations, and on the other hand debate for days and fail to pass legislation that benefits Americans. A few examples are increased veteran’s benefits, lower interest rates on student loans, increased minimum wages, extended benefits for the unemployed, and the list goes on.

In the history of all great nations, the people were the first to realize what damage an out-of-control government could do, and I believe that the American people are close to that point of realization.   


Monday, June 30, 2014




   Out of the list of potential presidential candidates for 2016 there is not a candidate in either party who is showing a great interest in becoming a domestic president. Once again, we will hear change, change, change, and in the end we will get same, same, and more of the same.

   The time is now—America needs to get America’s house in order.  The majority of Americans realize that it is impossible to become an effective community leader when you cannot lead your own household. That same policy is true globally. Thus, it is my firm belief that the candidate who incorporates a strong domestic agenda for the 2016 presidential campaign will receive a majority of the popular vote.

   Too many of our elected leaders still have their heads in the clouds looking to solve the problems of the world rather than the problems of the American people.  America needs someone who will govern outside the status quo, although it is difficult. To finance a successful campaign requires a great amount of money. Thus, most candidates are forced to become puppets to the rich in order to be elected.  There’s no doubt about it—the rich enjoy the status quo. Why shouldn’t they? In the recent economic slowdown, better know as a recession, the rich increased their wealth by 86%, whereas the working class lost ground to a negative 1%.  The wealthy believe it is necessary to have a large working class who are willing to work long, hard hours for little pay in order to have a thriving economy. 

   Few doubt that America is losing the middle class and that is a dreadful outlook for the future. It is sad but true—America has the best government money can buy.

    I would like to make this perfectly clear—I see nothing wrong in becoming a successful business man or woman, but I do see wrong in using financial gain to make life miserable for a lower or middle class of people. Some where in this battle to acquire wealth the statement --- ‘when is enough, enough’--- has lost its meaning.

   It is hard to believe that the majority of members in the House and Senate voted against increasing veterans’ benefits and at the same time voted to give another 3 billion to Ukraine, and 300 million to Egypt. The same majority voted against an increase in the minimum wage for the working class and refused to increase unemployment benefits. And that’s not all—this same group of lawmakers refused to give college students a break by lowing the interest rate on college loans. I don’t know what it would take for the American people to wake up to what our government is doing to us. It is hard, as an American citizen, to understand how the government can continue to give away trillions of tax payers’ dollars to outside sources and refuse to meet the needs of the American people.   I AM A CONCERNED CITIZEN.


Monday, April 21, 2014




What is so important about this thing called ‘letting go’?

Just when you thought it was impossible to write a different love song, someone comes up with the lyrics “love her when you let her go.” Letting go has far more implications than letting go of a non-responsive lover, or a parent letting go of a child, or letting go of a loved one at a funeral. There are many other social implications in the act of letting go.

Like it or not, we are living in a progressive world. The world is changing faster than ever before and an individual either changes with it or becomes a statue.

Hatred is one thing that, for many, is hard to let go.  There is no longer the belief that one race is superior and has domination over another. The New Age World has no allowance for hatred based on skin color.  Also, there is no room for hate based on sexual orientation. There is absolutely no harm in two consenting, same–sex adults falling in love and getting married. Who among us holds a monopoly on love?  How can anyone be such an authority as to say that same-sex relations cannot be as strong or stronger, than any other relationship?  If there is one thing this New Age World needs it is more love.  Today’s world may be complex and have some difficulties but it also offers far more excitements.  Why should individuals create unnecessary problems in a world that already has many major problems?

No one in this new era lives within 100% of the confines of the scriptures.  The idea of women cutting their hair or speaking in church, or men cutting their beards or working on the Sabbath, all are out of compliance with the scriptures. And the list goes on.  Individuals should not hold on to a couple of verses because it fits their personal situation and declare that the rest of the world is going to hell in a hand basket, because it just ‘ain’t’ so.    



Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Americans elected President Obama to change America, not to change the world.  However, it now appears that he has finally succumbed to the voices of a few warmongers and is about to engage America in another conflict.  American voices spoke loud and clear with opinion polls showing that 80% of the people did not want involvement in Syria.  Now, opinion polls are showing that 65% of Americans are against any involvement in the Ukraine, better known as the Crimean Conflict.

The voices of Americans are saying “we have had enough.” We are tired of political leaders spending trillions of taxpayer’s dollars and killing thousands of our young men and women chasing conflicts that we are unable to resolve.

It doesn’t take an academic genius to figure out that while America has become a bankrupt nation chasing conflicts, two nations, Russia and China, have sat back and become militarily strong and financially stable watching America make a fool of itself.

If you closed your eyes today and placed your finger on any part of the world globe, you would be very close to some kind of a conflict.  There are more uprisings in the world today than in the last 50 years, proving that American’s foreign policy as the world’s policemen has been a dismal failure. 

On the other hand, Americans should be rejoicing that we have a president who has attempted to pass domestic legislative policies that benefit the American people rather than wasting trillions chasing world conflicts. We should stand firm behind our president and applaud his domestic policies while not allowing a few voices of dissent to lead us into the failed policies of the past.     


Monday, January 27, 2014


   The question could be asked, “Does the office of the President of the United States deserve some respect?” I am one citizen who thinks the answer is “yes.” That is not to deny the voice of opposition. I only point out that there is a difference between sincere and hateful disagreement.
   From the very beginning the Obama administration has been faced with strong political opposition. It is a national disgrace the way Beck, Limbaugh, and some members of Fox media have treated the President. There is no doubt that the voices of hate, in the disguise of opposition, have crippled the President’s agenda. In so doing, they have not only hurt him, but they also have hurt the American people by leading the opposition in preventing the passing of constructive legislation. Nevertheless, Obama will be recorded in history as a great president.
   Today, America has become a nation in which the people are expected to serve the law rather than the law serving the people.  There is great danger in this form of government.  But in a highly diversified society there are thousands of voices crying in the wilderness, asking the government to ‘do this’ and ‘provide that.’  Thus governing has become a difficult task.  If caution is not taken, America could become a nation that is impossible to govern.  If that happens, defeat is in the near future.
    Already many common people are asking the question, “Why would anyone want the job of President of the United States?” Even considering the power and prestige that come with the position, the confusion that surrounds it makes it questionable why anyone would want it.  But for some strange reason, in the world of politics there are many takers.   
   I do not understand how a political party, with the majority of members being Christians, can portray the President as a devil because he is advocating Christian principles.  According to the Good Book that I read, caring for the poor, the sick, and the neglected are all part of Christ’s teachings.
    It is a difficult task to fight a battle against enormous American money that comes mostly from big corporations and big insurance companies.  It is a battle in which the majority of politicians have refused to engage.  For decades large insurance companies have dominated health benefit laws that are written in their favor.  It is to be expected that they will howl loudest when faced with losing their leverage. But it is also expected that American citizens should be able to recognize the objection, understand the reason for it, and show some respect for the individual who is leading the battle.
   It is impossible to understand why many people oppose the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the actual name of what is loosely referred to as Obamacare.  Is it not right to include women’s mammograms in an insurance policy? It is not right for insurance companies to pay for diagnostic testing in order for physicians to fully understand and treat a health problem? Should not parents be able to keep their children on their health insurance policy at least until the age of 24?  Should insurance companies have the right to cancel a policy because of pre-existing conditions? It is wrong to deny children health coverage based on the pre-existing conditions of parents?
  It saddens me to hear certain groups of people, those who have been brainwashed by a few millionaire media moguls, use devilish adjectives in describing the President. Even in a country where free speech is a ‘protected right,’ there should be a certain level of respect shown for the President, his wife, and his children.