Monday, April 21, 2014




What is so important about this thing called ‘letting go’?

Just when you thought it was impossible to write a different love song, someone comes up with the lyrics “love her when you let her go.” Letting go has far more implications than letting go of a non-responsive lover, or a parent letting go of a child, or letting go of a loved one at a funeral. There are many other social implications in the act of letting go.

Like it or not, we are living in a progressive world. The world is changing faster than ever before and an individual either changes with it or becomes a statue.

Hatred is one thing that, for many, is hard to let go.  There is no longer the belief that one race is superior and has domination over another. The New Age World has no allowance for hatred based on skin color.  Also, there is no room for hate based on sexual orientation. There is absolutely no harm in two consenting, same–sex adults falling in love and getting married. Who among us holds a monopoly on love?  How can anyone be such an authority as to say that same-sex relations cannot be as strong or stronger, than any other relationship?  If there is one thing this New Age World needs it is more love.  Today’s world may be complex and have some difficulties but it also offers far more excitements.  Why should individuals create unnecessary problems in a world that already has many major problems?

No one in this new era lives within 100% of the confines of the scriptures.  The idea of women cutting their hair or speaking in church, or men cutting their beards or working on the Sabbath, all are out of compliance with the scriptures. And the list goes on.  Individuals should not hold on to a couple of verses because it fits their personal situation and declare that the rest of the world is going to hell in a hand basket, because it just ‘ain’t’ so.