Friday, October 11, 2019



A nation that engages in moral decomposition creates a society of people who have lost their way. Americans were a collection of people long before they were a nation of laws. America is living poof what free people can accomplish, but when the desire for achievement becomes so great that it turns into a limitless desire for greed and power, the need for law and order becomes essential. Mankind has such a deep rooted yearning for monetary success that restraints become necessary.  When the desire for financial achievement becomes so great that honesty is removed from the road to riches, the road is then paved with corruption.

Those who provide the services, better known as the Working Class, are   by far the largest number of citizens in any society.  When the entire Working Class comes together they can control every aspect of any government. The problem is those who control the services, better known as the Upper Class, are the most intelligent. They realize they are outnumbered, thus they use the tactic of divide and conquer to keep control.  The Working Class is divided by religious affiliation, skin color, sexual orientation, and ethnic origin. Also, there are those within the Working Class who want to be affiliated with the Upper Class, creating the so-called Upper Middle Class. This divides the Working Class to the detriment of the lost of political clout.    

The balance between goods and services is essential for a stable   economy. A stable economy determines the longevity for any nation. When that equation becomes unbalanced chaos pursues. When the profit motive drives the price of goods upwards to the point that those who produce the goods cannot afford them, instability erupts. Social instability weakens a nation and makes it accessible to outside intervention.

When the desire for profit is so great that the human element is lost in the pursuit, capitalism becomes a formidable economic system. When the human component is lost, nemesis is close at hand, and capitalism is removed as an economic system to become the god of a nation.  Capitalism can be great, but when capitalism looses all aspects of humanity there is nothing worse. Also when capitalism becomes so entangled in the governmental system it produces a confusion that appears to make man incapable of governing himself.  The desire for profit can become an addiction that is worse than any physical dependency drug. US contemporary capitalism has driven the profit motive to the point that it makes communism look good.

To guarantee stability a nation must concede that all humans are important.  When the love for money compels those at the top to believe there is no significance in human life, downfall of any nation is just around the corner. When citizens become so confused that they are willing to follow leaders with no regards for that which is right from wrong, a nation is well within the confines of crumbling.  This is proven in history over and over again, but so-called intelligence seems to drive citizens away from historical facts.

Most economists predict that at some point this must change. The United States is in a better position for these changes to occur than most other nations. The framers of the US Constitution established a government based on the premise of “majority rule.” Thus, a perfect economic system that provides a true distribution of wealth is possible. The amazing aspect of the United States government provides the Working Class with the right to create a voting coalition that can deliver a perfect economic system. But the truth is US citizens have become so involved in insignificant social divisions that they are unable to acquire this important economic knowledge.


American democracy is a government of laws and when society abandons the supremacy of laws democracy is no longer a functional government. Every day Americans see an Executive Branch aided by a Senate majority defy American laws.  If this is ruled constitutional by the Judicial Branch American democracy has reached a sad ending.