Saturday, August 26, 2017



There seems to be some confusion by a few kinfolks concerning my right to be involved in the American political system because I presently live outside the United States.  Let the records speak; I started paying taxes in America when I was a sophomore in high school with my first job in the public sector as the garbage collector on Saturdays for the town of Chatham, Louisiana. I then worked my way through college and graduate school as a salesman for Sears paying all the local, state, and federal taxes. I continued to work while I took advanced studies in the Bible at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary because I wanted to see for myself the exact translations of the Old Testament in Hebrew and the New Testament in Greek.

As an adult, I made the decision to be a public school teacher, a decision I have never regretted.  For 32 plus years I taught school. I received a couple of promotions but had to turn down some because along with Mr. Leon Anemone we owned and operated a couple of musical retail stores.  I worked after school, on Saturdays, during the holidays, and the summer vacations, paying millions in American tax dollars.  And today I still pay taxes on my retirement funds.  I am happy to report that my tax records are open for public inspection. Therefore, I have earned the right to express an opinion in a politically controlled government that I have helped to support for 63 years.   
I always had the desire to travel because I like to meet people of different cultures and experience first hand how other people live. I retired from teaching, sold the businesses, and pursed my dream to travel and to write. I have had the opportunity to travel around the world stopping in many interesting places and meeting many outstanding people.  

Millions of Americans retire outside the USA, and many other millions travel for long periods of time in resort areas around the world.  I am a registered voter in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, and if I’m traveling at the time of the elections, I vote by Internet. I am an active member of Democrats Abroad which consists of thousands of Americans who have an active roll in America’s political system.

I am sorry that time and space will not permit me to tell you all the exciting places and outstanding adventures I have experienced. But of all those excitements nothing compared to a time when I saw a light in the eyes of a student, and a hand waving in the back of the room, and a voice that rang out, “Mr. Tippen, you know I’ve been thinking…” 

In my quest for the forever young pill I have been blessed with longevity.  I have tried to talk to Father Time but he doesn’t listen, and as a result, the clock keeps on ticking.   

However, I will close with the words I wrote in a poem many years ago.

But if I’m walking my last mile,
I will walk proud and I’ll wear a smile.
If it’s minutes, if it’s hours, if it’s days…
I don’t know.
But one thing’s for certain I’ve enjoyed the show.

Friday, August 18, 2017



 The time has come that the great American hornet’s nest must be stirred.
---knowing ---
He who stirs hornets will surely get stung.

I was surprised by the number of people who spoke in the defense of my character. And let the records show that many of these were Republicans.

I have not been a supporter of Donald Trump from the time I heard his first speech announcing his candidacy for presidency. Since then I have become an outspoken critic and am even more so today that ever.  I do not support Donald Trump for the following reasons:

When anyone refuses to release income tax records there is no other explanation than there is something to hide.

We have seen Donald Trump fight hard to deny 28 million Americans health benefits, knowing full well that several million of these Americans would die.

We have heard from his own lips his bragging about degrading the rights of women.

We have seen him mocking the handicapped.

We have heard him defending the rights of Russians over the rights of Americans.

We saw and heard him originally defend the rights of the KKK, the White Supremacists, and the Neo-Nazis, in the Charlottesville attack.  

We have heard him tell lie, after lie, after lie. These have been reported by thousands of reporters across America and around the world.

These are not alternative facts; these are not fake facts; these are fact, facts.

I believe it is the right for anyone to support the candidate of his or her choice. However, it is my opinion, that it is wrong for any parent to teach their children or grandchildren to support and defend the policies of bigotry, prejudice, and discrimination. These policies have been publicly portrayed in the Donald Trump administration. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017



     A huge hornet’s nest has developed in America and this nest is being controlled by some exceedingly deceitful hornets.  The sting from these hornets is so strong that it produces venom that goes directly to the brains of the victims. The results being, the victims become so confused they are unable to distinguish between the policies that work for them and those that work against them.
   These hornets have morphed into a special breed. While they are strictly working for themselves, they can deceive others into thinking they are working for them.  One female hornet by the name of ---------, who has a special place in the Trump administration, is known as the biggest female liar on the planet. Another female hornet by the name of ----------, who is completely unqualified, has been able to BUY the important position as the head of America’s Department of Education.  A male hornet by the name of ---------, who has been appointed as the head of the EPA,  can look Americans directly in the eyes and with cunning deceit declare that wind and solar energies are not the progressive sources of energy for the future. Another male hornet by the name of ---------- has been appointed by the kingpin boss for the sole purchase of denying the rights of women, the rights of LGBT individuals, and the rights of all other minorities, by the Supreme Court. Now another hornet by the name of ------------ is being paid blood money by American taxpayers to defend the dishonest administration of Donald J. Trump. And the list goes on!
    These hornets now control the entire governmental process, and for the first time in history they control the Christian church. The brainwashing techniques of these hornets have extended into every major aspect of America’s social system, and the total, negative affect has yet to be measured. International governments, banks and world leaders see a White House in total disarray, and as a result value of the dollar has plunged around the world.
    Somewhere, at some time, someone must clear cobwebs that cloud the minds of many American citizens. There has never been a time in America’s history when so many governmental officials were able to falsify the truth and get away with it.  It has been lie, after lie, after lie.  This one lies to cover up for that one, and that one lies to protect another one.  It is a web of deception that even a Black Widow would have difficulty weaving.  And yet this administration, filled with deceptions, receives major support from the so-called Christians.  
     Even though the Trump administration apparently does not know the meaning of the truth, some way, somehow, the truth must be told. However, in dealing with an administration of liars speaking the truth has consequences. Americans must be warned against so-called gospel ministers who threatened church-goers with the wrath of God if they did not vote the Trump, Pence ticket.  This was the biggest slap in the face of democracy ever recorded in American history.
    This is not the reporting of just one person but hundreds of reporters across America, who have been dependable reporters for decades, are alarming citizens concerning the dishonesty of the Trump administration. Even leaders of other nations have expressed concerns about the deceptions that are dominating American politics. And yet many Americans continue to stick their heads in the sand and call this fake news.  It is one thing to support an administration that is detrimental to you, but it is an act of selfishness to support an administration filled with policies that are detrimental to future generations. 
   The framers of America’s constitution are not just turning over in their graves they are doing cartwheels concerning the absolute fraud surrounding the Donald Trump administration. Arlington Cemetery should look like a freshly plowed farmland, with the number of service men and women flipping over in their graves, because they did not sacrifice their lives to protect the treachery of a cheating executive United States leader.
   The time has come that the great American hornet’s nest must be stirred.
---knowing ---
He who stirs hornets will surely get stung.
Donald Trump is the most deplorable piece of trash ever to be wrapped in human skin.
He is the biggest fake of anyone ever to be an American citizen.
He, his administration, and his entire family, are rotten to the core.
Anyone who continues to support him is just as rotten as he is.