Thursday, June 22, 2017


    Mind control techniques have been used in America for decades. The most commonly used method is brainwashing. Gospel ministers were some of the first to realize that evangelicals were easy targets for religious brainwashing. As a result, many preachers turned the gospel into a self-serving lifestyle of luxury for themselves.
    Today, brainwashing has reached epic proportions in the United States and mind control skills are being used far outside the boundaries of the gospel and into the political arena. The primary danger of political brainwashing is that every dictator in history first used devices of mind control in order to gain power over the masses.  
    When large groups of working-class Americans are forced to work two or more jobs in order to make ends meet, but continue to support a political party that has no intention of increasing the minimum hourly wage, a perfect example of brainwashing is set in motion.    
   The second greatest danger to brainwashing is the impact it has on future generations.  At some point young Americans will come to the realization that their parents and grandparents were responsible for the one man, one party rule, and as a result they are denied the right to live in a free democratic society. When this occurs social chaos becomes uncontrollable.  Therefore, in order to restore a democratic government a citizen’s uprising is required. When this happens thousands or maybe millions of lives will be lost.
    Today mind control techniques have become so powerful that thousands of Americans are applauding their own demise.  Once independent thinking Americans are now rushing to support those who are denying millions health insurance benefits. Retirees are rallying for those who are working behind closed doors to cut Social Security payments. And many others are offering verbal support while law makers cut funds that feed hungry children.
    On the surface things may look rosy in America, but beneath the surface this great empire is on shaky grounds. The morality clause of “what is right for the people” has been obliterated as a requirement for public office.  Many elected officials have become stone-faced, forked-tongued liars, but yet they are confident that no matter what they say or do, their constituents will reelect them to office. America is not prepared for the citizen uprisings that are in the near future, because the Americanized version of a democracy is in disarray.  

Monday, June 12, 2017



    The center of gravity for the Tippen family is in the Southern state of Louisiana.  Therefore, southern culture has played an important role in developing the “mindset” for most family members.   It is not my desire neither is it my position to chastise family members whose opinions differ from mine.  However, when that mindset moves into a regressive direction a challenge becomes necessary. A challenge generally creates controversy, but regardless of that, this challenge is necessary in order to protect the mindset of the young generations and the generations yet to be born. 
    Traditions are great. However, when traditions are proven to be wrong the traditions must change.   It is evident that the restrictions placed upon human civil rights by the so-called Southern Christian Churches must change.  Social integration, gay rights, and equal rights for women, are the progressive rights of the future. The acceptance of diversity must become a vital part of the American lifestyle and particularly the lifestyle of southern USA.   If these changes are not accepted the world will leave the South behind facing tremendous problems of social conflicts.   
    There is no denying that the policies of the old Southern Confederacy are things of the past. Parents who hold on to these narrow-minded policies are doing their children an injustice. A government that legalized the institution of slavery was wrong, and it will always be wrong and nothing you can say or do will ever make it right. 
    Today there are several young family members who realize the need for change but do not have the courage to rock the boat.  However, others within the family are, for the first time, shaking THIS family tree.  I have no doubt that within the future generations of Tippens there will be those who will provide the necessary leadership to bring about the much needed social changes.
   I realize that the direct approach of telling adults they are wrong has little chance of achieving the desired results. Therefore, I am using this method to provide the courage for young generations to develop an acceptable social status within the southern United States.  There is no reason for southern youngsters to grow up in an environment of prejudices, social injustices, and hatreds, other than to justify the wrongs of the forefathers.  

(A message to those yet to be born)
     Chances are you will be born into a country of a ONE MAN ONE PARTY rule. This happened because your mothers, fathers, and grandparents, allowed a political party to gain control of their minds. Your parents became unable to think for themselves and therefore were brainwashed to the point that they were unable to distinguish between a political party that was working for them and one that was working against them.
    You will be a smarter generation and you will have inquiring minds and you will learn that your parents supported a political party that decreased funding for programs that supplied food for hungry children. Your parents supported a political party that refused to increase minimum pay raises for working class Americans, and supported a program that attempted to deny 28 million Americans health benefits.
   Your parents lost sight of the fact they were the Middle Class Americans and were brainwashed to allow a small group of wealthy Americans to control their thinking process.  Therefore, the democratic process of a free America that at one time was controlled by the majority was forever lost.  

Monday, June 5, 2017


    George McDuff Tippen was one of the hardest working men in the Tippen family. In the mid eighteen hundreds he homesteaded a large plot of land in the southern state of Louisiana, and took on the monumental task of clearing the land for farming.  He designated a plot of land for a cemetery and planted a tree in the center of the cemetery. He named the tree the Tippen Family Tree.   Grandpa McDuff was a devout Christian and there was something significant in his choosing the dogwood tree to be the family tree.  That particular tree grew to be over one hundred years old and became known as one of the oldest and largest dogwoods ever to be recorded.   
    Amy and Dennis Tippen raised a large family and even though they were elementary educated they were intelligent parents. They taught their children respect, to have respect for themselves and to have respect for others. They believed children should provide the labor for subsistence farming, and as a result, the children grew up knowing the value of hard work. There was never a Southern man who had more respect for women than Dennis Tippen, and he would have punched any man in the nose who made disrespectable remarks to ladies.
    Amy Tippen was a lady with a big heart.  Not only did she feed a large family on a low income budget but she found ways to feed other hungry children in the neighborhood.  She instilled in all her children the importance of caring for the needy. Therefore, I have concerns about individuals who support a political party whose main objective is to cut funds from all social programs, particular the programs that provide food for hungry children. For those who support this kind of governing you need someone to show you that you are brainwashed in the same manner as the poor Confederate soldiers who gave their lives for the unjust cause of slavery. I am sure if we could speak to any Confederate soldier who died in the Civil War he would tell us that he greatly regrets allowing a government to brainwash him into sacrificing his life for such an unworthy cause as a plantation owner becoming richer at the expense of slave labor.
      It is important for future generations to know that there are several within the Tippen family who disagree with every aspect of the Confederacy.  We do not support any government that mistreats people based on skin color, sexual orientation, or ethnic origin.  We know that many of you, yet to be born, will be gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual, and you need to know that long before you were born there were some within the Tippen family who supported your rights to exist. Even though you will encounter a hostile environment you will be able to speak with a louder and a more authoritative voice than any Southerners have ever heard. You will speak out against all forms of prejudice, discrimination, and bigotry.  You will look your grandfathers and grandmothers directly in the face and say to them, “YOU ARE WRONG; gay children have the same rights to exist as any others.”  You will stand firm for gay rights and many of you will be elected to public offices and one day one of you may become the president of the United States.
   All of this has happened because one man planted one tree. And that tree grew to be a strong tree with many limbs. And those limbs produced branches with leaves of many shapes, sizes, and colors.  Today the Tippen Family Tree is not a Southern Tree and is not a Northern Tree but a Universal Tree. The voices from that tree are now heard in many countries around the world and this is only the beginning.