Sunday, February 28, 2021




From the beginning of time ignorant taboos and stupid social customs have caused the death of many innocent people. It is within the human species that little value is placed on human life. Humans have always killed thousands of others in wars and have no grievances in sending young man and women to die in war. It has been said by scholars that Americans cannot live without conflict. So they have created stupid customs that trigger social discord. Humans have failed to accomplish the art of living together. 

Ignorant taboos were practiced for years within the Aztec culture. The act of human heart-extraction was a means of liberating a tribe when it was thought that the gods were angry.  In primitive African tribes the head clansman had the authority to choose the most beautiful young maiden in the village and force her into a volcano with the belief that it pleased the gods. 

Burying children alive was another taboo practiced by the Arabs in the pre-Islamic period. This practice was also widely used in India. The reason male children were buried alive was due to poverty. Female children were buried alive to avoid invasion of neighboring war-like tribes. It was an ignorant taboo that brought a slow and horrible death to children. 

Other stupid customs have caused physical harm to many.  In Burundi and Tanzania even today, persecution of people with albinism is based on the belief that certain parts of albino individuals can transmit magical powers. Albino children have to be placed in protected areas to prevent physical harm even to the point of death. 

In Madagascar the birth of twins is viewed as a bad omen sent by God. “The Demon Superstition” is the curse of twins and twin babies are often abandoned or killed. 

Now let’s move to a more modernistic approach to ignorant taboos and stupid social customs. It is sad but true, “White Superiority” is a stupid social custom, and has been the chief cause of American conflict for decades. Americans have developed a society of conflict therefore have adapted social customs that enhance divergence.  “White Superiority” is one of those customs that gives rise to controversy.  The act of legalized slavery was a recipe for struggles and would never have ended with a peaceful society. The American Civil War was fought to put an end to this barbaric act, but in recent days with a White Supremacist in the   White House, the ignorant custom of White Superiority has reared its ugly head. Once again, America is faced with social differences that may lead to another civil war. 

For decades in the USA, homosexuality was viewed as a curse from God and the act was not only evil but against the law. Religion has played a major role in developing stupid social customs and thus that has been the driving force behind the social injustice against homosexuals. Any time a society places one gender above another, it is a formula for conflict. As long as heterosexuals share the position of superiority in American society, conflicts will continue, and even today the stupid custom is permeated by evangelical church leaders.  

Throughout the history of mankind there have been thousands of foolish theories that were believed by many. But the one that stands “head and shoulders” above all the others is the, “Pizza Gate Conspiracy Theory,” that originated in the United States of America. This conspiracy theory was permeated by none other than Republicans.  The Republicans have gone so far as to deny that the insurrection of January 6th was not an armed insurrection. The absolute stupidity that surrounds the Republican Party is a direct threat to America’s democracy. 

Americans are supposed to be some of the most educated people in the world, but yet they have succumbed to the dumbest conspiracy theory of all times. It is difficult to believe that members of the Republican Party can be proud to be a member of a “Kook Party.” Of all the foolish political beliefs that have been encountered in the entire history of political parties, “the Pizza Gate Conspiracy” is by far the worse.   

Republicans have lost all concepts of intelligence in the belief of an invisible leader known as QAnon. Under the leadership of the mentally deranged Marjorie Taylor Greene, they believe Democrats gather in the basement of a Pizza Parlor; have sex with underage children, then cut off their heads and drink their blood. Of course, Republicans reached the bottom of the barrel when they endorsed Donald Trump, but to go a step further and believe in the “Pizza Gate Conspiracy,” place them below the bottom of the barrel. 

Now the question is asked, are Americans going to allow the stupidity of the Republicans to destroy a great democratic empire? Regardless as to what happens to the United States, the misguided events of the Republican Party, for the sole purpose of retaining “White Power,” will be regarded as one of the greatest transgressions in world history.    









Tuesday, February 23, 2021




There is no doubt; God has blessed the United States of America. Even though the white man brought barbaric, genocide to the American Indians; God blessed America. Even though, the white man treated African Americans with inhumane, atrocities; still God blessed America. Even though for decades the white man denied Civil Rights to LGBTQ individuals; God has continued to bless America. Even today with evil permeated within the hearts of America’s elected officials; God still blesses America. However, it is possible that even with God, there comes a time when enough is enough. 

From the days of my youth all I ever planned for my life was to be involved in social activities that would benefit global societies. Religious cults such as, the Church of Christ, Southern Baptists, Methodists, and Pentecostal, through the absolute process of false indoctrination, took that spark of social improvement, and turned it into guilt and shame because I was a homosexual. 

Even today, I have to control the streak of resentment that is in me when I watch these same religious cults support the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene. I have to cap my anger when I see the same cults support Donald Trump, “the man of a million shames,” and the leader of the insurrection to overthrow the United States government.  When I see so-called Christians give lip service to the likes of Lindsey Graham, I actually tremble to think that my country has strayed so far from the path of righteousness and rebuked the many blessings from the Almighty. 

I am surprised that Lindsey Graham can walk upright because he has no backbone. He is a disgrace to America. He is a disgrace to the respected citizens of South Carolina. He is a universal disgrace to all men. He is a disgrace to masculinity, and he is the one person that even the gay communities will not claim. All Lindsey can do is crawl up the legs of Donald Trump and mix and mingle with all the dirty, sinking, garbage that makes Donald Trump tick.  Or he can crawl like a snake and lick the boots of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Donald Trump and Lindsey Graham are a disgrace to the human race and should be placed in a category outside that of humans. 

But of course, those are only two. It is hard to define what went wrong with America, but a generation of spineless, jellyfish has placed America in an episode of degradation unbelievably compared to the men and women who made America great. It is doubtful that the Democrats will be able to solve the great divide that separates the two major political parties. But if the Democrats do not take the “hard-line approach” during the two year period of control, a democratic government will be lost forever. 

It is evident that the modern day Republican Party is determined to retain “White Man Control” even if it takes a white dictator. The “bully on the playground approach” means that if they cannot control the country, they will destroy it. How sad is the ignorance of man? This proves what I have written about so much, the uncontrollable addiction to “greed and power,” will destroy the human race.  

The United States is a nation that is suffering in all aspects of social injustices. It has been repeated many times through out history that God poured numerous blessing on individuals and nations, to have those who have been blessed turn their backs on God. America is a nation baptized in hatred; glorified in prejudice; emerged in bigotry; and drowning with White Supremacy.      






Thursday, February 18, 2021




There is a story in the Bible about Moses and the Ten Commandments. God spoke to Moses and instructed him to go up on Mount Sinai and receive the commandments.  Moses listened to God and did as he had been instructed. When he stayed on the mountain for 40 days and 40 nights the Israelite's became restless and thought that he had forsaken them and was not returning. 

God had just delivered the people of Israel from Egyptian slavery by way of the Red Sea. After all the blessings they had received from God, they quickly turned away and instructed Aaron, the brother of Moses, to collect all the gold and build a golden image in the shape of a calf. Forgetting God and his blessings, immediately, the Children of Israel began to worship the golden image of materialism. 

Does this story sound familiar?  Of course it does. American Christians have turned their backs on God and began worshiping “America’s Golden Boy of Materialism.” In a matter of days, Christians were scammed and knees were stuck to the “Alter Floor” of Trump, and tongues were glued to the boots of this fake religious leader. A fragile religion showed the world that it wasn’t a religion at all, but merely a scam that altered with a deceit.  

History has revealed that fragile religions have not been able to stand the test of time. False religions led by false prophets have been present since the beginning of human life on the planet. False leaders have come in all shapes and sizes, all promising a road map to salivation if certain steps are followed. But the scam is that those steps are always in favor of the leader, and the one scam they all had in common was, they were   wolves dressed in sheep clothing. 

From the beginning of the United States history, a group of white men learned that a disguised religion was a mechanism for control. Other than the scam pulled on Americans by Donald Trump, the greater scam has been the “religious scam.” Religious leaders have disguised the religion of hate to become the religion of love. They have disguised lies to be the truth, and wrongs to be right. These are false religious doctrines that will not stand the test of time. 

Mega Church preachers and TV Evangelists have led Americans into the scam of a false belief of the “religion of materialism.”  This scam has been created in order for millionaire preachers to claim and retain wealth as a “special blessing” from God.  It has given them the religious right to live like kings and queens while others around them are homeless and hungry. Not only that, but “religious materialism” has given them the right to hoard material wealth. As a “Biblical Directive,” they have taught parishioners that it is God’s plan for them to be wealthy, and it is the responsibility of their followers to provide the wealth.  Talk about a scam this is the “big one.”  And poor ignorant Americans work their fingers to the bone to provide a millionaire preacher, with a mansion, a limousine, and an airplane. 

From the beginning of time, the two major world religions have engaged in warlike tactics of force rather than achieve voluntary commitment. Religious organizations have failed to force morality. Governments have failed to enforce laws concerning the legislation of morality. 

The religious scam concerning sex has produced generations of hypocrites. Humans have found ways to circumvent issues of inconvenience to their choice of lifestyles. The examples of premarital sexual intercourse, marriage of one man to one woman till death do they part, and the legalization of marijuana, are just a few of the circumvents that have been unenforceable by religious and political leaders. The strong desire for sex in humans and the excitement of the sex act has driven humans into a different discourse for sexual satisfaction. 

The tobacco scam forced on humans for no other reason than   economic benefits, has been one of the biggest social scams ever permeated on any society. The alcoholic scam not recognized by legislative authorities as the greatest physical decency drug known to mankind, found its way to legal legislation by monetary contributions to elected officials. But the greatest scam of all times, infused by a chemical company that found the hemp plant competitive to their chemically induced drugs, made marijuana the evil plant of the universe. But today trillions around the globe have disobeyed the laws of man and are smoking the “MIRACLE WEED,” better known as God’s gift to mankind.   Man-made religious and political laws passed to benefit the “HAVES”  are many times rebuked by the masses.     

Sunday, February 14, 2021




We have just witnessed the Impeachment Managers give the greatest presentation known to mankind for the indictment of a “wannabe dictator,” leader of an insurrection. Those who continue to support this “wannabe” can no longer be considered humans. They have looked directly in the face of truth and rejected the evidence. They allowed political ambitions to surpass their oath to public office. They possess no human emotions. They do not have compassion, and they have no concern for the kind of America they are leaving for their children. 

The worst human characteristic for any individual is to give up the right of being a human, to become merely a “Yes Man” to another.  What is so important that will cause a man or woman to give up their human dignity to lick the boots of a stinking piece of garbage? What is so important that would cause a man or woman to sacrifice their right of being a human to become a robot? Only history will answer these questions.  Republicans like Liz Cheney or Bill Cassidy, may get voted out of office, but there is one thing for certain, five years from now they will have the respect of their children. There is no position in any government worth a parent loosing the respect of a child. 

Just a short time ago America was an example of “social perfection” in progress. Americans were a living example of progress achieved in a “social mixing pot.” They had learned to get along with their brothers and sisters of different skin colors. Students were getting along in a successful integrated school system. Most Americans had learned that there was no reason to fear those of a different sexual orientation.  Church-goers were practicing the real meaning of religious freedom. Americans had learned to admire those who were willing to pick the tomatoes, load the watermelons, and cut the sugar cane. The United States had developed the highest standard of living than any other nation on the planet. And at this time, America had the most successful Middle Working Class of any nation. Then a “wannabe dictator” came along and all hell broke loose. 

In a matter of a few days America lost all the social progress attained in the last few decades. With a White Supremacist in the Executive Branch, the worst of Americans rose from the gutters and crimes against humanity increased. This so-called “wannabe” caused the Republican Party to give up policies they had adopted decades ago. And worst of all, he lead the evangelical church to give up Christian principles replaced by evil. 

There are some things we never get tired of hearing. The closing remarks made by Representative Elijah Cummings at the end of the Michael Cohen hearing before the Oversight Committee, is a speech that all Americans should listen to and listen very carefully. 

“Come on now,” he said, “we are better than this.” It is possible that Elijah saw something similar to the insurrection of January 6, 2021.  But not even Elijah could have imagined it being as bad as it really was. No one could have imagined seeing a group of “home-grown domestic terrorists” attempting to overthrow the United States government. No one could have imagined seeing Americans beat policemen with American flag poles. But above all else, no one could have ever imagined that within one hour following the insurrection, a group of 147 Congress men and women would vote to support the “wannabe dictator” who was the leader of the insurrection. 

Come on now; we are better than this; we must be better than this; we should be better than this; and if not; American democracy is doomed.  And not only is our democracy doomed, but we as a people are doomed, because our forefathers left us a great government, and we have allowed evil men and women to take control of it. 

I can only speak for one person, but as long as I have air to breath and a voice to speak, I will never agree with, or support, adult leaders who lie to protect the lies of another leader. A government that is based on lies and conceit, over time, will not succeed. However, it may succeed long enough to hurt thousands of innocent people. The damage Donald Trump, “THE WANNABE DICTATOR” has caused Americans will be recorded as one of the greatest deceits in all of world history.




Thursday, February 11, 2021




70 million Americans have been kicked out of their homes and are living in their cars, in the streets, or under bridges. Millions are going hungry and food lines are longer than they were anytime during the Great Depression. Soup kitchens are overwhelmed trying to serve hundreds more than they have ever served before. Kids are not in school and thousands are dying each day from Covid-19. Things are not looking so good for the Great Society. The Great American Dream has become the Great American Nightmare, and there is a possibility that the American economic system is on the verge of collapse. 

However, there may be a light at the end of this tunnel. Americans are resilient people and are not willing to continue living under bridges.  Since the insurrections on January 6th, 2021, thousands of Americans realize the damage that one egocentric maniac has caused to the United States. As a result, thousands have already changed party affiliation and hundreds more are changing every day. 

Several years ago, I advocated the need for a strong, third political party. The Two-Party System has not served Americans well. I suggested the name Coalition Party, but the name that has resonated with most Americans is Independent Party. The vast majority of those who left the Republican Party have become members of the Independent Party. This party is the fastest growing political party in California, and it is predicted that the trend will continue across the USA. 

One thing that Americans must agree upon is that there is too much corruption in both of the present day political parties.  The Republican Party, better known as the Grand Old Party, is the established white man’s party. For over 200 years the white man has been in control of   the most powerful nation on the planet.  However, in recent days the hand writing on the wall reads, “It is possible that within the next two decades the white man will become the minority race in the United States.”  Needless to say, the white man is freaking out.  

For decades the white man was able to keep a segregated school system in which students were taught that their white skin made them superior to others. Not only that, but the white man was able to control history by deleting pages in text books denying the atrocities permeated by the controlling power. For years the white man used the whip as the dominate weapon for obedience.  From the colonial days of American history, the white man has been able to keep women in subservient positions.  With the power of the almighty dollar, plantation owners were able to manipulate the voices from the pulpit that legalized human slavery. Throughout the history of the USA, the white man has forced black and brown skin hands to do the dirty work that their lily white hands refused to do.

The essence of a power struggle between the two political parties is the driving force in today’s discontented federal government. The undeniable desire for power has defined power as an uncontrollable drug that is more addictive than any other physically dependent drug known to mankind.  

While the House quarrels,

The Empire borrows.

While the Senate debates,

The Empire deflates.

While the Executive signs,

The Empire declines.

While politicians grumble,

The Empire crumbles.










Thursday, February 4, 2021




(I realize that Republicans refuse to read one word that I write. I also have heard from some of my great nephews and nieces that they are not allowed to read any of my writings. This is disappointing; however, I realize that the present does not represent the future.) 

I was raised in the Bible Belt of a deep, Southern, state. There was never one word spoken to me by my father, a Sunday school teacher, or a public school teacher, concerning proper sexual relations. All I ever heard about sex came from the pulpit. Starting at a very young age I heard multiple sermons about homosexuality. Those sermons planted   vivid thoughts in my brain that a same-sex relationship was punishable by eternal, burning in hell. Now as an adult, I think back and it seems strange that I heard absolutely no sermons about pre-marital sex, multiple sexual experiences, rapist, lying, cheating, or adultery. Then as now, the evangelical church elevated homosexuality as the worse of all sins. 

When children are taught that wrong is right and right is wrong, disappointing things happen. The evangelical church is now reaping the harvest of sowing the seeds of evil. American Christianity has reached its lowest ebb. A fragile religion, turned on a dime, and allowed evil to become its leader. Presently, the church is still supporting a man who has had the greatest influence of evil, on American citizens, than any other individual in American history.  I do not bit my tongue when I name the man, Donald J. Trump. It is still a possibility that he is going to overthrow American democracy and set himself up as the dictator, and foolish Americans are going to allow it. 

The power struggle in America’s political system is driven by straight white men. They have a long history of disrespecting everyone but   themselves. Powerful white American men have for decade’s disrespected women, Native American Indians, African Americans, Latinos, and LGBTQ individuals.  It is unbelievable that many in those groups, who have been victims, continue to support the political party that leads in the disrespect.    

What Democrats must remember, it is impossible to compromise with the devil without dipping elbows in evil. There is only one way out of the mess that Republicans have caused Americans, and that is the complete overthrow of the present day Republican Party.    

Like millions of other gay Americans, I stepped outside of the United States in search of a better life, and I immediately found it.  I was fed up with being disrespected and being called all the “homophobic slur names” used by many straight Americans. I was tired of the physical abuse and being denied professional advancement because of doubts concerning homosexuality. 

Those who poured “hell fire and brimstone” down my throat as a child are now being challenged by a doctrine that was so weak that they immediately jumped in bed with the devil seeking success, but resulting in an evil that threatens to overthrow America’s democracy. The stupid thing about all of this is, if the overthrow is successful, they will be left without a country and without the freedom of choice in religion.  So go ahead and support a dictator and make yourself the perfect example of   “jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.” 


Monday, February 1, 2021




If five years ago a writer had written a novel that gave a detailed description of what has happened in the United States it would have become a science fiction novel that most Americans would not have read.  And those who did read it would have denied that such things could happen in America. 

The word that best describes what has happened in the last decade in America is UNBELIEVABLE. It is unbelievable that a man with less than average intellect could nearly become an authoritative dictator in the United States. It is unbelievable that this same man could gain control of America’s evangelical churches and lead them to endorse unadulterated evils. It is unbelievable that one man could take control of the Republican Party and lead it to adopt policies that the party spent years opposing.  It is unbelievable that one man could dominate the minds of men and women in elected positions, and cause them to become the greatest ass-lickers the human race has ever known. 

It is also unbelievable that a man could direct an insurrection against the nation’s capital and within less than an hour 147 members of the Congress would stand up and vote to support him. It is unbelievable that after a man has broken more laws than any other American that 45 members of the Senate would refuse to convict him. Something terrible has happened to the United States, and historians will spend decades attempting to explain it. 

There are some people who cannot handle money. Money burns a hole in their pocket and they will spend every dime they can get their hands on. When a fool comes in contact with large sums of money, it only increases the extreme actions of a fool. We have all heard of people who won the lottery and received millions of dollars and within two years were bankrupt. The same is true about freedoms. Excess of anything requires, “self control.” 

It is possible that Americans have enjoyed so many freedoms for so long, that they do not know how to manager being free?  It is also possible that enjoying too many freedoms, for too long, has produced boredom. Americans have developed a culture of conflict that with the absence of conflict life is boring.  On the other hand, many Americans think their freedoms give them the right to deny others of freedoms. 

It seems as if Americans want another Civil War and Republicans say they are ready. Perhaps Americans cannot be satisfied unless service men and women are being killed in battle.  It is also true that living in the greatest nation on the planet is not sufficient for many.  It seems as if they are dead set on tearing down the empire in order to establish the excitement of building a new one. Americans quarrel with each other to create excitement. Spouses engage in extra-marital affairs because making-up creates excitement in the love making process?  Americans have become so bored that they have developed discord as way of life that is void of happiness. 

In expressing freedoms, Americans have driven themselves to the brink of confusion until they need, and in some cases desire, a dictator to whip then in order. When a government of, for, and by, the people, becomes dominated by a large number of ignorant voters, democracy is no longer a viable form of government.  Americans have created a pathetic society of war-mongering idiots who have never experienced the happiness that comes with living in peace.