Monday, August 24, 2015



  THE OLD NEWS ------ For decades, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender individuals have been mistreated by conservative right-wing Christians. Even after the courts ruled hate crimes to be illegal, character degradation and physical abuse of gays and other minorities have continued with little success of enforcement by local authorities. THE NEW NEWS---- The Supreme Court has recently declared same-sex marriage to be legal. The world has not ended and the doors of Christian churches are still open.  THE HEADLINE NEWS ----- Gays are being killed in record numbers in the Middle East by Isis soldiers. They are being beheaded, beaten, hanged, and pushed off the tops of tall buildings. THE SAD NEWS ---- Preachers and political leaders are still advocating similar treatment for gays in America, which is adding fuel to the fire for ill treatment to continue against gays all over the world. Presidential candidates are using techniques of hate against gays to stir up emotions in conservative Christians in an attempt to gain increased numbers in public opinion polls. THE GOOD NEWS ---- According to recent public opinion polls, the majority of Americans support love.

Monday, August 17, 2015

WRONG AGAIN! Aug. 18, 2015


    On June 26, 2015 the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal in the United States.  For some it is still a great surprise that the sun came up today and has risen over 50 times since that historic ruling.  So far the world has not ended as was predicted by many preachers and political leaders, therefore, there is only one thing to say to these forecasters of doom—WRONG AGAIN! As of Sunday, the doors to all Christian churches were open with the exception of those black churches that have been burned, not by same-sex couples, but by radical redneck conservatives, a group of individuals who claim to have received a   special commission from God to restore White Supremacy.

   Of all the rhetoric that was expounded in the First Presidential Debate not one mention was made concerning the burning of black churches.  But same-sex marriage was described several times as the evil that is destroying the Christian Church.  America is in a sad state of affairs when a group of presidential hopefuls are not capable of recognizing the real problems. We now have living proof that same-sex marriage has not caused any of the so-called evils that were predicted by preachers and political leaders. Wrong; wrong; wrong! How many times must WRONG enter the ears of people before it is recognized as WRONG?

   America is a country—if I may be allowed to use a little common sense language—that has become a shining example to the world of having the cart before the horse and trying to direct the cart from the tail end of the horse going in the WRONG direction.







Wednesday, August 12, 2015



    If, as a presidential candidate, all you have to offer the American people is to tear down rather than build up, it is my opinion that you are not presidential material. In the first Presidential debate, ninety-eight percent of the time was used to describe how to tear down the things that President Obama has struggled to build. The majority of those things, if allowed to pass, would be helpful to the American people. 

   Anyone who believes that war is better than diplomacy is an individual who darn well knows that their boots will never enter the trenches. As an adult American citizen I strongly object to the tradition of old men sending young men to war. Anyone with one speck of common sense knows that every avenue of diplomacy should be used before the engagement of war.  And to listen to the first presidential debate you would think that America is a population of war mongers.

   Every nation in the world has agreed to the Iran Nuclear Agreement, with the exception of Israel. There has not been a time in American history when a foreign dignitary was allowed to dictate America’s foreign policy, yet the Republican Party is trying to overrule this constitutional provision. Prime Minister Netanyahu disapproves of the Nuclear Plan because he would much rather allow his young men and women to remain in college and to continue their lifestyle of leisure while America’s young men and women fight his battles for him.

   The American Republican Party opposes the agreement because they would rather lead America into another war than admit that the Obama administration is right about anything. They have from the very beginning, with the help of Fox News, found something wrong with every word that has come out of the President’s mouth.

    America needs to experience a Great Political Awakening, and it should come sooner rather than later.  I trust that American citizens will not allow a group of Congressional lawmakers to engage America in another war until every possible means of diplomacy have been used.

   It is a near stroke of negotiated genius that brought China and Russia to agree to the Iran Nuclear Plan. We now have a plan that has been approved by the vast majority of the nations of the world, and we should approve it before we lose it.