Saturday, June 22, 2019


*****A FLY ON THE WALL*****

Anytime I allow my mind the freedom to wander it heads directly to the White House. I take an inconspicuous position as a fly on the wall.  Inside there is the appearance of a nest of bees, with many hurried people going, without the knowledge of where they are going. I listen to a dialogue that is harsh and demanding, and has the absence of pleasantries. The entire place has the appearance of a disheveled work place where pleasing the boss is the most important item on the agenda.  In order to please the big man secrets are hidden, and the fear that surrounds the secrets creates the environment of mistrust.

Upstairs nighttime is even worst. Misery stalks the floor. This is the same floor where men of great virtue have walked before, but this walking statue knows he cannot fill those shoes. In the hours past midnight a troubled character paces the floor unable to sleep. Double troubles play games in his head. His definition of happiness has failed, and his plan to rule the greatest nation on earth is unraveling before him. The great wall he once “conceived” is closing in, and instead of keeping immigrants out, he is trying to keep supporters in.   

The beginning stage of the realization that his con artistry is about to be revealed has developed into a dangerous situation. Money, power, greed, and porn stars, have failed him. His miscalculations of human nature have all gone wrong! He failed to realize that people who cling to the powerful have the same desire for power, and when the opportunity is available they will act. His mind searches names for loyalty, but loyalty cannot be found.  Once again his definition of loyalty failed, because when loyalty becomes a one man affair all con artists are in danger. Therefore, this is a man of great power, but a man who out of control. 

A temper tantrum erupts; the fly is swatted but the fly dodges. A voice rises and the people tremble. Will this be the death of the king?  
“Call the doctor; call the nurse!
This man’s condition must be reversed.
The ailing man stumbles and hits the floor.
He points to the mantel above the door.
and the raven croaked, NEVERMORE!”

Saturday, June 15, 2019



Americans are sick and tired of government officials speaking in unclear terms and using words average citizens do not understand.  Robert Mueller should tell the people exactly what he found in his investigation, and should not use the back door to make statements that can be misinterpreted. Direct talk is always more effective than indirect speaking, but in the field of politics direct talk seems to be a thing of the past.  The public should not have to listen to the spin of cable news in order to find out what Mueller is saying.    

Robert Mueller recognized that the issues surrounding Donald Trump were just too hot to handle, so he took the easy way out.  He knew there was enough evidence of collusion and obstruction to indict the president. Robert Mueller feared that Donald Trump had enough power to bring down the house, meaning the entire institution of the United States government. Michael Wolff refers to that fact when he wrote in his book SIEGE that Robert Mueller is an institutional man, therefore he refused to expose the complete findings of his investigation. Mueller looked for a sophisticated way to paint a picture that left shades of doubt in the background; he found it and he took the path of least resistance.

Mueller decided to stay with the traditional policy of the Justice Department by not indicting a sitting president.  Even though this may be a Justice Department policy it is not a Constitutional policy.  Most legal professionals believe that the Constitution confirms that no one is above the law. 

Even though, Robert Mueller is highly respected by most Americans; I want to depart from the norm, and say that I strongly disagree with Mueller’s closing remarks in his short public address.  There are two kings in this administration already, King Donald Trump and King William Barr and America does not need the third.  Apparently, Mueller thinks he is above reproach, and he thinks he is too important to be questioned. He left the impression that he will defy a congressional subpoena, and this is wrong! 

However, Mueller did drive a couple of spikes into the reputation of King William Barr. He made it plain that according to the Constitution the Justice Department cannot determine the guilt or innocence of a sitting president. Nevertheless, William Barr did exactly that, when he publicly declared that the Mueller Report completely exonerated the president of any collusion or obstruction.

Mueller made it plain that if he could have cleared the president of wrongdoings; he would have done so. Even though I consider that to be a back door statement; yet it does confer with the facts. Therefore, Mueller left the roadmap that thousands believe is the direct responsibility of the Congress to precede with the process of impeachment.

There is something to be said when more than 1000 bipartisan former Federal prosecutors sign a petition stating, if anyone other than the president had committed these crimes, they would have been indicted on multiple charges of  objection of justice.

The world is watching one of the darkest periods in American history. Prosperity for the upper 1% is far from being prosperity for all. Low unemployment defies the term of good jobs for average Americans. The terms GREAT AMERICA is a modern painting that is being greatly misinterpreted. The majority of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck and annual bankruptcies reach into the thousands.
Outside America, people are witnessing the destruction of America’s democracy and the construction of an American dictator. Not only is democracy under attack, but the moral fiber of truth is being attacked. The saddest part is that many Americans are too blind to see what is happening.  When people are confronted with truth and reject it, there is something bad wrong with mental capabilities.  Not only is this sad for present day Americans, it is most definitely sad for future generations who deserve the freedoms offered by a democracy.

Saturday, June 8, 2019



“We can’t go on like this,” Jeff Daniels repeats the words of Atticus Finch in the Broadway Production of “To Kill A Mockingbird.” No truer words could be spoken than in America today. The American president stood in another country, with the eyes of the world looking on, and took sides with a USA adversary, the most murderous, vile, evil, dictator in modern history, and there is no outcry! No, we can’t go on like this. We are killing the mockingbird, and it is the very fiber of truth and decency that has been the stronghold of American democracy. It is the same fiber that has made America the greatest nation on the planet.

Donald Trump has put a stain on democracy and a stain on the White House that will take many layers of paint and many decades to cover. What has happened to Americans?  The American president calls a murderous dictator “A GREAT LEADER!” and he says he is “IN LOVE” with this assassin. Every American should be up in arms, but I hear no chorus of disapproval!  Where is the spine of the citizens that once upheld the eternal flame of the Lady in the Harbor?

If Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or any other democrat, had made such remarks, the Republicans would have filed proceedings of impeachment against them before they could have set foot back on American soil. But yet, Donald Trump speaks the unspeakable and gets away with it.

“We have to heal this wound or we will never stop bleeding,” Atticus continues. There is no doubt that America is wounded, wounded by corrupt leadership, wounded by disrespect for each other, and wounded by fear -- fear at school -- fear at worship --- fear on the streets --- and the ultimate of all fears, fear of tomorrow.  But the deepest wound of all is the wound inflicted on the Middle Class perpetrated by the selfish Upper Class, who foolishly think they can wipe out a complete class of people. 

This president has added fuel to the flames of the economic battle between the “HAVES” and the “HAVE NOTS.” And if we are not careful both sides may lose. The social divide has weakened America creating the opportunity for an outside power to step in, and there are more than just one outside forces waiting for the right opportunity.   
It makes me sick to see Americans throw democracy under the bus for a wannabe dictator. There are dangers in failing to recognize the advantages of a democratic government. Democracy encourages freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly. Every American should protect these freedoms with every fiber that is within us.  It chills me to think that these freedoms are being obstructed by the present administration.

If the majority of Americans are foolish enough to give up a democracy for a dictatorship it will be the biggest mistake Americans will ever make. It will also be one of the biggest mistakes made by any nation in the world. If Donald Trump wins the presidential election in 2020, American democracy is OVER.  Please, write this in your little, black, book, date it and sign my name.

At the present, America’s framework for democracy is as fragile as it has been since the Civil War. The Battle for the White House in 2020 will be the hardest fought political battle of our lifetime. The political divide will get much greater in the days leading up to November, 2020.  Americans have never experienced a political battle like the one that is coming, but we can only hope that the winner will possess the magical power that will put America back together again.  

Sunday, June 2, 2019



Political brainwashing can be as widespread as religious brainwashing. In recent days political indoctrination has become a major problem in the USA. The belief that Donald Trump can do no wrong is the most dangerous mindset to a democracy that has happened in a lifetime. This has all the characteristics of a religious cult and if continued will destroy America’s democracy. It is a tragic state of ignorance when Americans are willing to sacrifice a democracy for a dictatorship.

It is my opinion that Donald Trump and the leadership of the Republican Party are engaged in the deterioration of democracy. However, there is no logical reason as to why this is happening. I understand the power struggle that is occurring between the two political parties, but if power is sacrificed for a dictator both parties lose.

It is evident that within the pages of world history America is in unprecedented territory. No time in history have people who experienced the freedoms of democracy, so quickly turned to a substitute government that has all the makings of a totalitarian regime with limited freedoms. Even within a state of confusion citizens should not lose sight of personal freedoms.  

It is a fact that for several decades’ voters have gone to the polls and voted for change, but sufficient change has not occurred. Even though American democracy is filled with flaws, democracy, as a form of government, should not be abandoned. Even though elected officials are flawed, the biggest flaw in American government has been those citizens who will not participate in the voting process. Our forefathers told us that if a democracy is to work for all the people, all the people must work for a democracy.

In order to have a successful government in America major changes must occur. It will require changes within citizen’s participation and citizen’s mindsets. Believers in democracy must stand firm in support of the rule of law, because without the rule of law there is no democracy. When an executive official defies the rule of law without consequences, it weakens any government particularly a democracy.  We either have a democracy or we don’t, and America is very close to losing one.

When the Senate Majority Leader allows only the bills that he favors to be brought before the Senate, in essence, a dictator controls the legislative process. This is a perfect example of misuse of power. Mitch McConnell is using the position given to him by the people to stand in the way of progress. Recent public opinion polls affirm that Kentuckians are ready for a change, but this is a change that should have occurred many years ago. Mitch McConnell has done much to damage the legislative process.

For years Americans have suffered from the failure of the legislative branch to pass constructive legislation that meets the needs of the people. The newly elected House of Representatives has passed over 100 pieces of legislation, that have been blocked by the majority leader in the Senate.  Americans need to wake up to the fact that this is wrong and can be corrected at the voting booth.  Until Americans realize the power that is given to them in the Constitution with the process of voting, it is going to be difficult to keep democracy intact.  Democracy is a form of government that will not defend itself. It must be defended by the people!  

It should be made clear, a government of, for, and by, the people is worth defending. One of the basic strength of a democracy is freedom of the press and freedom of the press is under attack by the present administration. More important than all the others; truth is under attack. A society that has acknowledged lying as an acceptable characteristic has placed the future of that society in serious danger. Moreover, when lying is accepted within the religious order the chance of social collapse is increased.