Monday, January 27, 2014


   The question could be asked, “Does the office of the President of the United States deserve some respect?” I am one citizen who thinks the answer is “yes.” That is not to deny the voice of opposition. I only point out that there is a difference between sincere and hateful disagreement.
   From the very beginning the Obama administration has been faced with strong political opposition. It is a national disgrace the way Beck, Limbaugh, and some members of Fox media have treated the President. There is no doubt that the voices of hate, in the disguise of opposition, have crippled the President’s agenda. In so doing, they have not only hurt him, but they also have hurt the American people by leading the opposition in preventing the passing of constructive legislation. Nevertheless, Obama will be recorded in history as a great president.
   Today, America has become a nation in which the people are expected to serve the law rather than the law serving the people.  There is great danger in this form of government.  But in a highly diversified society there are thousands of voices crying in the wilderness, asking the government to ‘do this’ and ‘provide that.’  Thus governing has become a difficult task.  If caution is not taken, America could become a nation that is impossible to govern.  If that happens, defeat is in the near future.
    Already many common people are asking the question, “Why would anyone want the job of President of the United States?” Even considering the power and prestige that come with the position, the confusion that surrounds it makes it questionable why anyone would want it.  But for some strange reason, in the world of politics there are many takers.   
   I do not understand how a political party, with the majority of members being Christians, can portray the President as a devil because he is advocating Christian principles.  According to the Good Book that I read, caring for the poor, the sick, and the neglected are all part of Christ’s teachings.
    It is a difficult task to fight a battle against enormous American money that comes mostly from big corporations and big insurance companies.  It is a battle in which the majority of politicians have refused to engage.  For decades large insurance companies have dominated health benefit laws that are written in their favor.  It is to be expected that they will howl loudest when faced with losing their leverage. But it is also expected that American citizens should be able to recognize the objection, understand the reason for it, and show some respect for the individual who is leading the battle.
   It is impossible to understand why many people oppose the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the actual name of what is loosely referred to as Obamacare.  Is it not right to include women’s mammograms in an insurance policy? It is not right for insurance companies to pay for diagnostic testing in order for physicians to fully understand and treat a health problem? Should not parents be able to keep their children on their health insurance policy at least until the age of 24?  Should insurance companies have the right to cancel a policy because of pre-existing conditions? It is wrong to deny children health coverage based on the pre-existing conditions of parents?
  It saddens me to hear certain groups of people, those who have been brainwashed by a few millionaire media moguls, use devilish adjectives in describing the President. Even in a country where free speech is a ‘protected right,’ there should be a certain level of respect shown for the President, his wife, and his children.