Tuesday, October 16, 2018



***When the truth is spoken, true patriots should listen.***

America’s educational system is failing and has failed for several years.  America is being ruled by stupidity.   From the words of Bill Maher,   “We need to turn Town Halls into Study Halls.” Civics needs to be reinstated as a required subject in high schools, and students must learn the real function of a democracy and the importance of “majority rule.”

America’s Christian religion has failed parishioners. The main   purpose of a religious leader is to serve; not to be served, and if a preacher’s main goal is to make money, he should have chosen a different profession.

The Bible plainly states (Matthew 6:24) and I quote, “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate one, and hold on to the other, or else, he will hold on to one, and despise the other.   You cannot serve God and mammon.” Mammon is a Hebrew word meaning money. (Matthew 6:21) “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” If a religious leader attempts to serve both God and money he will end up serving money. Need I say more?  Christianity was never intended to be a million dollar business for preachers.

***Ask yourself the question***

 When was the last time you heard an evangelical sermon on the words spoken by Jesus concerning a rich man entering the kingdom of heaven?

***answer the question***

 Do evangelical preacher’s cherry-pick the Biblical scriptures?

If you are an evangelical preacher and you have laid hands on Donald Trump and said that he is God’s gift to America, you are part of a Satanic Cult.  It makes no difference if you are the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Atlanta or Huston, you are misleading church goers, and you will be held responsible. And from the Bible we also   learn that this is not the first time false religious teachers have taken control of the church. During the time that Jesus walked on earth he forcefully drove the false preachers out of the temple.

Donald Trump is the biggest liar on the planet and evangelicals who support him are in bed with the devil. Lying is an act of evil and Satan is evil’s headmaster. If you believe anything about the Bible you must believe that evil will be punished. Today, evil has invaded the Christian Church and it is a tragedy in the making.

Evangelicals can brag about the way flocks of people are turning out to hear this new, false doctrine, but outside the Southern Bible Belt statistics show that the only flocking of the people is away from organized religion.

When Donald Trump stands before Americans and says that Democrats want to cut Social Security, Medicare, and other social programs, he is outright lying. The Democratic Party has always advocated increasing the minimum wage, increased benefits for Social Security, healthcare benefits for all citizens, including pre-existing conditions, increased spending for Medicare and particularly, increased spending for programs that feed hungry children.

Someway, somehow Democrats must find leaders who have the backbone to speak out, often and loud, about the lies that Donald Trump is telling the people. The fire of deceit is spreading and we must fight fire with fire.

Donald Trump has control of the Republican Party, the evangelical church, the Executive, the Legislative, and the judicial branches, of US government.  It is the first time in American history that one man has had this much power. And power in the hands of a con-artist like Donald Trump is dangerous.

The Republicans are now a communist party lead by Vladimir Putin. In other words, a communist dictator is controlling a political party in America and on American soil.  One of the main reasons Republicans support Russian communism is that Russia is an “all white” society. No matter what Republicans claim, they are racists! Donald Trump is Vladimir’s patsy and he is a racist, an outright liar and a wannabe dictator.

Republicans are doing a good job of destroying America’s democratic process, but we the people cannot let this happen. It is true that Republicans are making it as hard as possible for people to register to vote and have closed thousands of voting booths across America which will make the voting process even harder. Voters must endure and VOTE!

The only possible path now for restoring the true democratic process to America is by voting on November 6th. Every Democrat, every Libertarian, and Independent must vote. Those who have problems getting to the polls on Election Day should know that absentee voting is   an available option, and every vote counts.

Every Democrat should get behind this move and speak out, loud and clear, and use every means possible to defy what Republicans are doing. We must access the use of social media to make our opinions known. We must use the power of the pin. This is the fight of our lives and we must turn America away from communists supported Republicans and back to the democracy that was set forth by our forefathers and the democracy that millions have given their lives to protect.

This is one of the most important elections in American history, and we must not take anything for granted.  The turn out of the BLUE WAVE on November 6th determines America’s future. Those of us who believe in true democracy dearly hope that the wave will prove that most Americans want THE USA TO SHINE AGAIN AS THE TRUE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD.

***If you read nothing else please read this!***

When you go to the polls on November 6th and vote the BLUE WAVE you are not just voting against Donald Trump, but you are voting for:
(1)  Women’s rights
(2)  Minority rights
(3)  LGBTQ rights
(4)  Increased minimum wage
(5)  Increased Social Security benefits
(6)  Health benefits for all citizens
       (Including pre-exciting conditions)
(7)   Increased benefits for the needy
        (Medicare and Medicaid)
          ***and most of all***
(8)   Increased spending for programs that feed hungry

Monday, October 8, 2018


Even though I have tried to close my eyes and ears to the absolute mess of the US government, I find it difficult to close my brain. It has come to the point that the United States of America would be better off without a federal government. It is a miracle, that as a nation, America is functioning as well as it is with the muddle of confusion displayed by the federal government. No country can continue to operate successfully over a period of time with a social division as great as it is in America today. If there has ever been a time in American history when it is appropriate to say that the entire federal government is a joke, it is now.

The Legislative Branch has just played the American people like a fiddle, except in the hands of a violinist a fiddle produces some good sounds; whereas the Legislative Branch has produced absolutely nothing good. And may I go on to say that nothing good has come from any other branch of the federal government.  

The group of zombies that make up the Republican legislative group never had any intentions of doing what was best for the people. They knew from the very beginning when Kavanaugh was supported by the King Pin con-artist how they would vote, but they chose to play the American people. They attempted to make Americans think that for once, they would do what was best for the people, but they knew all the time that at the end they would stab the people in the back.

We have an election coming up and the sad thing is that the vast majority of these millionaire zombies will be re-elected. Statistics show that even though Congress has a 10% approval rating that over 85% of them will be re-elected. They know that they can continue taking large amounts of money from big pharmaceuticals, selling their votes to insurance companies, and passing legislation that benefits only the upper 1% of Americans and stupid Americans will return them to office.
Apparently castration is at epidemic proportions across America because most white men HAVE NO BALLS. Yes, I said it, most white men are pathetic, and oh, I know, you will not read this because you are afraid of the truth.  I also know by saying this, it will not change the minds of any die hard Trump supporters, but I get the satisfaction of knowing that decades from now when future generations read this they will know that I spoke the truth. Historians will be trying to explain for decades how one crazy man convinced enough crazy people to take control of the most powerful nation on the planet.

All three branches of government are flawed and Americans are the recipients of the flaw.  But there will come a time when this flaw will be exposed. It may be too late to save the democratic process but it will be exposed. The leaders of the world are already laughing at America’s inept executive leader, but many Americans are still too blind to see it.   Americans are in a pitiful position, the same as the poor emigrant children who are locked in cages. Unfortunately too many Americans have their minds locked by the process of brainwashing and leaders of the federal government hold the keys to the locks.