Sunday, September 27, 2020




I will speak out! My voice will be heard no matter how hard Republicans have tried to stop me. When I face my maker on the Great Judgment Day I will hold my head high and say I spoke the truth to Americans. 

The saddest experience of my life is to watch mothers and fathers sacrifice the future of their own children by supporting an authoritarian fool destroying the greatest democracy known to mankind. It is difficult to believe that parents who say they love their children will enter a voting booth and pull the lever in support of Donald Trump, which is pulling a lever for corruption. They are a sad example of parents desiring to leave this kind of America for their children. The biggest shame ever perpetrated on future generations is the sacrifice of a democracy for the limitations of personal freedoms imposed by an authoritarian monarch. 

It is a fact that politicians from around the world have found that the political arena offers an easy door to open into corruption, and thus they have used it. Working class citizens are so busy trying to make a living that they do not follow the voting record of elected officials.  And when elected officials go unchecked they will become corrupt. 

Republicans are using lawless tactics to change the history of the United States. In so doing they are opening the doors of the pits of hell for America’s future. Republicans have now legalized lying, legalized cheating, legalized adultery, legalized White Supremacy, legalized prejudice, and legalized bigotry, and thus changed the history of America’s judicial system. When one political party pads the judicial system to legalize lawlessness, they cannot expect the other side to stay within the confines of the law. This is exactly what has happened in America, and it has dimmed what was once the brightest light for freedom known to the world. 

I refuse to put in writing what is going to happen, because I do not want to be accused of advocating violence, but I will say America hasn’t experienced the tip of the ice burg as to what is going to happen in regards to lawlessness. No matter what Republicans say, they have legalized lawlessness and now Americans will suffer the consciences. 

Vladimir Putin is so excited that it is amazing that he hasn’t had a heart attack because he never dreamed in a million years that it would be so easy to destroy America’s democratic government. The devil is rejoicing because he never realized how easy it would be to destroy America’s evangelical Christianity. Evil forces from around the globe are rejoicing to see the prediction, which has been predicated for years, that America would be destroyed from within. 

The ghost of John McCain is already knocking on the door of Trump, and soon many others, who have died needlessly from Covid-19, will haunt Donald Trump until an already simple-minded limpkin will be driven to insanity. Donald Trump will run off into an undisclosed destination screaming that he was mistreated. However, that is the best we can hope for, but in reality he will be around for decades attempting to hustle up discord within American citizens. And there will always be those who are just as simple-minded as he is who will continue to follow.