Sunday, February 25, 2018



     From the beginning of American democracy progress has been slow, but world-wide progress has developed into a fast changing world.  In America’s political system a narrow-minded, regressive, mind-set still dominates.   It took years for women to gain the right to vote. It took a war for African Americans to be granted citizenship. It took decades for a Catholic to be elected president, and it took even longer for a man of color to occupy the White House.

     White men showed the real true color of white power when a respectable lady came close to being elected the first woman president of the USA. They conjured up, not just one, but a pack of lies to prevent this from happening.  What they got in return is a dysfunctional, crime ridden, group of elected officials.  When history is altered by lies, history retaliates.

     Historians have no choice but to write the truth, and already historians around the world are writing that the year 2017 started one of the darkest chapters in American history.  America is more divided now than any time since the Civil War and the division is getting wider.  Examples of hate are displayed on American soil in greater numbers than any time since the Civil War, and prejudice has once again become an acceptable social trait.  Even stable citizens are in a state of confusion, and chaos is rampant across the land. 

     White women are belittling themselves by becoming a part of the restoration of white man’s supremacy. Working class Americans are sacrificing not only themselves, but their families, in order to take part in the white supremacy movement. More than anything else, the evangelical church has completely destroyed Biblical Christianity in an attempt to support and restore White Power to America.  It is difficult to believe that any American is happy with present day America 

     All across America savage acts of inhumanity are being carried out against innocent victims.  Working class, tax-paying, child supporting Fathers, are being torn away from their families just to satisfy the need to restore White Power.  Authorities are using deadly force against citizens at a much greater rate than any other civilized nation of the world.  Training grounds have been created to train mentally disturbed individuals to carry out acts of mass shootings against innocent school children, and government officials do nothing.    
     In the process of restoring White Power to America the devil has taken full control.  He is a slick character who is a master of disguise and a specialist in deceit.  He knows how to turn real facts into “alternative facts” and make people believe them.  He knows that the best way to get people to believe lies is to have them presented by women. He knows that a confused population can easily be made to believe “real news” is “fake news.”

     At the present, the devil has the easiest job of anyone in America. All he has to do is sit back and let politicians and church leaders do his work for him.  The devil has never been happier when he can get inside the church and turn Christianity into a fake religion.  He is pleasantly surprised when the selfishness of a few allows thousands to suffer. The devil is pleased when citizens turn on each other and hate dominates the social environment.  He loves to see the Confederate flag being flown in American streets, and the “hail Hitler” sign used by American citizens.

     It is true that the devil has full control of America, from the so-called Christian church to the political party that controls both houses of Congress and the executive branch. Already signs are being displayed across America and around the world, warning Americans that “the handwriting is on the wall.”  But history reveals that when a powerful nation goes into a decline and citizens become so confused they cannot distinguish virtue from evil, little can be done to change the tide.  

Sunday, February 18, 2018



   Evil comes a-knocking on every body’s door.  Some knowingly open it but others are tricked into it.  It is when an individual engages in evil and enjoys it, to the point that a repeat engagement occurs, that real troubles begin.  Evil breed’s trouble and troubles double troubles.

------ THE QUESTION IS -----

*****Why does it rain on the just and the unjust, and why do evil men prosper? *****

    People can say what they please about God’s creation of man, but there is a definite flaw in the creation experience.  In creating man and giving him the ability to choose, God expected humans would choose good over evil.  But even God was surprised when his creation began to engage in malicious acts of immorality.

    The unchecked nature of mankind is evil, and of all the creatures on the planet humans are the most evil.  Humans will lock humans in cages and smile while they starve to death. Humans will throw babies into fires and laugh while they burn. Humans will hang humans for the color of their skin, and humans will murder humans for no other reason than sexual orientation. Humans will deliberately murder humans and rejoice as they die. The evolution of mankind has developed into obnoxious, evil creatures.  

     Humans seek dominion over other humans and there is no greater proof than in the political arena.  All over the world political leaders are involved in corruption, and there is no greater proof than in the USA. Today in America political leaders stand flat-footed and lie, and Americans knowingly accept it.

   It appears that the evolution of human intelligence is moving in a backwards direction, because it is now easier than ever for political and religious leaders to brainwash humans. Humans appear to be lost sheep looking for a shepherd; and many times the shepherd is wrapped with evil intentions.  And there is no greater example than in the USA today. 


    Then she slides closer on the bench and puts her arms around his shoulders.

     “What a world, what a mess this United States is in?” he speaks.
     “Oh, but don’t worry, Doc, God has it all under control.”
     “You may think so, Liz, but I don’t.”
     “Are you saying you don’t believe in God?”
     “I believe in God alright, but there are times when God gets fed up with the stupidity of humans.”
    “But God is a just God, and he always stands against evil.”
    “That may be true, but nowhere in history can we find where God intervened in the affairs of an evil dictator.”
     “But this is different, Doc, this is America, and America is God’s country.”
    “Yea, but don’t fool yourself, God gave man a brain, and he expects him to use it.”
    “Do you really believe that God has washed his hands of America?”
    “Yes, I believe there comes a time when God says if humans are so stupid as to allow themselves to be controlled by an evil dictator he will let them suffer the consequences of their ignorance.”
   “Do you really believe that America is headed for a dictator?”
   “I’m not sure about that, but I am sure that America’s democracy is being tested more so now than any time since the Civil War.”   
   “Yes Sir Doc, and that’s one thing we both can agree on.” 


Tuesday, February 13, 2018



        For several decades outside America did not realize what was actually going on inside America. America is riddled with hatreds and prejudices and that is a shame. But it is a greater shame that these hatreds and prejudices are fueled by the American Christian church, and that a so-called religious organization has chosen to support an evil governmental regime. The donald trump administration has exposed inside America to the world and the picture is not pretty.

    Worldwide Christianity is suffering from decreased memberships but nowhere is greater than inside America. Thousands have rebelled against America’s organized religion and the numbers increase daily.  In the last decade the Southern Baptist Church has lost over 78,000 members.  Thousands believe that SBC has made a mockery out of the life of Jesus Christ.  But still some brainwashed church-goers inside America, sit silently by while millionaire evangelical preachers preach “prosperity Christianity” which is about as far away from real Christianity as is possible.

     History proves that a confused population leads to a dictatorial government. At the present, there is a group of confused citizens inside America who are bordering on the verge of insanity. This group has failed to realize that a wannabe dictator is occupying the White House, and this wannabe dictator is a fool.  Worse than being a fool is a fool with money, and this fool is sitting in the middle of a capitalistic society where money is god and money buys people.

     Inside America money has created one of the worse addictions on the planet.   The love of money is the root of all evil, and it develops an incurable addiction where “enough is never enough.”  Money will cause children to murder parents, brothers to murder brothers, and sisters to murder sisters.

      Money turns the hearts of good people into stone, and a heart of stone has no compassion for others.   Anytime a child dies from starvation we become less of a human and more of a creature. Nevertheless, in a land of plenty children die every day from hunger. 

     Inside America the church has developed policies that favor the rich, plus the US government has passed laws that benefit the rich.  Today, the quickest road to riches is inside America’s political system, and the system is riddled with corruption.  This has developed into a social tsunami.  It is hoped that the tsunami will only develop into a gigantic turn-out at the polls, but some are predicting actions much more severe.

       Outside America the world is stunned by a nation that was once the leader of the free world but now is attempting to build a wall of isolation.  It is possible that inside America another Civil War is looming.  The United States is more divided now than any time since the Civil War, and there is no compromise in the foreseeable future.  


     ***** Anytime a religious organization supports liars the organization is no longer religious but has become an instrument of a political regime, and a lying political regime is an evil political regime. *****

Tuesday, February 6, 2018



     American evangelical Christian Churches have become little more than social clubs specializing in hurting people.  From the time the first white man set foot on Western soil hate has been the predominate factor. And even today hate controls evangelical doctrine.

     Of all the devastating evils in the world Christianity has chosen homosexuality to be the worse. Within the Christian Church a gay man is not allowed to have a relationship with God.  However, God made gay people the same way he made straight people and it is the evil within the hearts of men that has created negative restraints on different sexual orientations.

    It should be the responsibility of the church to build strong human relations with God.  It is not the responsibility of the church to dictate who can and cannot have a spiritual relationship with the heavenly Father. When religious organizations exert power over God, they no longer become an instrument for God but an instrument against God.

     Donald j. trump has been declared the controversial leader of American evangelicals.  Of all the available leaders donald trump is the worse.  He is a sick creature and his sickness is an “evil sickness.”  He receives pleasure in hurting people, and he stays awake at night thinking of ways to hurt more folks. 

    He takes pleasure in hurting immigrants by separating families in the process of deportation. He likes hurting DACA children by threatening to send them to countries they have never known.  And he enjoys offending transgender individuals by forbidding them to serve in the military.  He has spent a lifetime using the words “you are fired” which are words he enjoys using because they harm people. 

    Donald trump enjoyed doing everything possible in his attempt to hurt 28 million Americans by the denial of health benefits.   He enjoys hurting American children by leading the way for Congress to reduce spending for programs that provide food for the needy. He enjoys taking from the poor and giving to the rich. He is the biggest form of evil ever to enter the White House. And for all of those who support him keep in mind, if given the opportunity he will hurt you, because he hurt his own Mother, and she lived to tell about it.

   Take a close look at what American Christianity has become with one year of donald trump as the leader. He represents everything Christianity should not be. It is now one of the most hypocritical lifestyles ever experienced on the planet. Christianity is so wrapped up in politics that members of the church are supporting a political party rather than the teachings of Jesus. The church has moved so far away from the teachings of Jesus that it should not even be allowed to call the lifestyle Christian.

    Today, modern Christianity supports sexual deviation if the deviations are committed by heterosexuals.  Within the Christian Church it is okay to be a child molester if you are a “straight” child molester.  It is okay to be a sexual predator if you are a heterosexual predator.  But yet Christians say the world’s biggest evils are committed within the LGBT communities.

    The Christian Church will not admit that their teachings are responsible for most of the hatreds, bigotries, and injustices, exhibited in the USA.  They will not admit being responsible for the thousands of gay individuals who have ended their lives because of the negative   teachings of Christianity.  Still today record numbers of LGBT teenagers take their own lives because they cannot endure the harassment that comes from the Christian community.


   ****** When a mass population of confused citizens allows tax dollars to pay professional LIARS to LIE for the president, it is about as bad as bad can be, but so-called Christian politicians can stand flat-footed and lie through their teeth, and still receive support from their constituents. ****