Sunday, March 8, 2020



     What birds have known from the beginning of time humans learned only a few short years ago? “Human tweeting” came as a result of progress in the field of communication, whereas “bird tweeting” has been as natural as birds can fly. There is only one way to say it, birds are beautiful and are designed by Mother Nature with an array of colors that are nearly breathtaking. To add to all their beauty birds produce some of the most delightful music within the animal kingdom.  Most humans agree “bird tweeting” is some of Mother Nature’s sweetest music. The sounds of “birds singing” means happiness is in the air and most humans agree happiness is the main ingredient in the art of successful living.  Birds are experts in celebrating another day of living by singing, and for humans, there is no better way to start a day than listening to “birds tweeting.”

    BUT------On the other hand, Donald Trump is the world’s number one “human tweeter.” From the time he first declared his candidacy for president in June 2015 through the first two-and-a-half years of his presidency, he has tweeted over 17000 times. He has developed a cult-like following that is hinged to every word he says. There are absolutely no restrictions on the words Donald Trump can “tweet” so as a result, he has used numerous misspellings and a series of out-right lies.

    ALSO-----The world’s number one “human tweeter” is America’s most corrupt president. Donald Trump has not only destroyed America’s democratic form of government, but he is bankrupting the country.  His lavish personal spending has far outreached any other American president. In the first two and half years of his presidency he visited Trump owned golf courses 92 times with an expense to the taxpayer of over 102 million dollars.  

    Historians agree that wasteful spending of taxpayer’s money by governmental officials was the number one cause for the decline of the Roman Empire.  Nevertheless, many Americans stick their heads in the sand and ignore the luxurious lifestyle of Donald Trump in his wasteful spending of taxpayer’s money, and continue to support his every move.    

    Donald Trump is motivated by conflict and thrives on controversy.  By making extreme statements he receives the attention he so desperately needs. The only way anyone can remain within Donald Trump’s circle of friends is to agree with every word that comes out of his mouth. Donald Trump is also one of the world’s most selfish individuals. Selfishness is an accepted characteristic in children, but extreme selfishness in an adult is considered egocentric behavior that leads directly to narcissism.

   The world’s number one “human tweeter” is perhaps the world’s unhappiest person.  It is impossible to be happy and be at odds with all the people around you. Donald Trump has not used his wealth and popularity successfully. All of his adult life he has lived in a fake world filled with lies of his own making. History will record him as one of the biggest human failures in the art of successful living. To state it plainly, Donald Trump is a disgrace to the human race. It is sad that at some point in his life, someone was not able to break the wall of his closed mind and explain to him how to live as a successful human.

    Some good advice for Donald Trump----do yourself a favor, “retreat” to a simple, country house, forget riches; forget popularity; wake up every morning listening to the music of “the singing of the birds” and experience what real living is all about. Not only would your life be better but it would be an improvement for the entire world. The lark in the sunshine tweets -- tweets – tweets ---!

“Donald Trump does not TWEET people the way he wants to be TWEETED.” Comedian Bill Maher



Sunday, March 1, 2020



   “We see ourselves as a city on the hill … looking out for threats that come from abroad … that human nature is such that American democracy must be defended from Americans who would exploit its freedom to bring about its END.” Timothy Snyder’s book entitled “ON TYRANNY.”

    It is hard to believe that citizens in a democratic form of government would freely surrender powers to an authoritative leader. Without a war or any other major physical conflict, many Americans are simply saying they are ready to give up personal freedoms in favor of dictatorial leadership. History has never experienced such an extraordinary act performed by citizens of a democratic society. At the present, America is an example of a confused populace wondering in the wilderness of political correctness.
   There are many valuable lessons in history, but the problem is too many world citizens will not adhere. History provides proof that ancient democracies and republics collapsed under the threat of oligarchies and imperial leaders. With knowledge of history, it is easy to predict America’s future.  The United States has fallen into the same trap that destroyed many other great civilizations. It seems feasible that intelligent people would be able to read “the hand writing on the wall” and make necessary changes before the complete collapse of a great empire. But for reasons yet unknown, history tells a different story. At some point civilized people reject the truth, and at this time there is an element of stupidity that has stretched across America with little signs of improvement. 

   It is difficult to believe that Trump supporters actually want an executive dictatorship, but nevertheless it is true. By ignoring the truth, Donald Trump supporters have climbed on board a fascist regime because they think it offers opportunity for personal advancement.  There are numerous examples of followers doing what a superior expects, without the leader’s approval, but with hope of securing LOYALTY. It is, however, “a vain hope” that a monarchical leader will NOT throw them under the bus when the time is right. Dictatorial leaders are concerned about only one thing; themselves.

   Acts of conformity are inherent to the downfall of a free society.  Americans are conforming to power with the belief that power in the hands of the powerful is a nondiscriminatory tool that is necessary in governing. Thus one political party has placed no limits on power and what power can do. They are willing, if necessary, to delete personal freedoms with the objective of remaining in power.

   It is difficult to accept that American voters have become so dehumanized that they engage in the act of voting knowing they are voting to surrender personal freedoms.  It is possible that Americans have lived so long with freedoms that they have forgotten the value of being free.  But to give up basic civil rights freely is a direct example of political illiteracy.  However, this is not the first time in history that it has happened and perhaps will not be the last.

   It would be well for Americans to realize that democracies can fail. It is not written in the skies that American democracy is eternal. In the twentieth century, for example, Europeans experienced several democracies overtaken by fascism, Nazism, and communism. With respect to contemporary democracies, it is true that democratic governments are in decline. American voters have failed to recognize that the US Constitution places the power to govern in the hands of the voters, but that sacred right must not only be protected but must be exercised by the act of participation.  That is why Tuesday, November 3, 2020 is such an important date.