Tuesday, June 30, 2020



Donald Trump represents the smallness in humanity.  He is a man who was born surrounded with riches, but has never scarified one minute in service to anyone but himself. Donald Trump is a self-serving individual who is taking advantage of the ignorance of hundreds to build up a temporary monument to an orange-faced god of materialism. He is capitalizing on the weaknesses of others who are afraid to stand up and challenge him for the series of infractions he has committed. 

The goal of Donald Trump from the very beginning has been to make himself the god of America. He demands human worship and his followers are so blinded by the glow of his orange skin that it is impossible to see the real Donald Trump. If possible, he would make himself the god of the universe! The depths of degradation into which Donald Trump has dragged the USA will be recorded as one of the great offenses of modern times.  He and his complete organization is a corrupt gang of thieves. His children are just as corrupt as he is, and his grandchildren will be forced to live with the difficulty of his name. 

The way Donald Trump has completely mishandled the Corvid-19 virus, which has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, will go down in history as “The Crime of the Century.” To make the wearing of a mask a political issue is one of the stupidest acts in all of the chronicles of time. For an individual not to be concerned about personal health is a matter that only mental professions can explain, but to go a step further and reprimand those who are wearing a mask, delves deeper into a mental disorder.  

What has gone wrong in America’s classrooms? Mr. and Mrs. American taxpayer you haven’t gotten your money’s worth here! When 35% of the population is following a fool, there is a big problem in the educational process. After listening to the ladies at the town hall meeting in Florida, it is evident that America is faced with some of the most severe cases of ignorance as any nation on the planet. 

It is one thing for an adult to refuse to wear a mask in large gatherings, but for a parent to take a child to a rally is “endangering the life of a minor.” Thousands of parents have been arrested for far less offences. For example, hundreds of parents have been arrested and separated from their children for the simple act of smoking a joint.

There are some serious dangers that lay ahead for America if certain precautions are not taken. There is a wide social gap that has produced an even wider political gap. With encouragement from the executive leader, America is in danger of returning to the days of the Confederacy. White Supremacists, members of the KKK, and Neo-Nazi’s are all over the streets waving Confederate flags and displaying Nazi emblems. Police departments have employed disguised White Supremacists who are killing African Americans at alarming rates, and millions of Americans are fed up with it. But with all the marchers and carrying of signs, police are still killing African Americans.  








Saturday, June 27, 2020


Even God must be scratching his head on this one and saying what happened to this so-called perfect creation.  He provided Americans with special blessings with the sole purpose of showing the world what free people can accomplish. But before a government could even be established the greed of the white man set in. He couldn’t wait to establish a government that would legalize the institution of slavery. He couldn’t wait to declare man’s dominion over women. He couldn’t wait to control all the lands that belonged to American Indians and exercise genocide over the entire race regardless of the cost of human lives. 

The economic system of capitalism is designed to advance the White Man’s greed.  You have heard the saying, “give a man an inch and he will take a mile,” well, give a White Man a dollar and he will try to control the entire monetary system. Not only that, but he will do anything necessary to gain and keep control. 

The greed that sustains the economic system has entered the portals of the evangelical church. Preachers have discovered the importance of the almighty dollar. They have also learned that bringing in more people produces more dollars and preaching popular subjects brings in masses of populations. One of two things has happened; either preachers have failed to read the Bible, that they hold up as the most sacred of all books, or they have become expert Biblical cherry pickers. They have omitted such scriptures as “be sure your sins will find you out” or “ye shall know the truth.” They have failed to inform parishioners about the time when Jesus over threw the money changers in the Temple. 

The USA has developed an immoral society. The Christian Church needs to generate a major campaign in the teachings of morality. It seems as if American Christians do not know that “The Good Book” condemns liars. Never in American history have so many people been able to stand flat-footed and with a straight face, lie to thousands of people. This is the biggest break down of morality in the history of mankind. 

Americans have moved into a New Era where “Actual Facts,” are replaced with “Alternative Facts. Within a matter of a few years lying has become an acceptable social behavior.  Apparently, if a lie is told to protect the president, then lying is okay!  The extent to which American Christians have gone to protect the lies of the president is one of the most bizarre occurrences in world history. Authoritative worship has popularized Christian adulation.  In America’s social circles lying has become as common as taking a drink of water, and is an acceptable facet within Christian doctrine.  

However, there is a pay day coming to America, and we better hope that we are not around to see it. The writing is flashing on the wall! There are thousands of chickens yet to come home to roost, and this home-coming is going to be one of the worst in recorded history. America has followed the same footsteps of other great civilizations that failed in utter defeat. American governmental leaders have taken PRIDE in discrimination. Dishonesty has been made honorable, and the elite have been able to break the law and suffer no consequences. God is not pleased! When the blessings were granted, the people choose to worship the orange statue of riches, rather than God, the giver of the blessings.  Many times in history God has allowed man to dig his own grave, and when God has had enough his wrath comes down hard and complete. 


Wednesday, June 24, 2020



It makes me sick and ashamed of a race of people, to which I am connected by birth, who have for hundreds of years held on to the cultural misdemeanor that the color of skin produces superiority. The only thing this misdemeanor has produced that is superior is ignorance, because those involved have not learned the simple fact of how to get along with others. What makes me sicker are the people who still today support these acts of evil. It is plain and simple; White Supremacists will never rule America again! 

To think that some Americans believed they had the right as a vigilante, white mob to burn African American’s homes with women and children inside, was a damning act of evil.   To think that a white man could rape an African American lady, go to church and sit in the Amen Corner, and realize the existing government and the church, condoned his hideous act, merely fans the flames of hell. 

To think that the executive leader of the White race could march 60,000 American Indians, including women and children, 5,043 miles into what is present day Oklahoma, is a show of violation and disregard of human rights that was perpetrated by the U.S. government. On this “Trail of Tears” over 4,000 Indian women and children died. If a pregnant Indian lady died on the way her body was kicked to the side and left to rot. This is a shameful act that should never be accepted by any race of humans. Also, if an African American died on a slave ship to America, his body was tossed in the sea as food for the sharks without any formal observance of being a human. 

A white man can put his knee on the neck of a dying man, with the man’s face pressed in a gutter, begging for his life, and the white man can look up at the camera and smile, is some kind of an out-of-control creature that is no where near being a human. A white man can shoot a black man in the back and then kick him while he is taking his last breath, is the act of a monster not a human. 

A white senator, with a smirch on his face, can cast a vote for a man who has lied so many times it is impossible to count, and who has openly asked leaders from other countries to intervene in an American election, to help him win, is a serious un-American performance. This is an act that is in direct violation of the US Constitution, and should have every man, women, and child appalled by this abomination. Those senators, both men and women, who call themselves Americans, should not be allowed to use the word human, because they stink with the stench of death because as far as humanity is concerned they are dead. 

Many Americans do not understand the real meaning of BLACK LIVES MATTER. They use the words “all lives matter” as a disguise for racism. When a group of people have endured decades of discrimination supported by a government unwilling to prevent it, they are forced to take matters in their own hands. American government is notorious for discrimination. It is a government that says one thing in writing but does another in deeds, and rest assured, one way or anther, this is going to stop! The majority of Americas are fed up with racial discrimination and police brutality. If police departments are not willing to properly police themselves, the future scenes are not going to be pretty. 

Every day the Trump administration moves closer to an authoritarian take over. It has come to the point that there are some Americans who desire a dictator.  I say this with all sincerity; I never dreamed the extent that stupidity reigns in America. Any person who would sacrifice a democracy for a dictatorship has acquired the depth of stupidity that is unbelievable. Not only is it unbelievable but it is one of the most selfish acts ever perpetrated by parents upon future generations. 

There is a dark side to Donald Trump that gets darker every day. His physical health is declining and he has been warned by numerous mental health professionals that his mental health is problematic. His inability as a leader was incapable of realizing how serious it was when leaders from around the world laughed at him.  His followers are so blind that they are incapable of seeing his infirmities. It seems as if he is going to face a downfall with voters, and if that happens Donald Trump is going to explode with an explosion that will be heard around the world. 

Citizens of the USA fasten your seat belts because the next few months are going to be a turbulent ride. The only way Republicans can win is by voter suppression. And they are showing everyday that they have no intentions of backing off from their scrupulous tactics. If you think it is bad now just wait a few more weeks. The Republicans are going to do everything possible to win the elections in November, and legality means nothing. Staying in power is all that matters to Republicans, and they will do what ever it takes to win. The Republican Party is definitely the “White Man’s Party,” and they are scared to death of the social “mixing bowl” that is the real America. These fears are unwanted, because there are so many in America’s coalition, with great talents and with the unselfish desire to build upon America’s diverse greatness. Voting in November is one of the most important elections of our lifetime and taking part in this election is of utmost importance.                          

Sunday, June 21, 2020



My grandfather George McDuff Tippen, planted a dogwood tree in the center of the Tippen Cemetery. For over 100 years that tree grew, blossomed, and provided shade. Grandpa Tippen was laid to rest in the shade of that tree, which he named the Tippen Family Tree. When the tree finally died and had to be removed from the cemetery, it measured 17 and 1/2 inches across the base of the trunk. This was one of the largest dogwood trees ever to be on record. 

For decades the Tippen family name stood for honesty, integrity, and the belief that all men and women are created equal. To my grandfather a hand shake was as good as a contract, and a man was only as good as his word. Grandpa McDuff lived the life that set the example for his offspring’s to follow, but sadly some of that has been neglected. 

Dennis Tippen was McDuff’s youngest son.  Dennis and Amy met, fell in love, got married, and gave birth to nine children. All of the children were born in the log cabin, at the edge of the Louisiana swamp land. There was no electricity, no indoor plumbing, no telephone, and little connection with the outside world. If the children were lucky they might get a ride into town on Saturday’s. The only books available in the home were The Bible and the Sears Roebuck Catalog. The one thing the children had that connected them to the outside world was the big, yellow, bus that gave them a ride to a place where their brains could be challenged to gain knowledge of the world around them.   

Dennis was a hardworking man who had experienced prejudice. His primary blood-line was American Indian and he had difficulty adjusting to the White Man’s world.  His greatest pleasure was playing his hand-made fiddle to the tunes of some of the traditional, country songs. He played, Turkey In The Straw, She’ll be Comin’ Around the Mountain, Corinna, Corinna, and Beautiful, Beautiful, Brown Eyes,   late into the night sitting on the front porch of the log cabin. Many times the children went to sleep with the tunes of Dennis’ fiddle echoing in their heads. 

My relation with my Father was only within the areas of hunting and fishing. He never attended the annual Father and Son Banquets at school; he was never present at a basketball game where I played; he never saw a High School Play in which I had a part; his presence was absent from any programs whereby I received an award; and he never attended my High School or college graduations. Yet, he was a man that I loved and respected. 

Amy was the greatest Mother who ever lived. She was up early every morning at 4 A.M. through the heat and the cold, and out to the cow lot to milk the cows. She churned the butter, baked the biscuits, cooked a hot meal on a wood-burning stove, and saw her children off to school with freshly washed and ironed clothes. She was known as a famous cook and fed more than just her immediate family. She was the matriarch of the family, and the neighbors would jokingly say she was the only one who could control her husband, Dennis.  Dennis was deeply rooted in the Christian faith. He was a member of the conservative, evangelical, Church of Christ. Therefore, he never acknowledged the fact that he had a gay son. To him there was no argument, homosexuality was wrong, period. 

If there is a secret to longevity it may be in the environment of childhood.  In the depths of poverty, it might have been a blessing that I did not have access of soft drinks, potato chips, or fast food. Instead, I was in the garden eating strawberries, cucumbers, green peas, cantaloupes, and watermelons. I could hide in the branches of a peach tree and eat big, round, juicy, peaces, until my hunger was quenched, or do the same in the apple tree that stood in the corner of the garden. There were some great benefits to country living! 

Being the only one left who can speak directly for the family is a position that I take seriously. In the days I have left I plan to live an honorable life to uphold the good and respectable family name. I will do whatever I can to close the political gap that exists within the family. Nevertheless, I am committed to use my voice and the power of the pen to stamp out hatred and injustice where ever they appear. 

Today, I fear no man! However, it is never a pleasant experience to have lies told about you.  Nevertheless, attempts to destroy my character are no more than mere fantasies without merit. Your death threats twirl in the wind because you are the cowards who run for cover when the going gets rough.  I have traveled the world searching for freedom, and at last I have been led by a powerful Deity to a place of safety where I can speak freely without retribution. Freedom brought the rebirth of an oppressed individual who was yearning to be free. Freedom freed this individual from fear.  I have learned that all the gold and silver in the world is not worth one hour of freedom. I will sacrifice everything I have to extend these freedoms to the future generations. 

I have learned from the “College of Hard Knocks” to see beauty in all skin colors. I recognize greatest in all sexual orientations, and I see determination in those of other ethnic origins who have faced nothing but “put downs.” I admire people who are willing to fight for survival. I know what it means to be a “poor man,” and I will never forget the struggles I had in fighting for social acceptance and financial success. 

When the time comes that my life on earth is ended, it is my request that my remains be placed beside my Grandpa, in the exact spot that for many years was the shade of the Family Tree. 

(Good advice for America) 

Tear down the walls of discrimination,

Remove the hearts of hatred,

Stamp out injustices,

Put on the armor of honor,

Shine the light of freedom,

And reap the eternal blessings of happiness.

Sunday, June 14, 2020



The political divide within the Tippen family is just one example of what is happening all across America. This divide has reached proportions similar to the days prior to, and during the Civil War. The mindset of most children is determined by parents, thus it is understandable that “Parental Influence” is stronger than “Kinship Influence.” But it is also important that children be told the truth. Within the Tippen family there are those parents, who are hanging on to the antiquated policies of White Supremacy, and the Confederate government ruled by the KKK.  Where as racism is being denied in words, it is being practiced in deeds, and this is causing great harm to the younger generations. This divide is causing a detriment to the generational good name of “The Tippen Family,” and this is a shame! A family name is not only judged by the past and the present, but by the future. 

There is no doubt that racism and hatred will be defeated in the future, and it is being proven every day by “World Wide Marchers,” who are marching for American justice.  The actions taken by some members of this family put them on the wrong side of history.  Plus, it will require grandchildren and great-grandchildren to offer future apologies for actions taken by their grandparents. These parents are leaving a legacy for their children and grandchildren that is one of the many injustices that the far-right has perpetrated upon the future generations of Americans.  Also, there are a few members of this family who are advocating another Civil War. To allow prejudice to be so deeply rooted into the heart and mind of any individuals that they are willing to sacrifice the horrors of war rather than give up prejudice is something that only the mental professionals can explain. 

It is of utmost importance that these children know that there are members of this family who are fighting against hatred and bigotry and this fight will eventually be for their benefit.   It is the hope for the younger generations, who are being held back by “parental fear,” to find the courage to join the millions of peaceful marchers and become an active part of America’s future. 

The Civil War did not end hatred and prejudice in America. In fact, it only covered it up until a White Supremacist took control of the White House. Peace in America is based upon actions not words, “that all individuals are created equal,” and without racial justice there will NEVER be peace.  The younger generations of this family are being harmed by disguised racism and underlying hatreds, projected by parents. Racism is directly connected with “exclusive” social policies. The future hope for America is through “inclusive” policies that eliminates racism, hatreds, and injustices. 

Denying the truth will never stop the truth, thus younger generations need to be exposed to the ideas that are in opposition to the narrow-minded Republican Party. The present day Republican Party is being driven by racism and hatred. Parents are attempting to disguise racism by denying Black Lives Matter, police brutality, voter suppression, political liars, and a series of other corrupt principals. It may take years but eventually the truth will prevail, and when that happens many adults will be left out in the cold. 





Friday, June 5, 2020



I am a student of history and I think many important lessons can be learned from history. I want to give just a simple lesson concerning the use of military power. During the Revolutionary War one of the great lessons the colonial soldiers learned from the Indians was the art of camouflage. When the British soldiers began marching down the streets with their shiny, red-uniforms and their polished, black boots, announcing their approach with the beating of drums, the colonial soldiers used the simple art of natural protective shields. 

When the British marched on country roads the colonial soldiers hid behind trees, climbed up into the trees, and used logs and stumps for shields. The colonial soldiers were perfect marksmen and the red-coats made ideal targets. When the British marched into towns and cities, the Patriot soldiers remained behind doors and windows and fired directly at the red-coats standing helpless in the streets.  Some went to the tops of buildings, and others used whiskey barrels as protective devises from the British muskets. History reveals how the Revolutionary soldiers changed the way wars were fought by the use of simple techniques. 

I said all that to say this; I beg the police departments and the commander–in-chief, not to drive this conflict to the point of “armed resistance.”  Say what you please, but when the president commands the firing of rubber bullets, using pepper spray, and brutal police force on peaceful protesters, at some point the protesters will fight back. The president is foolishly fanning the flames of insurrection. Every time a peaceful protester is hit by a rubber bullet, gassed with tear gas, or forcefully manhandled by police; the police have made another enemy. At some point, the numbers will increase until the protector of the people will need protection. 

In one of my Op-Ed’s I wrote about some of the experiences students told me as far back as the sixties and seventies about police brutality. It is a fact that police abuse is not something new in America, although many unsuccessful attempts have been made to solve the problem.  Over and over again African Americans have been told, go home, stop marching, and justice will be served, and every time within a week or less, another innocent African American man was murdered by police. This time I don’t think the people are going home so easily. As I am writing this it is the tenth day and the protests are growing in numbers. I hope along with many others, that this time real change is coming to America. 

I know from history what happens when the water bottles turn into hand grenades, and peaceful protesters are forced to arm themselves. When snipers start firing at policemen and military personnel with automatic weapons from high-rise buildings, then all the king’s army, and all the king’s men, cannot put a peaceful society back together again. Of course, I am against all violence. What I am trying to do is get the power’s to be, to recognize what is happening, and stop this before it gets out of hand. If correct steps are taken, illegal looting can be stopped, but warmongers are making a bad mistake by thinking that an organized band of soldiers can put a quick end to a social uprising. 

Donald Trump said, and I quote, “If the governors cannot stop this, I will send in the Federal troops and quickly solve the problem.” This is the most inapt commander-in-chief in all the history of the United States. This man knows nothing about the military, and he refuses to read, thus he is ignorant concerning military tactics. I honestly think that Donald Trump wants to start a war. If he cannot engage America in a war outside the United States; he will start a war inside the States.  I am proud to say that some of the military leaders are finally speaking out and this may stop another Civil War.  

From the day Donald Trump rode down the escalator and announced his candidacy for president, I have been an outspoken anti-Trump advocate. I have written multiple op-ed.’s against this wannabe dictator, and I have called attention to his many lies and his acts of bigotry. I am doing everything I can to show Americans that Donald Trump is following directly in the footsteps of Hitler, and it is unbelievable that so many people can’t see it.  It is so hard to believe that educated people will sit silently by while this man destroys the world’s greatest democracy. It happened in Germany and it is happening in America, ignorant people will give up their freedoms to be controlled by a dictator.  




Tuesday, June 2, 2020



There is a strong message that needs to be given to White Americans; until you learn to live with African Americans, Latino Americans, Muslin Americans, and gay Americans; you will never live in peace.  “Without justice there is no peace.” What is the price for peace? The time has come that all Americans must dig deep into their basket of intelligence and make a decision. 

Right now America is like a powder keg and the fuse has been lit. You may not want to hear this but the Republican controlled Congress (Senate and House of Representatives) is partly to blame for this. When selfish lawmakers pass a bill that gives large tax breaks to the ultra rich, it is like driving nails in the coffin of the working class. Then to pour salt in the wound, by refusing to pass legislation that would increase the minimum wage, was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  

In essence, the Congress, with support of the president, has given a legal license to Wall Street looters.  When the Upper Class has the power to legally loot the working class; the working class will find their way to loot. Also, when the establishment gives policemen the legal right to murder, ------ (I’m not even going to predict the consequences here), but I will say, the police have opened a can of worms that they are going to wish to God they had never opened. America is just experiencing the tip of the iceberg. 

The walls are just beginning to crumble around the great establishment of America. The vast wall on the Southern Border is about to fall, and it will fall just like the Wall of Jericho, with the help of America’s Southern friends. They are on the side of Americans who are fighting for justice. They have first hand experience of the results of injustice, and they know what happens when a country is controlled by oligarchs. The wall around the grand institution of “Wall Street” is already plummeting. The impenetrable wall around the White House, which is the center of American corruption, is just about to fall, and the recent actions of the president just fanned the flames of hatred. (I am talking about the president commanding control of a religious institution for a photo-op.) 

Americans are sick and tired of legal looters making millions while working class Americans are begging for the crumbs that fall from the rich man’s table. Americans are sick and tired of police brutality, because they know that giving a policeman a badge does not give him the right to murder. 

There comes a time in any society when the working class, if pushed to the edge with their backs against the wall will come out fighting, and of course, it is not a pretty sight. On the other hand, it is not a pretty sight when a husband and a wife both have to work to provide for their children and still cannot pay all the bills. It is not a pretty sight when children go hungry even when a mother is working two or more low paying jobs to feed her family.  It is a terrible sight to realize that thousands of working class Americans can’t even afford to miss one pay check. The handwriting is now all over the walls, and silence is not the answer.  

Americans you best decide which side you are on. So you say you are sick and tired of all this; okay, I’ve got a suggestion. If you are not already, how about hopping over to the other side and give the Democrats one last chance to make some desperate changes. The reason I say this is because the newly elected Democrats in the House have shown signs of hard working elected officials who have passed hundreds of bills that reflex the needed changes in America. Of course, we know that those bills are now collecting dusk on the desk of communist, Moscow Mitch, but it is highly probable that the Kentuckians will remove him in November. 

It is sad to say, but it is looking doubtful that “The United States” may not survive until November; if so each American citizen must exercise their right to vote. I say this as serious, as serious can be; this may be your last chance to vote.