Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Americans elected President Obama to change America, not to change the world.  However, it now appears that he has finally succumbed to the voices of a few warmongers and is about to engage America in another conflict.  American voices spoke loud and clear with opinion polls showing that 80% of the people did not want involvement in Syria.  Now, opinion polls are showing that 65% of Americans are against any involvement in the Ukraine, better known as the Crimean Conflict.

The voices of Americans are saying “we have had enough.” We are tired of political leaders spending trillions of taxpayer’s dollars and killing thousands of our young men and women chasing conflicts that we are unable to resolve.

It doesn’t take an academic genius to figure out that while America has become a bankrupt nation chasing conflicts, two nations, Russia and China, have sat back and become militarily strong and financially stable watching America make a fool of itself.

If you closed your eyes today and placed your finger on any part of the world globe, you would be very close to some kind of a conflict.  There are more uprisings in the world today than in the last 50 years, proving that American’s foreign policy as the world’s policemen has been a dismal failure. 

On the other hand, Americans should be rejoicing that we have a president who has attempted to pass domestic legislative policies that benefit the American people rather than wasting trillions chasing world conflicts. We should stand firm behind our president and applaud his domestic policies while not allowing a few voices of dissent to lead us into the failed policies of the past.