Saturday, January 30, 2021


                                                             READ, READ, READ, 

              A locker room scene from my new book "LOCKER ROOM TALK."

   The most exciting part of Hawk Summerset’s first day at Shady Oaks High School was at the 5th period gym class.  The dressing room of the high school gymnasium became an exciting arena filled with a gaggle of naked boys all running around popping each other with towels and quarreling over locker room space. Even with the loud noise of locker doors slamming and confused conversations, Hawk was amused.

   The dressing room of the high school gymnasium was a large room with a series of metal lockers that stood back to back in the center. A large shower was set off to the right and an exit door that opened into the main gymnasium was against the south wall.

    Even though his eyes wanted to do some uncontrollable gazing, Hawk knew that it was important that he control them. His body was timid but his eyes were not, as he stood at one end of the lockers slowly preparing for the gym class workout. He was careful not to allow anyone see his eyes drop below the waist of naked boys.

   There were however, two boys standing at the opposite end of the lockers who attracted his attention. Bennie was a tall, fair-skinned, boy with handsome traits. He had a long, narrow face, high cheek bones and a sharp, defined nose. He had all the characteristics of a Caucasian teenager. He was engaged in conversation with Matt, who was of average height, a darker complexion, broad shoulders and a muscular body. Matt looked like a typical Junior High football player. They were pleasantly engaged in causal conversation while removing school clothes and preparing for gym class.

   Something different occurred in the procedure of swallowing that Hawk did not understand when he disguised a proposed look when Bennie reached into his back-pack and pulled out a jock strap.  Hawk lost control of his eyes as Bennie carefully step into the tight fitting, athletic contraption and gently arranged his family jewels into a large bulge.  Without any facial expression Matt followed. The two entered the gymnasium with the words of the coach.   

  “Okay boys, out of the locker room and into the gym, and for warm ups give me ten laps around the court.”

Thursday, January 28, 2021




Was it worth it, Donnie J. Trump, to earn the title of the biggest liar on the planet? Was it worth it to teach your children to be liars, cheaters, and dishonest adult men and women, who follow in the footsteps of their father? Was it worth it to leave a legacy for your grandchildren to   endure the embarrassment of the Trump name? Was it worth the shame of knowing that you established yourself as a cheater for refusing to pay workers millions of dollars for jobs performed for the Trump organization?  Was it worth the few moments of ecstasy you received in the infidelity against your wife and the monetary value you paid to keep your mistresses silent? Was it worth it to beguile the Christian Church to become the empire of evil? Was it worth the applause of an ignorant group of Americans who would have followed the devil into the pits of hell in order to defy a stable government and endorse a dictator? 

Now that your reign of evil has ended and you are no more than an dissolute man with nothing to stand on but a sinking foundation of evil, are you proud of your empire?  The Trump name is a lost domain that lies in shame beneath the burnt ashes of defeat. Rejoice not in a life ruined by the uncontrollable desire for greed and power. Now you suffer down the road of selfish riches surrounded by the self-centered image of a man lost in his own character. 

You should be forced to wear the sign of “danger” as a warning to others who are caught up in the same struggle for fame and fortune.   But are you man enough to stand up and apologize to a generation of believers that you lured into following a false prophet?  Or are you still determined to continue to spew your authoritative rhetoric to a group of red-capped fools who have no knowledge but to overthrow the world’s greatest democracy? 

How does it feel to know that America is doing just fine without you? In fact, America is doing better without you. Your narcissist’s desire for greed and your uncontrollable need for power have led to your own demise. Florida doesn’t want you. New York doesn’t want you. Scotland doesn’t want you. Even Putin doesn’t want you, now that you can no longer be used to inflict havoc into America’s democracy. You look up into the skies and see signs that tell you that you are America’s worse president.  You are a man without a country and an emperor without clothes and you will stand naked before America’s bar of justice. 

So many lessons about life you failed to learn. You failed to learn what most rich men learned years ago. With a mail-order pride you cannot buy love. That act alone, proves what a stupid person you really are. You are incapable of experiencing some of the greatest emotions that define humans. You are a pathetic man without the knowledge of love, and you have never experienced empathy for others. The only human you have ever cared about is yourself. You have disrespected women and to you women are mere objects for sexual satisfaction. You should be behind bars but we do not know what the future holds for you. 

There is no reason to hate you, but there are plenty of reasons to despise you. You have brought America to the brink of another Civil War. The damage you caused to America and your ability to lead a barrage of lawless men in an insurrection of the United States government is the greatest dishonor ever performed by a US president. 

So for now sleep well old man, and walk the floors in your midnight dreams for the headless horseman is galloping in your direction.           









Monday, January 25, 2021



After careful consideration of many titles, a final decision has been made for my new book  ------ LOCKER ROOM TALK. The book has not been published because I am seeking assistance from the right literary agent who will get behind this book and promotion it. In the meantime, I am providing several paragraphs from Chapter One for you to read.  Please offer opinions. 





    Hawk Summerset sits up in his bed. It is the middle of the night and he should be sound asleep preparing for the big day ahead, but instead he is awake and he is hungry. Tomorrow will be his first day as a freshman at Shady Oaks High School, but once again he was sent to bed early by his father without the evening meal. He quietly tiptoes down stairs and into the kitchen. He knows that Elizabeth, his mother, has left a covered plate of food in the oven. He gets the food and hurries back up stairs, sits on the edge of his bed and enjoys the meal.

   It has happened so many times before that he has forgotten what he didn’t do this time that caused the rage of anger to fare up in his father. Did he forget to water the horses, fail to put the bales of hay in the hay loft, trim the hedge that grows along the front driveway, sweep the leaves from the back porch, mow the grass or pick up the pecans that had fallen from the big pecan tree? No matter what Hawk does he cannot please his father. Harlan always finds something to start an argument that allows him to criticize his son that sometimes ends up with the use of the leather belt.

   It is September 1, 2016 and Hawk is in the upstairs bedroom of his families’ traditional, wood-frame, country home, where he lives with his father and mother just outside the city limits of the town of Shady Oaks, Louisiana.  With his hunger satisfied and his worries pushed to the back of his mind, he is able to fall asleep and enter into the beauty of a dream world that is only available for a teenage boy. Hawk Summerset dreams that he is in the center of the universe and that the town of Shady Oaks has grown up around him.  Even though his dreams are beautiful, they do not provide the reality of his current situation. Hawk fails to realize that this fast growing, industrial community is still a mass of Southern Bible belt beliefs. He has no idea of the rough road that is ahead of him as gay, Louisiana teenager.

   Hawk knows that he loves the town of Shady Oaks, but he is far too young to realize that the development of off-shore drilling and the many gas wells that quickly sprang up has moved Shady Oaks from a small, friendly community to a large industrial area centered in the heartland of Cajun Louisiana. In this heartland Catholicism is the predominate religion and religion provides the social path to success.

   He is old enough to know that his town is beautiful but he is too young to know the history. Many years before he was born the founding fathers of Shady Oaks planted a series of oak trees that outlined the northern boundary of the city. The oak trees grew into beautiful, umbrella-shaped, shade trees, with lower branches decorated with long, grey, moss-like, beards, which identifies Shady Oaks as a typical Louisiana town.

   Even before he was born his father managed to make a down payment on a plot of land located a few miles outside the city. A few months before Elizabeth was to give birth to a baby boy, Harlan Summerset, volunteered for service in the USA army. Soon thereafter he was involved in active combat duty in the war in Iraq. Harlan had left a pregnant wife to struggle with hospital bills and mortgage payments. He returned home only briefly to cradle his baby boy in his arms but became restless and re-enlisted for another tour of duty in Iraq which extended into Afghanistan.

    Elementary school was nothing like Hawk had imagined. A playground bully had called him a fag and that stigma followed him through elementary and Junior High. Life had not been easy for him, but things had gotten worse when his father returned from the war.  What should have been a happy experience resulted into a disappointing development of a man returning from war but unable to leave the horrors of war behind. Hawk and his mother became victims of a disciplined, military-like, environment controlled by a war-lord dictator. Harlan Summerset developed a list of chores that were to be enacted with military–like precision. A well-stocked survival cellar was added to the Summerset household, by a man who was infatuated with futuristic survival.

   Elizabeth had fallen in love with a man and hoped to develop a stable marriage, a beautiful home, with loving children. But a different man returned from the war and even with determination their marriage was in jeopardy.

   Hawk’s father was obsessed with homophobic fears that his son might grow up to be something less than a man. Thus, these restrictions made life miserable for his teenage son.  

   The most exciting part of Hawk Summerset’s first day at Shady Oaks High School was at the 5th period gym class.  The dressing room of the high school gymnasium became an exciting arena filled with a gaggle of naked boys all running around popping each other with towels and quarreling over locker room space. Even with the loud noise of locker doors slamming and confused conversations, Hawk was amused. (MORE LATER)


Friday, January 22, 2021




I was born in 1938 and I imagine that I am among only a few who are still living who experienced picking cotton. It was in the early nineteen forties that I labored many days dragging a cotton sack up and down rows of white cotton stalks from daybreak to sunset in the unrelenting burning sun of a cotton field.  It was the custom in those days for a Louisiana farmer to have many children who provided the hands that picked the cotton. Even though it was a seasonal occupation, picking cotton was an art. A professional cotton picker could earn 8 to 10 dollars a day and that was good wages at the time. But as a child of a farmer my wages were paid with a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, and food on the table. 

During my life as a teenager, the desires of a homosexual developed into confusing times. I can recall many sermons condemning homosexuals to burn in hell even with the thought of a homosexual relationship. I remember words coming from the pulpit encouraging white, high school football players to take a baseball bat and go down into the gay community and beat up a fag, because they deserve it. I remember sermons where it was proclaimed that all gays should be put behind a barbed wire fence and shot. Children are a product of what they are taught, therefore, for a time; I believed that homosexuality was the worst of all sins. 

But, I also remember sermons where scriptures were used to command all slaves to “obey their masters.” I remember a time when “acts of mercy” were considered a weakness in plantation owners. The whip represented the command for obedience. I remember times when slave owners sat in the Amen corner and shouted Amen to preachers who confirmed their right to own human slaves.  The act of January 6, 2021 confirms that America was born in insurrection and has continued to be a violent nation.  

Like so many others, I reached out to religion to solve my problem of homosexuality. After four years of college I enrolled in the seminary in an attempt to find relief from what I thought was an evil influence that had invaded my body.  After 3 and 1/2 years of biblical studies, it was finally revealed that I was not going to be touched by the magical wand of the Holy Spirit and turned into a straight man.  It was then that I came to the conclusion that I am a temple of God and that God had created me for a purpose and with great contentment I accepted my homosexuality. 

Even though I accepted that I was a gay man, I still thought that I had to live in the closet. As an openly gay man now I realize that living in the closet was a mistake. I am proud that I have been granted several years to acknowledge my homosexuality and to look the world in the face and say; I am a free, proud, openly gay, happy man. I am pleased that God has granted me several years, even in the twilight of my life, to speak openly to other gay individuals, and encourage them to come out of the closet, and declare their freedom, because there is no substitute for being free. 

Now to the heart of this Op-Ed., of all the decades of decadent talk about homosexuals, I have lived long enough to see the evangelical church baptized in evil. Even though it is impossible to name them all, I will name a few of the evils endorsed by so-called American Christianity: lying, cheating, adultery, bigotry, injustice, insurrection of the USA government, supporting White Supremacy, supporting Neo Nazis, invasion of private property, attacking and killing policemen, unlawful rioting of the Federal Capital, and supporting the most evil man ever to be called a human. Those who sleep with the devil will step forward with the stink of evil wrapped in the eternal wardrobe of their character.   

I will say to all Christians don’t you ever point your finger at me and with your forked tongue try to condemn me to burn in hell. This is one southern, gay, man that will not live in the shame of your evil empire. I will continue to announce to the world that it is an honor to know that I am a child of God and that I am fulfilling God’s purpose for me on this planet. With my last breath I will condemn Donald Trump and declare that he is the most evil individual ever to set foot on American soil. 

I will also admit that a new light is now directing a path for progress in the United States. The beautiful speech given by our new president demands a determined direction for an improved society. The ball is now in the hands of the majority of Americans and if we follow great things are on the horizon.  America can be restored to the lighthouse of the world and it is my earnest desire that such action will be accomplished. Let us solute the real American flag, followed by the words, “America’s best days are still ahead.”               

Wednesday, January 20, 2021




Even with the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, America is still experiencing one of the darkest periods since the Civil War. It is indeed a dark period when Donald Trump could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not loose one supporter. There are no words in the English language to adequately describe American citizens who have allowed such an evil influence to invade their mental process. 

Under the leadership of Donald Trump the Republican Party has become an evil organization. It is a party that has promoted hate,   participated in bigotry, endorsed voter suppression, and denied the civil rights of African Americans and LGBTQ individuals. The party has attempted to revitalize the Confederacy, which is one of the world’s worse governments. It is time for the Republicans to crawl back into their caves of the Dark Ages and only be allowed to peep through the keyholes of progress, while the world of change continues in a forward direction. 

You are a Donald Trump supporter because he represents what you really are. You believe that your white skin makes you better than all others skin colors of the world. You believe that your heterosexuality puts you in a class above all the other homosexuals of the world. You believe that your white-skin children deserve a better life than the brown or black skin children of the world. You believe that you deserve to live in a bigger house, have a better job, and drive a bigger car, than any others. You believe that the brown and black skin people of the world are put here to be your servants. You believe that because you are a member of the White, American, Christian, Church that it gives you the right to hate. The only adjective that effectively describes you is pathetic. You are the reason that America is not a nation of peace. You have failed in the successful process of living. You do not recognize that a life void of happiness is not a life but a mere existence.   

The members of the so-called White, American, Christian, Church,   apparently do not have the ability to see what they have done. They have allowed the devil to become the leader of the evangelical church. They have remained silent while their ministers endorsed the greatest evil ever to invade American soil.  They have become a part of a lying, cheating, and adulterous government.  They have made American Christianity the weakest of all the world’s major religions. 

The recent actions of Donald Trump have finally revealed what he really is.  He is the biggest liar on the planet and the worst piece of garbage ever to be called a human. He has attempted to overthrow the United States government in an insurrection of the US Capital, and to declare himself the dictator.  Donald Trump is the persona of evil and is more evil than the devil himself. His entire life has been a series of evil events, and he will go down in history as the worse of all the USA presidents. He is a grown man with the mind of a nine year old and the actions of a spoiled one year old brat.  I say this with no malice towards none, but with the importance that the truth must be spoken, if you are not ashamed of supporting Donald Trump it proves that you do not have the mental ability to break the curse of a corrupt, evil, political cult? 

Even though the majority of Americans have voted to cleanse the government of the greatest cancer since the Civil War more cleansing must occur. The cancer of Donald Trump has metastasized into all aspects of American society. Five years ago I warned Americans that the corruption of Donald Trump had spread into all branches of federal and local governments. The corruption of Donald Trump has reached deep into America’s banking system and also into America’s businesses. He and his family are a group of mafia controlled illegal gangsters whose roots have extended far outside the boundaries of the United States.  Only history will relate just how close America has become to being an authoritative state. 

It does little good to tell Donald Trump supporters that they are being led by a corrupt leader. It is a loosing battle to attempt to reason with a Confederate flag barrier, a Neo-Nazi follower, or an QAnon conspiracy theorists. Ignorance is rampart in America in the form of red-capped, brainless, heads, running around aimlessly with the actions of a lawless mob attempting to overthrow the government. Those of us who are true patriots of America’s democratic government would never have dreamed that a man like Donald Trump would have the balls to even attempt to over throw the government. But yet the truth reared its ugly head.The United States is at an important crossroads and once again the future of a Constitutional Democracy is at stake.  American citizens can choose to follow the legally elected administration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris or continue down the road to support an illegal wannabe dictator. One thing is for sure, the road of a wannabe dictator is a dead end with the overthrow of American democracy.  I do not know about you, but as for me and my house, we choose to support a government of, for, and by, the people.