Wednesday, July 29, 2020



Amy and Dennis Tippen did not raise a 3rd class citizen, not even a 2nd class. I refused to live in shame as a third class citizen. I was determined to find a place where the pride of a gay man could be expressed without shame or condemnation. I have seen how some members of my family and friends died with their heads down in shame because they were gay. I know many men who sacrificed their happiness to live in a heterosexual relationship ashamed to admit they were gay.  I know many others who have lived their entire lives in the “closet” because they were ashamed of their homosexuality. Warped Christianity has brought shame to LGBTQ individuals, and I refuse to allow that to happen to me. When I die I will not die as a wilted flower.

What some so-called Christians have done to the Christian religion is one of the great religious debacles of mankind. It is the same as what fool’s gold is to real gold. In contemporary USA, a fool’s religion has taken over Christianity, and as a result, a heavy price will be paid. Instead of religion condemning gay individuals, gays can now condemn this man-made religion. The same book that supposedly condemns LGBTQ lifestyle, also condemns, liars, cheaters, and adulterers. Many American Christians are following a false leader, who is proclaiming a false doctrine, and “when the blind leads the blind, they all fall in the ditch together,” a quote from the Christian’s favorite Holy Book.

America could be a perfect example of the social mixing-pot of the world. All that needs to be done is the equal accepting of the superiority of all races, and admitting the valuable contributions that immigrants have made to the building of America. It is foolish to consider America anything other than the people of the world coming together to formulate a perfect union, and to establish the world’s greatest society. 

In defense of the USA, it is now proclaimed that the majority of Americans accept gays and same-sex marriages. However, I believe that American gays are far from being “out of the woods” particularly in religious circles. Nevertheless, any progress is appreciated.  If this can be done for one of America’s most hated groups, it can be done for others. The people of the world are saying that “Black Lives Matter” and are not willing to accept anything less. It must be admitted that a police presence is important but police brutality must be eradicated.

******A PERSONAL NOTE******

After reading Mary L. Trump’s book, “Too Much Is Never Enough----How My Family Created The World’s Most Dangerous Man,” I have greater concerns of what Donald Trump is doing to America. Donald Trump is a “malignant liar” and even though his lies may not be believed, they are accepted within the Republican Party. Very few times in American history have Americans come this close to loosing a democratic form of government. The tail of woe or success will be determined in the presidential election of November, 2020. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2020



My monuments are the faces of Southern relatives who continue to support the whip cracking, the raping of African American women, the hanging and castrating of African American men, and the burning of African American homes. These faces support a White Power government, the Confederacy that was built on hatred, bigotry, prejudice and injustice. I am a product of that government, and I recognize the social flaws that continue to haunt the American nation, but I have moved on to a better location. 

I have heard your remarks of anger when I have written examples of your discrimination, and I have seen your replies of hate against anti-Confederate Op-Ed’s. I am ashamed to admit that the same type of blood flows through my veins, but the blood that flows through me has gone though a purification process called, “ALL PEOPLE ARE CREATED EQUAL.” It may not have changed the color, but it has changed the content of the character. 

You have been quick to talk about the burning of the American flag and of course, we all know that is wrong. But the greater wrong is to ignore the thousands of service men and women who gave their lives to give you the right to wave your Confederate and Nazi flags. The freedoms those flags represent are not even one tenth of the freedoms represented by waving the Red, White, and Blue. Only by your birthright have you been allowed to live in a free democratic society, and now you see that society through the naive lens of selfishness and would rather destroy it than share it. 

The power of the American government has always been in the hands of the white man, simply known as White Supremacists. The election of an African American President placed an awakening fear that the white man was loosing control. Thus the bells started ringing and White America went to work to make sure that White Power stayed supreme.  A pact was formed within the Republican Party that they would do whatever is necessary to keep White Power in control, even if it meant lying.   And they have been true to their commitment. By closing voting booths in minority neighborhoods, removing minority’s names from voter registrars, attempting to deny mail-in ballots, and using other illegal tactics of voter suppression are the ways the Republicans plan to stay in power.    

To continue fighting the Civil War is the most destructive element to a peaceful America. To revive the meanness of White America not only reverts to the troubles of the past but invites troubles for the future. Also, there is a contagious characteristic in meanness that is quickly absorbed into younger generations. To live a life in conflict is an elementary level of improvised incompetence. In other words, it is a totally wasted life. 

Sins are sins and the results are evident, but the sin of all sins is the inability to learn from the original sin. The enslavement of humans was America’s original sin and nothing good will ever come from the exploitation of living beings.  Racism can add nothing beneficial to America’s future but revive the revolts from the past. Human slaves, by nature, will never be satisfied with that position in life and within institutions of slavery there is no peace. Americans are missing the art of successful living by failing to learn from the mistakes of the past. It is much easier to get along with people than attempting to enslave them, a lesson many white Americans have failed to learn. 

It seems strange that some Americans cherish living in conflict. If America is ever to have peace the inherited prejudice of the white race must be corrected.  It can only be corrected by education that comes from parents, the schools, and the churches. There will never be peace in America as long as prejudice accompanied by hatred is preached from the pulpits. The monuments that speak are still carrying the hatred, bigotry, and prejudice, of the Confederate Era. Although, there seems to be widespread condemnations that may bring those images of hate crashing to the ground; it is hoped that the widespread condemnation will show up strong in the election of November, 2020.    

Saturday, July 4, 2020



It would have been nice if we could have realized how significant our teenage years were. If we could have attained the knowledge of just how fast youth passes, we would have cherished every moment of those years with greater appreciation. If we could have put “time in a bottle” as the writer of the songs says, and preserved it, and opened the bottle in later years, what a great time growing old would have been.  But the only way those times can be preserved is in our dreams. The Bible tells us that, “old men shall dream dreams.” And this is what it means; in our dreams we can relive those precious days of youth. 

If in our retirement we are living in a peaceful and secure environment our dreams will reflex those wonderful times of childhood. It is true we may have an occasional bad dream, but by far deep sleep and beautiful dreams fill our senior nights. For us who have had to struggle for our identity, great joy waits at the “End of the Trail,” and with a series of pleasant dreams all those struggles are made worth while. 

There was nothing easy about being a gay teenager in the Southern Bible Belt.   Even today the threads of discrimination pull heavy at my heart, and I have to take precautions to maintain a level head. I have faced discrimination, and I don’t like it! And I don’t like those who discriminate.  I must admit that in recent days there have been a series of occurrences that have upset those nights of adorable dreams. 

I have written much about Donald Trump, and I have made many of my friends and family members angry. But I feel strongly about this, and with every fiber of my being I believe that Donald Trump is corrupt and if unchecked he will destroy America’s democracy and set himself up as a dictator.  I have never felt stronger about anything in my entire life, than the fact that Donald Trump is a corrupt individual. 

The way this man has taken control of the Republican Party and the evangelical Christian Church has been abhorrent to me. And I have difficulty convincing myself that I am wrong. Everyday Donald Trump adds fuel to the belief that I am right. 

We have seen Donald Trump make fun of a handicapped reporter. We have heard him make disrespectful remarks about women. We have seen copies of the checks he used to pay porn stars for sex. 

We heard him make the statement, “Russia if you are listening,” and “There are fine people on both sides,” and we’ve seen him clap and smile when the audience shouted, “Lock her up.” We know this is not the correct approach for an opponent in a democracy. 

He sided with Putin at Helsinki in 2018 against all seventeen of American Security Agencies. In March of 2020 he was told that Vladimir Putin was paying Taliban Militants to kill American soldiers, and Donald Trump did nothing! 

He fired the Director of the FBI and other members of the Justice Department who were investigating him. He fired the people who told the truth about him at the Impeachment Proceedings.  98% of his cabinet members have been involved in corrupt schemes for personal benefit. 

He told Americans and the world that Mexico would pay for the Wall. He called football players “who took a knee” to address grievances against social injustices, “sons of bitches.” He called Mexicans rapists.  He called African nations “shit-hole countries.” He took babies from Mother’s arms and put them in cages at the Southern border. 

He has spent millions of taxpayer’s dollars hiring lawyers to prevent public inspection of his income tax returns and his business records. He has reduced the sentences of his buddies in crime, and has pardoned other friends who were convicted of crimes. 

He refused to take the advice of the scientists and doctors, and as a result, he has totally mishandled the Corvid-19 pandemic. His advice was to inject disinfectants to kill the Corvid-19 virus. He has made wearing a mask a political issue. He said, “If we didn’t have testing we wouldn’t have cases.” Now he has cut funds for Corvid-19 testing. As the result, America leads the world in deaths from Corvid-19.  During the height of the pandemic he asked the Supreme Court to overturn the “Affordable Care Act,” and eliminate preexisting conditions. 

It is safe to say that those people who have worked close with Donald Trump and were fired and who wrote a book, describe him as a totally incompetent, draft dodging liar, who should never have been elected the president of the USA. Hundreds of professionals are now saying, America may be able to survive 4 years of Donald Trump, but not 4 more years. If you love America, and if you believe in democracy, you should make plans to vote in the November election of 2020. Republicans are already making voting difficult because the only way they can win in November is by voter suppression. So regardless of the hardships, we must endure and we must vote because the “soul” of America rests in our hands. 

Now back to the issue of sleeping; I have made the decision that I will not allow any person or anything to disrupt my peaceful life and beautiful dreams. To my relatives and friends, who are Trump supporters, if he wins in November in a fair election, I will not shed tears on my pillow, but for now I will  do everything I can to see that he is defeated. However, from now until then, be assured I will sleep tight with pleasant dreams.