Friday, July 28, 2017



    The dictator, Adolf Hitler, made many mistakes but his greatest mistake was to think that he could annihilate an entire race of people from the planet. He badly miscalculated that many Jewish adults would escape to other parts of the world and would continue to produce off-springs.  It may be hard to believe but even today there are those who advocate that all LGBT individuals be terminated. But once again a major miscalculation has occurred.
    UNICEF reports that 353,000 babies are born each day around the world. This report also confirms that from that group at least 3,500 will be LGBT babies. Therefore, it makes little difference how many gays are killed today; within a 24 hour period the gay lifestyle will be replenished. These LGBT babies will grow up to be more intelligent, more outspoken, and more determined, to live a life outside the restrictions of a closed door closet.  It is good news for the gay community to report to Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Franklin Graham, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, and Pat Robertson, that LGBT individuals will be alive and well long after they are six feet under.
    And to those who claim to be a part of the LGBT community and support the homophobic administration of Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Jeff Sessions, you are a disgrace to your own people. You support the decades of physical abuse suffered by LGBT students on high school and college campuses across America. You support the verbal abuse endured by LGBT children by teachers, preachers, political leaders, and parents. You deny the courage of the thousands of LGBT individuals who gave their lives in order that we, who are alive today, can exist. There has never been less of a man than one who will abandon his own people in order to stay with the popular crowd.  No less of a man ever existed than one who is ashamed to stand with those of his own kind.    
    When an individual supports the abuse of any minority he becomes less of a human and more of a creature.  The world is filled with creatures that claim to be human but are worse than the most vicious wild animals in the depths of the jungle.  At least they kill only for food and not for pleasure. May the God of the universe grant mercy upon a generation of creatures who have totally obliterated the reality of what it means to be a real human.      


Thursday, July 13, 2017



The leadership of the Christian Church proclaims the Christian lifestyle is under attack. They blame this attack on LGBT communities.

There are no facts that prove same-sex couples have stood in the doorways of any churches in an attempt to prevent Christians from entering. However, there are many facts that prove signs saying, “SAMES-SEX COUPLES NOT ALLOWED” have been placed on the doors of churches all across America.

There are no reports of gays forming a blockade on a freeway on Sunday morning in an attempt to prevent Christians from attending the church of their choice. However, there is an established policy within the LGBT communities to encourage people to attend church. 

There are no media records of straight couples being denied the right to attend a gay church. Yet, on many occasions gay couples have been publicly asked to leave straight churches.

There is no information to confirm that straight families have been denied the right to buy a home in a gay community.  Yet, newspapers in the last decade have been filled with reports of gay families being denied the right to purchase a home in a straight community.

There are no newspaper reports of gay men standing outside a church on Sunday morning with baseball bats attempting to beat up Christians. Yet, I have heard with my own ears preachers encouraging young athletes to use baseball bats on fags in the gay communities.

LGBT organizations do not attempt to pass laws that force any lifestyle on the mass population.  Yet, many times Christians have used public forums to pass laws enforcing Christian ideologies on all citizens.

There are no records of any LGBT individual making the statement, “it’s too bad they didn’t kill more,” when a mass shooting of Christians occurred. However, numerous Christians have made similar statements every time there has been a mass shooting of LGBT individuals.

There is a great amount of misinformation that circulates within the Christian communities. There are no facts to prove that LGBT individuals are responsible for the rapid decline in Christian church memberships.  Christians are victims of their own devices and have found childish ways to blame others. If success is recorded by numbers Christians have failed in worldwide memberships in the last five decades.  

The Christian lifestyle is filled with too many, “Thou Shall Not’s” which places too much emphasis upon negatives rather than on positives. Proclaiming hate is not advantageous for the Christian cause.  Advocating discrimination is not exactly a glowing characteristic to describe the life of Jesus. Holding on to prejudices is never good for any social advancement.

When LGBT individuals are not under pressure from religious organization they are some of the happiest people in the world. They accept each other, get along with each other, live with each other, support each other, and celebrate life with each other.

These facts are evident in a changing world because every day more LGBT individuals are stepping out of the closet and into the pleasure of a free lifestyle. Even in the deep Southern Christian Bible Belt of the USA attitudes are changing. Recent public opinion polls prove that two-thirds majority of Americans are ready to accept LGBT individuals. It is sad to say that it is the preachers and the politicians who are fanning the flames of hate. In the progressive nations of the world more and more LGBT individuals are being elected to public offices, and unlike many of their counterparts, they are serving their constituents well.  

As an active member of a LGBT community I would like to make it perfectly clear we have no fight with the Christian Church.  The records show we are a peace loving people.  Our motto is, if the gay lifestyle is not suitable for you, just don’t participate.  We do not attempt to force our way of life upon anyone. We have made peace with our MAKER, and we are happy with our lifestyle. Therefore, if we do not judge, we see no reason to be judged.       

Sunday, July 2, 2017



    As a struggling young man I gave religion a serious go in my life.  However, when I realized that I was not going to be touched by the magic wand of the Holy Spirit, and turned into a straight man, I took matters into my own hands.   I came to the conclusion that the best way to live was the way God intended.  There was never a doubt in my mind that at some point I would spread my wings and fly.  My purpose in traveling was to find a place where I could live as a free man.  I believed if I was allowed to be free there were some positive contributions I could offer. It made no difference how many miles or how many locations I visited; I knew that without freedom there would be no happiness.  So I proudly joined the millions of LGBT individuals in Southeast Asia, a decision I have never regretted.
    I refuse to live in a society where social prisons become restrictions for those with different sexual orientations. I refuse to support a religion that teaches more about hate than love. I refuse to accept a religion that claims to have a monopoly on love.  I will never be a part of a religion where the leadership proclaims to have the authority to tell church members how they must vote. 
     I have deep concerns for future generations of Americans. Therefore, I will not remain silent while a small group of wealthy individuals brainwash Middle Class Americans to support a ONE MAN, ONE PARTY rule. Those who support politics of this nature are doing a great injustice to future generations.
    At the present, America is being ruled by a small group of ultra-rich, white Americans and every piece of legislation being proposed proves it. The best definition of the Rich Man’s Party is: Those who HAVE continue to HAVE more, while convincing those who are HAVE NOTS to be satisfied with HAVING less. I absolutely refuse to leave this legacy for future generations.
   There are no words powerful enough to describe what the present day Republican Party along with Fox “News” is doing to the brainwashed masses of Americans.  I feel sorry for the millions who have become so confused with the political system that they are like lost sheep looking for a shepherd. And like lost sheep they will follow a wolf if he is dressed in shepherd’s clothes.