Sunday, May 31, 2020



The reason so many people disrespect law enforcement officers is because law enforcement officers show so little respect for the people, predominantly minorities. I taught school for 32 years and every time the discussion came up concerning law enforcement, black students particularly, spoke out loud and clear about being harassed by policemen. I heard examples of students being arrested for jay walking, being arrested for wearing a certain color cap in a mall, and for jogging in a white neighborhood. And Lord knows how many examples I heard of teenagers who were arrested and put in jail for smoking a joint. 

I also heard students give examples about the things their parents told them concerning police brutality. This goes as far back as the seventies, so police brutality is not something new in America. It is the quick availability of cameras that has brought these acts to the forefront. Some of the same things students told me in regards to police brutality in the seventies and eighties are still happening today. 

I want it well understood that I oppose all acts of violence, but don’t tell me that when the violence stops, justice will be served, because that is just not true. America has had 243 years for justice to be served and black Americans are still waiting. There is racial imbalance in the criminal justice system and so far talking about peace has not brought about change.  Still black men are being murdered by police and gay men and women are being brutally beaten by straight policemen. The only nation in the world where innocent black men are being killed by policemen is in United States.    

This is a message that must be heard by all Americans. America does not belong to white Americans only.  America does not belong to heterosexual Americans only and never will.  America is a diverse nation made up of all types of people from around the world. Is it so alarming to tell the truth that America has been made great because people from around the world made it great? This may be straight talk to some, but it is something white Americans must accept. 

It is such a selfish act that any race of people would go so far as to destroy a great nation rather than share it. Sharing is easy and much easier than war.  What kind of eyes cannot see what hatred, prejudice, and white superiority, has done to America? Rest assured Americans will never see peace until there is justice. 

Now the question must be asked, what should African Americans do? They tried to call attention to injustices by the peaceful protest of taking the knee, and look what happened. The president called them SOB’s and white people cheered.  Then they tried more peaceful means. A popular black man built a school and supplied all the equipment for students to attend free. Other black men put up hundreds of millions of dollars to help support small business owners. The news media became involved by reporting to the public what these men were doing. But even then the president got involved by using disparaging name calling not only for the ones that were performing the good deeds, but to the TV announcer who was reporting it. So I ask what choice is there for African Americans?  Of course, I disapprove of the violence, but if these are not examples of damned if you do, or damned if you don’t, I don’t know what is.  



Friday, May 29, 2020


“Racism isn’t getting worse, it’s getting filmed.”
Will Smith 

I am an American citizen and I am outraged by the murder of George Floyd at the hands of four Minneapolis policemen. The white policeman, Derek Chauvin, who held his knee on George’s neck for over seven minutes, while George was pleading for his life, should be tried and convicted for murder. It might be interesting to note that Chauvin has 18 previous complaints filed against him.  It is also interesting to know that this same policeman has been filmed dressed in his red, uniform and wearing his red, maga cap, yelling and screaming at a Trump rally. Added to all of this is another policeman who was on the scene that day officer, Tou Thao, who has six complaints filed against him.

The time has come that the killings of innocent citizens by policemen must be stopped! It can be stopped when policemen who break the law are arrested, tried and convicted for their crimes and put in prison. America has a history of these crimes and they are only being recognized now because they are being filmed. Police brutality has occurred for years but never reported, and if reported authorities never believe the victim no matter how many cuts or bruises. America was founded on prejudice and hatred and it will never change until citizens demand change.

In addition to the thousands of African American men who have been murdered by policemen, thousands of gay men have also suffered the same consequences. There is a prejudice within many policemen who think that just because they wear the badge, they can commit murder and get away with it; and the sad thing is they have. 

This is difficult to say, but the time for talking is over. We have been talking for over two hundred and forty three years and the examples of police brutality have only increased. It is apparent that talk has not been very effective. Many of our leaders are blind and if something is not done to stop this, it is going to boil over into all major cities and will become something so big that nothing can stop it. People are tired of innocent citizens being murdered by policemen. 

In America today, if you are a black man, a brown man, or a gay man, you are not a free man, regardless of what is guaranteed by the Constitution. Being gay is not a crime, but for decades thousands of gays have suffered brutal beatings, and sometimes murder, at the hands of policemen for no other reason than being gay. I left America because I was tried of being harassed for bring gay. Plus, I wanted to be able to speak freely without fear, and I am not sorry for one second that I found such a place, and that I am speaking.

Prejudice and hate crimes that have invaded America are now on the rise simply because they are condoned by the man in the White House. I have a message for members of my family, when you support Donald Trump you have placed a wide gap between me and you, because you are supporting the most corrupt president in America’s history. You are not man or woman enough to even read this and that proves that you are afraid of the truth.  Yes, I am mad, but before I leave this earth I am going to say the things that need to be said. America, your prejudices will one day reap their just rewards.  Already, you are seeing, “the chickens coming home to roost.”

Tuesday, May 26, 2020



“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” 

Maya Angelou 

So many times political leaders show us who they are, and yet thousands refuse to believe. It is impossible to count the number of times Donald Trump has shown what he is, and goodness is not one of his traits. Trump does not have a good side, but his supporters think he is the great cult leader who can do no wrong. Donald Trump has shown from the beginning that he intends to be a dictator, and there are numerous signs from all aspects of federal government that prove this is happening.  The most deplorable humans in the world are those who would sacrifice a democratic government for a monarchy.  

17 United States intelligent agencies have said without a shadow of a doubt that Russia interfered with the 2016 election. However, Republicans refuse to believe it. All of these agencies continue to say that Russia will interfere again in the 2020 election. It is apparent that there is some kind of a connection between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.  Either Donald Trump has financial investments in Russia that he is trying to protect or Putin is the guarantor of the millions of dollars in loans given to Donald Trump by Deutsche Bank.  It is also possible that Putin is holding some kind of despicable information concerning Donald Trump’s morality, such as the “Pee Tapes.” 

It is clear that Christians are not concerned with Donald Trump’s immorality. While they render public support to the most immoral president in America’s history, they continue to preach “‘til the cows come home,” about the immorality of same-sex marriage. Within the Christian religion there are flaws that are gaining world-wide attention. If the sanctity of heterosexual marriage is so strong, what is there to fear about same-sex marriage? If the Christian religion is so powerful what is there to fear in confrontation with other religions? Is it possible that Christianity cannot stand the test? The weakest religion in the world is one that depends upon laws to force citizens into compliance. 

It is obvious that Republicans are trying to destroy America’s democracy.  Donald Trump and his outlaw gang are in cahoots with Russia, and in reality that makes Donald Trump a traitor. His supporters will deny this, but if Trump is re-elected American democracy will be a thing of the past. I ask Donald Trump supporters to look seriously at the kind of government they are leaving for their children? It is hard to believe that any clear thinking person cannot see through Donald Trump.  

If Americans have experienced too many freedoms, to the point that they have developed a misguided approach to freedom, to think that freedoms exist in a monarchy, Americans are making the biggest mistake in history.  The pilgrims come to America ---- to escape a monarchy. The Revolutionary War was fought ----- to declare freedom from a monarchy.  

Millions of American men and women have sacrificed their lives to protect the freedoms guaranteed by the United States democracy. The framers of the US Constitution are not just turning over in their graves; they are doing cartwheels, as Donald Trump and his supporters make jokes out of America’s system of laws. To witness Americans turn their backs on democracy in support of a wannabe dictator, is the saddest experience of my life.    


Sunday, May 17, 2020


The individual’s belief system plays an important role in the lives of all people, and can mean the difference between a happy, successful life and a disappointed series of failures. Everyone has a strong belief system and for many it never changes. What we are taught as a child remains with us throughout our lives. Everyone thinks that their beliefs are correct, but when a belief system becomes so strong that it cannot be questioned, the belief system has reached its peak, and should be given a careful examination.

For over two hundred years Americans have had several questionable beliefs that have been a detriment to the creation of a “great society.”  It is an evident fact that prejudices are handed down from one generation to another, and hand-me-down prejudices remain a vital part of social hierarchy. Just when we think we have made progress in social diversity, a bigot is elected to head the executive branch of American government. Quickly, the suppressed bigotries of many are expressed in the public arena. Citizens are harassed for speaking a foreign language. People are accosted for wearing a mask. Hate crimes have increased 400% and American democracy is in danger of crumbling. 

The American way of life is being tested in just about every way possible. When the general public disregards government regulations by the simple fact of not wearing a mask in public or not practicing social distancing, perhaps the expression of freedom has gone too far. When angry demonstrators publicly wave Confederate flags, dress in White KKK hoods, display nooses, flaunt swastikas, and arm themselves with machine guns, the break down of law and order is in danger. 

The framers of the US Constitution assumed that elected governmental officials would be so proud to be a part of a government that allows men to govern themselves, that they would be honest. They missed the boat on that one! Unless Americans wake up and come to the realization of just how deep corruption has become a part of American democracy, the greatest democracy on earth is doomed.
Teaching is an important aspect for the social stability of any nation. More important than just teaching is the method of teaching. Teaching is an honored service, and adults, especially parents, should be careful what they teach their children. It must be a sad experience when a father realizes that his son is in prison because he followed in the footsteps of Dad. Or a father, on his death bed, recognizes that he taught his children, if by no other means than example, to be liars.  It does not take a college degree to know that lying, cheating, adultery, making fun of the handicapped, putting babies in cages, grabbing women by their privates, and rubbing elbows with mobsters, are sins. Other than teaching for knowledge, it takes more than just the church to teach morality because social morality is important for the longevity of any nation. The way citizens treat fellow citizens determines the social environment of any nation.

“Like father like son” has proven to be a detriment to social improvement in America. With all the educating that has occurred, “parental influence” has proven to be more effective. The most devastating aspect of all of this is,  the sons and daughters of prejudicial fathers have grown up to be more prejudice and developed a generation of bigotry equal to that of the days prior to the Civil War. American democracy is in a dangerous situation!  When a bigoted fool can occupy the White House and with little effort stir up hatred to the point of citizens committing crimes against fellow citizens, prejudice has always been just one thin layer under the social surface of human behavior.    

Tuesday, May 12, 2020


                        WINDS OF CHANGE!                                                               
I am not sure that there has ever been a better time for gays to be alive than the present. The tide of hate is slowly moving out to sea, and hopefully will not return with any great force. There are encouraging signs for gays appearing in places all around the world. Thailand is not only a “land of smiles” but a land of tolerance for alternative lifestyles. 

Other Southeast Asian countries are developing campaigns to attract gay tourism. Mexico and other Central American countries are extending the welcome mat to same-sex couples. In recent days, doors of freedom have opened for gays in Cuba, which has caused a massive turn-out of thousands. (This event has yet to be covered by the conservative main stream media.) 

In the past few years the old man with a pitchfork and a forked tail has been pushed back into “the dungeon of hate” to develop a new strategy. Even though he has retreated, he is far from defeated. He still has control over some religious and political leaders who encourage hateful behavior based on prejudice.

Some “Pulpits of Hate” are still expounding misguided doctrines of distaste, focused on the gay lifestyle.  Powerful leaders not only allow, but encourage public beatings and public hangings of gays. In most of the industrialized nations of the world gays are forced to live in closets to prevent harassment, and in some countries, citizens are outright murdered because of sexual orientation. 
Many times in history when suppressed groups are seeking equality “certain” things happen.  The one event that did more than anything else to bring world-wide attention to the suppressed lifestyle of gays was The Flip Wilson Television Show. This show dominated television during the late 60’s and early 70’s.

The world will never forget the legendary Drag Queen, “Geraldine” whose famous line, “The Devil Made Me Do It” gained International attention. Geraldine became the most popular Drag Queen in the world with many famous quotes such as “what you see is what you get.” Mr. Wilson died, probably not realizing the tremendous impact he had on the gay lifestyle. 

About the same time the Flip Wilson Show was experiencing phenomenal popularity, the city of Pattaya was experiencing phenomenal growth in Thailand. Pattaya had been exposed to Western Culture by the influx of soldiers during the Vietnam War. The Pattaya Thais held steadfast to the roots of Eastern Culture, and when the East met the West, the East won. 

Wars change people and people change nations. Eyes had been opened, minds had been changed, and a new approach to living was on the horizon. Many soldiers returned home much different people than had departed. Thousands of wives, children, mothers and fathers could only blame the war for the new person they now encountered. These soldiers brought about many changes in social patterns of behavior in the West.

The ex-servicemen soon became displeased with the conservative lifestyle of “back home living.” They became bored and could no longer fit the mold of expectations of a husband or a father.  During the war they had experienced an “inclusive lifestyle” and had seen first hand that it was not problematic. Thousands returned to Southeast Asia.  Many returned to Vietnam, to cities where they had once fought; many more returned to the relaxed living of Pattaya. 

The return of soldiers of war had not been the only factor that provided fuel to the Gay Movement. In most of the developed countries, gays were on the move, and “closet living” was being eliminated. Gays had made progress in the conservative corners of the world, but for many it was too little too late. Hundreds of “gay martyrs” had made the ultimate sacrifice to bring attention to the plight of gays around the world. 

With lives being sacrificed, and punishments being endured, the Winds of Change had reached the shores of the Western Hemisphere and Gay Pride was the beneficiary. 

(This Op-Ed. was originally written as a tribute to Eastern Culture. It was published by a few English language newspapers in Thailand.  At the time I was writing under the name of Mr. D, which I later changed to my full name, Dervis Clement Tippen.  This one deserves a second look.) 

Sunday, May 10, 2020



After several emotional and turbulent teenage and young adult years, and after considering several other professions, I finally decided that I wanted to be a teacher.  So with several college degrees already under my belt, I went back to the university and earned a degree in English and Social Studies Education. In the small community where I grew up teachers were highly respected and compared to the salaries of the average working class, they were well paid. I had not given much attention to the financial status of the teaching profession, but after receiving my first pay check, I had to devise a plan for part-time employment if I wanted to continue the teaching profession and attain my financial expectations.

I ended up teaching Civics in a Magnet School in Little Rock, Arkansas, and owning two retail music stores.  I did not have a degree in music, but I had an interest because my father was a musician. The retail music stores were a success but required long, hard, working hours, after school, on weekends, and holidays.
I was an adult, gay, school teacher in a deep Southern Bible Belt State, and it was my firm belief that I had to keep my gay life a secret.  Thus, I resorted to what was called “living in the closet.” Owning the music stores helped because they kept me so busy that I had little time to express my homosexual desires. In the wee hours of Saturday night I would secretly slip into a dark alley of a gay bar and find a way to express the otherwise suppressed desires of a gay man. Then I would hustle to church on Sunday morning to receive forgiveness for what I had been taught was a dirty, immoral, evil, act. Needless to say, this was an undesirable and unhappy way of life. Nevertheless, it was the life I lived for many years.

But I had a plan. My plan was to work, long, hard, hours and save as much money as possible, and when I had saved enough money I would go on a world-wide expedition looking for a place where I could live as a respectful, openly, gay, man.

In my mind I had paid my dues as a gay man living in a straight world, and I was determined to find something better. The stress of the retail businesses, the long hours required as a successful school teacher, and the fear of exposure, had taken a toll on my health. I had developed uncontrollable high blood pressure. The doctor’s advice was to get my house in order, because my life expectancy could come to an abrupt end at any time. I was on the verge of a nervous break down, and the emotional strain of too much work had placed a heavy burden on the aging process.

I had been called all the slur names of a gay man in the United States. I had been physically abused. I had been denied employment advancement because I was not a so-called family man.  I had received threats from neighbors, and I had lived in fear of being fired from the teaching profession. So the time finally came for me to start my adventure. I retired from teaching, sold the businesses and the house, and started my excursion.

Of all the adventures that I encountered, I recall one special Sunday afternoon, in a special place at a special time. I had decided to take a walk on what was called Beach Road. Between the noisy, busy, street and the ocean, was a wide, walkway shaded by beautiful palm trees that was ideal for an afternoon stroll. After walking several blocks I found a spot at the top of some concrete steps that lead to the waters edge. And there I sat for several hours watching the sunset slowly casting colorful shades on the ocean blue waters from across the Western skies.

I was several thousand miles from home surrounded by people I did not know, and yet I had a comfortable feeling. I was not lonely; I experienced no fear, and wondered why I was not homesick. For the first time in many years I had found contentment in a strange land, with strange people, speaking a strange language I did not understand.  I returned to my one bedroom rented condo in the heart of the city and on Monday morning was on the phone changing my airline ticket. I had decided to extend my stay in Thailand.

After a short time in Thailand I was offered a job writing for an English language newspaper which, for me, was a dream come true.  I had for many years a desire to write and was reminded of the encouragement given by my elementary teachers after reading some of my childhood stories. That job extended into another newspaper and on into a magazine. From there I started writing short stories and novels. At the present, I have written and published over 150 Op-Ed’s.

Some might refer to this as a success story, but as I tell young writers the success of any story is the ability of the storyteller. I realize this is not a success story because I did not tell the salacious details of the trips to Mexico or to Costa Rica. Also I purposefully alleviated the interesting details of the trips to Mardi Gras and the extravaganza weekends at Lake Tenkiller in Oklahoma. I did not live a boring life and this may be just a warm up to the secret life of a gay American schoolteacher.     

I made several mistakes in my younger years living in America.  For example, I started smoking marijuana back in the 70’s when it was a serious crime for simple possession. I am lucky that I did not get into trouble but for some unexplained reason I did not. I consider this very fortunate because legal problems would have messed up my entire life, and I would not have experienced the blissful years of retirement in Thailand. Today, medical marijuana is legal in most states of the United States and Thailand. I have applied for the health certificate.

The happiest years of my life have been the retirement years outside the USA.  I say this carefully because I was raised by a loving mother, who provided me with a foundation for success. Nevertheless, retirement has provided great improvements in my health. Today, my blood pressure is normal with ¼ of the medications I was taking in the states. My body has rejuvenated, and most of my strength has returned. There are no stress or anxiety attacks, and I am surrounded by great friends in a relaxed environment.  

However, I realize that a third world country is not for everyone and Thailand is not a utopia, but in my case, I needed to get away from a restricted society. I understand that everyone cannot leave their families, friends, and love ones, and move to another country, but it is amazing how many people are doing just that. One of the outstanding features about Pattaya; it is an International City. Every day I meet people from other countries, and I have developed friendships with people from around the world. Thailand is a respectful place for anyone to visit. For example, in 2018 Bangkok was the world’s most visited city for the fourth consecutive year. Also in 2018 the city of Pattaya was in the top 20 of the world’s most visited cities. 

Sunday, May 3, 2020



Scholars have known for several decades that religious leaders are using brainwashing as a control mechanism for parishioners. Throughout American history there have been several severe cases of religious brainwashing that has caused the death of hundreds of Americans. Brainwashing reached its peak when parents, not only drank the poisonous cool-aid, but gave it to their children. Today, thousands are trapped by religious organizations using fear as a false motivation for doing good. Nevertheless, America is a changing society and today, brainwashing can no longer be limited to just religious groups. Only in the last few years have Americans been exposed to political brainwashing. Confusion in the political arena has caused many Americans to seek extreme methods for “political correctness.” 

Americans have never come close to experiencing the widespread use of political brainwashing as in the Trump administration. The majority of Americans never dreamed that a person could commit as many unlawful acts as Donald Trump and still be elected as the president of the United States. Sometimes when societies become confused and start looking for something better, they end up with something worse. It is time that someone respectfully tells Americans that the time for ignorance in the political system is over. We must for the sake of future generations save the greatest nation on the planet. For the sake of democracy, we must face facts and there are no alternative facts in this matter. 

The word “cult” can no longer be associated with religious groups only. Republicans have turned a political party into a cult and within the Republican Party, Donald Trump, has been ordained as the divine leader. A cult is defined as an organization where devout followers believe that the leader can do no wrong, and whatever the leader says is true, is the truth. 

Thomas Frank, a renowned author and public speaker, said in a recent speech entitled, WHAT TO MAKE OF THE AGE OF TRUMP, “The system is ridged and Donald Trump ridged the system.  Even if Trump is defeated in November, Trump-ism will not go away. Rest assured Republicans will not take defeat lying down. Already there are those waiting in the wings, like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who are ready to carry the Trump flag. However, they are smarter than Trump and will not make the same mistakes. They will not make fun of handicap reporters. They will not go around grabbing women by their privates. They will not write checks to pay to silence porn stars which they have had sex.” To support these acts or politicians who engage in such acts, is undeniable brainwashing. 

Even though Joe Biden may win in November 2020, the Democratic Party will face serious challenges. What the Democrats need to do, at the present, is start looking for a young, Bernie Sanders. In order for the Democratic Party to remain a viable political party they must continue “the movement” started by Bernie. They must show America and the world that “Medicare for All” is a possibility. They must show Americans that education is high on their list of priorities.  They must provide advance studies for all those who desire higher education. Democrats must prove that they are ready and willing to enforce a 15.00 dollar an hour minimum wage, plus annual wage increases in accordance with price of living index. Democrats must prove to all Americans that they will support legislation that makes it easier to join Labor Unions. 

Even though this is called the Age of Trump and there are still thousands of “die hard” Trump supporters; in time, the Republican Party, as we know it today, will be defeated. The unscrupulous methods used by Republicans to remain in power will be rejected by American voters. It may not happen as quick as many of us would desire but it will happen.  That being said, it does not keep many of us from worrying about America’s future. We must not take anything for granted. We must do everything within our power to see that citizens know the truth, and that nothing will keep us from voting in November. 

(You can brainwash some of the people all the time; but you cannot brainwash all the people all the time.)