Monday, December 18, 2017


-----within a government-----

The writers of the American Constitution were some of the most intelligent statesmen the world has ever known. They gave America the greatest form of government ever established on the planet earth.


I will forever stand and salute the forefathers of American democracy.

I hope that historians will one day write that in the years 2017-2018 American democracy was once again put to the test. In conclusion, I hope they will write that democracy proved to be greater than any one individual. That American government proved to be greater than any one political party. That American democracy faced the greatest test since the Civil War and American democracy won.


At the present, America is being besieged by the one of the biggest con artist ever to be wrapped in human skin.  He has conned American tax payers out of millions of dollars, and his cons have caused hundreds of individual contractors to declare bankruptcy.   He has conned so-called Christians into supporting his evil ways and his cons continue.


I am not 100% sure about a literal hell, but I am sure that if one exists the flames of hell will never burn brighter than with a Father who has taught his children to be liars---or a Mother who has taught her children to support liars---or parents who have taught their children that their skin color of white makes them superior to children of different skin colors---or parents who have taught their children that because they were born of one sexual orientation they are better than those who are born with a different sexual orientation---or parents who have taught their children that because they were born in an affluent white neighborhood they are better than a child born in the ghetto--- or a preacher who has taught church-goers that it is okay to support evil.


I am not sure how God will punish evil, but I am sure that evil will be punished.

Monday, December 11, 2017



One of the greatest titles any nation can earn is to be called “THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY”. Today millions of people yearn to be given an opportunity. “Just give us a chance,” they cry, “and we will show you the kind of people we are.”  They are hard working individuals who want nothing more than to be free and to be given the opportunity to make a better life for themselves and their children. For over two hundred years America has been the land of opportunity, but now things have changed. 


I refuse to remain silent while evil invades the hearts and minds of US elected officials!!!!!!

It is my opinion the year 2017 started one of the saddest chapters in American history. Religion has become one of the largest brainwashing institutions on American soil.  Evangelical Christians have joined forces with members of the Republican Party to form, in numbers, one of the largest evil empires ever known to mankind.  Evangelical preachers are standing in pulpits all across America telling church-goers that supporting evil is okay, and as a result Evangelical Christians have become supporters of evil.  

*****THE BIBLE*****

The prophet Isaiah speaks of a time when that which is wrong will become right, and that which is right will become wrong. Today, that time has surely reached the shores of the United States of America!!!!!!

This is the time when the world needs to see OLD GLORY shine brighter than ever before, but instead millions of Americans have forgotten the real meaning of old glory. It is a time, when one nation under God should be demonstrating that all men are created equal, rather than passing laws of inequality.  This is a time when the world needs to see a nation where a child born with a silver spoon in his mouth is no better than a child born in the ghetto. This is the time when the world needs to see the Christian Church fight the forces of evil instead of becoming a force for evil. This is a time when godless men can buy and sell votes as if votes are a product of supply and demand. This is the time when the world SEES so-called Christians who do not believe the words from their own Bible.

******THE BIBLE******

 It is recorded in the scriptures that, ‘‘MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL” yet Christians have played a primary role in making money the American God.    

The dumbest thing any government can do is to pass laws that make the rich man richer. Any sensible government official should know that a happy working Middle-Class makes a happy society. To provide the working class with better working conditions and better wages establishes a stable economy and reduces the number of social uprisings.  Remember, an intelligent working class will not be financial slaves to the rich man forever. Uprisings will occur and America is on the verge of one of the biggest uprisings known in history. And political leaders are so busy rejoicing in their riches to see what is happening.

******THE BIBLE******

What shall it profit a man to gain the world but lose his soul?

Sunday, November 5, 2017



    A gay man living in the Southern Bible Belt must keep a very STRAIGHT profile, because those who call themselves Christians have a unique way of keeping a gay man quiet. For decades Southern gay males have been subdued by fear--- fear of losing jobs.  Being gay in the Southern Bible Belt is grounds for employee dismissal.  When so-call Christians suspect a man of being gay they report to his employer with the aim of getting the man fired.  A Southern working man has no choice but to present himself as being straight.

    Another tactic used in the Southern United States to keep gay people restrained is to deny gays freedom of speech. Any time a gay person expresses an opinion contrary to the Christian tradition Christians immediately accuse the person of participating in some illegal sexual activity. In many cases the accused has no choice but to retreat and is forced to surrender his belief.  Even today a Southern gay male can be fired by merely expressing an opinion that is contrary to the Christian credence.

     But when a Southern gay man places himself in a position where the religious right loses control, the so-called Christians freak out. I am a Southern gay man who was determined to travel the world in search of a place where I could live as a respected gay man. I live in Southeast Asia where I am surrounded by people as genuine as genuine can be.  I am not judged by my sexual orientation, but I am respected as a free thinker. I have had a taste of freedom and I proudly say I will never again give up the right to be free. There is nothing to compare with freedom and nothing substitutes the happiness that comes with respect. With great determination I will forever kneel and I will raise my fist in defiance of fake Christianity that for decades has been the primary promoter of prejudice, bigotry, and hatred.

    Thanks; but I will not be served a Southern dish of bigotry tonight.     

Sunday, September 10, 2017


I was born in the Southern state of Louisiana. Therefore, I was indoctrinated by the teachings of the Southern Christian Bible Belt. When I became an adult I abandoned most of those teachings. I do not support anything connected with the Southern Confederacy or the Confederate flag.

I do not support the Confederate flag because it represented a government that allowed white men to hang black men without any retribution from the law.

I do not support the Confederate flag because it represented a government that allowed white men to rape black women and receive no punishment from the law. 

I do not support the Confederate flag because it represented a government that allowed white men to castrate black men for no other reason than being mean.

I do not support the Confederate flag because it allowed rich plantation owners to buy black women and separate them from their children with no hope of ever seeing them again.    

I do not support the Confederate flag because it represented a government that allowed white lynch mobs to murder entire black families and burn their homes for no other reason than the color of their skin.

No sir, Mr. and Mrs. Confederate supporter, I do not support the evils of the Confederate government.  A white man after he raped a black lady could go to church sit in the Amen Corner and receive blessings from a Confederate preacher.  And many of you who hold on to the Christian title still support these actions. Shame on you!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 26, 2017



There seems to be some confusion by a few kinfolks concerning my right to be involved in the American political system because I presently live outside the United States.  Let the records speak; I started paying taxes in America when I was a sophomore in high school with my first job in the public sector as the garbage collector on Saturdays for the town of Chatham, Louisiana. I then worked my way through college and graduate school as a salesman for Sears paying all the local, state, and federal taxes. I continued to work while I took advanced studies in the Bible at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary because I wanted to see for myself the exact translations of the Old Testament in Hebrew and the New Testament in Greek.

As an adult, I made the decision to be a public school teacher, a decision I have never regretted.  For 32 plus years I taught school. I received a couple of promotions but had to turn down some because along with Mr. Leon Anemone we owned and operated a couple of musical retail stores.  I worked after school, on Saturdays, during the holidays, and the summer vacations, paying millions in American tax dollars.  And today I still pay taxes on my retirement funds.  I am happy to report that my tax records are open for public inspection. Therefore, I have earned the right to express an opinion in a politically controlled government that I have helped to support for 63 years.   
I always had the desire to travel because I like to meet people of different cultures and experience first hand how other people live. I retired from teaching, sold the businesses, and pursed my dream to travel and to write. I have had the opportunity to travel around the world stopping in many interesting places and meeting many outstanding people.  

Millions of Americans retire outside the USA, and many other millions travel for long periods of time in resort areas around the world.  I am a registered voter in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, and if I’m traveling at the time of the elections, I vote by Internet. I am an active member of Democrats Abroad which consists of thousands of Americans who have an active roll in America’s political system.

I am sorry that time and space will not permit me to tell you all the exciting places and outstanding adventures I have experienced. But of all those excitements nothing compared to a time when I saw a light in the eyes of a student, and a hand waving in the back of the room, and a voice that rang out, “Mr. Tippen, you know I’ve been thinking…” 

In my quest for the forever young pill I have been blessed with longevity.  I have tried to talk to Father Time but he doesn’t listen, and as a result, the clock keeps on ticking.   

However, I will close with the words I wrote in a poem many years ago.

But if I’m walking my last mile,
I will walk proud and I’ll wear a smile.
If it’s minutes, if it’s hours, if it’s days…
I don’t know.
But one thing’s for certain I’ve enjoyed the show.

Friday, August 18, 2017



 The time has come that the great American hornet’s nest must be stirred.
---knowing ---
He who stirs hornets will surely get stung.

I was surprised by the number of people who spoke in the defense of my character. And let the records show that many of these were Republicans.

I have not been a supporter of Donald Trump from the time I heard his first speech announcing his candidacy for presidency. Since then I have become an outspoken critic and am even more so today that ever.  I do not support Donald Trump for the following reasons:

When anyone refuses to release income tax records there is no other explanation than there is something to hide.

We have seen Donald Trump fight hard to deny 28 million Americans health benefits, knowing full well that several million of these Americans would die.

We have heard from his own lips his bragging about degrading the rights of women.

We have seen him mocking the handicapped.

We have heard him defending the rights of Russians over the rights of Americans.

We saw and heard him originally defend the rights of the KKK, the White Supremacists, and the Neo-Nazis, in the Charlottesville attack.  

We have heard him tell lie, after lie, after lie. These have been reported by thousands of reporters across America and around the world.

These are not alternative facts; these are not fake facts; these are fact, facts.

I believe it is the right for anyone to support the candidate of his or her choice. However, it is my opinion, that it is wrong for any parent to teach their children or grandchildren to support and defend the policies of bigotry, prejudice, and discrimination. These policies have been publicly portrayed in the Donald Trump administration. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017



     A huge hornet’s nest has developed in America and this nest is being controlled by some exceedingly deceitful hornets.  The sting from these hornets is so strong that it produces venom that goes directly to the brains of the victims. The results being, the victims become so confused they are unable to distinguish between the policies that work for them and those that work against them.
   These hornets have morphed into a special breed. While they are strictly working for themselves, they can deceive others into thinking they are working for them.  One female hornet by the name of ---------, who has a special place in the Trump administration, is known as the biggest female liar on the planet. Another female hornet by the name of ----------, who is completely unqualified, has been able to BUY the important position as the head of America’s Department of Education.  A male hornet by the name of ---------, who has been appointed as the head of the EPA,  can look Americans directly in the eyes and with cunning deceit declare that wind and solar energies are not the progressive sources of energy for the future. Another male hornet by the name of ---------- has been appointed by the kingpin boss for the sole purchase of denying the rights of women, the rights of LGBT individuals, and the rights of all other minorities, by the Supreme Court. Now another hornet by the name of ------------ is being paid blood money by American taxpayers to defend the dishonest administration of Donald J. Trump. And the list goes on!
    These hornets now control the entire governmental process, and for the first time in history they control the Christian church. The brainwashing techniques of these hornets have extended into every major aspect of America’s social system, and the total, negative affect has yet to be measured. International governments, banks and world leaders see a White House in total disarray, and as a result value of the dollar has plunged around the world.
    Somewhere, at some time, someone must clear cobwebs that cloud the minds of many American citizens. There has never been a time in America’s history when so many governmental officials were able to falsify the truth and get away with it.  It has been lie, after lie, after lie.  This one lies to cover up for that one, and that one lies to protect another one.  It is a web of deception that even a Black Widow would have difficulty weaving.  And yet this administration, filled with deceptions, receives major support from the so-called Christians.  
     Even though the Trump administration apparently does not know the meaning of the truth, some way, somehow, the truth must be told. However, in dealing with an administration of liars speaking the truth has consequences. Americans must be warned against so-called gospel ministers who threatened church-goers with the wrath of God if they did not vote the Trump, Pence ticket.  This was the biggest slap in the face of democracy ever recorded in American history.
    This is not the reporting of just one person but hundreds of reporters across America, who have been dependable reporters for decades, are alarming citizens concerning the dishonesty of the Trump administration. Even leaders of other nations have expressed concerns about the deceptions that are dominating American politics. And yet many Americans continue to stick their heads in the sand and call this fake news.  It is one thing to support an administration that is detrimental to you, but it is an act of selfishness to support an administration filled with policies that are detrimental to future generations. 
   The framers of America’s constitution are not just turning over in their graves they are doing cartwheels concerning the absolute fraud surrounding the Donald Trump administration. Arlington Cemetery should look like a freshly plowed farmland, with the number of service men and women flipping over in their graves, because they did not sacrifice their lives to protect the treachery of a cheating executive United States leader.
   The time has come that the great American hornet’s nest must be stirred.
---knowing ---
He who stirs hornets will surely get stung.
Donald Trump is the most deplorable piece of trash ever to be wrapped in human skin.
He is the biggest fake of anyone ever to be an American citizen.
He, his administration, and his entire family, are rotten to the core.
Anyone who continues to support him is just as rotten as he is.   

Friday, July 28, 2017



    The dictator, Adolf Hitler, made many mistakes but his greatest mistake was to think that he could annihilate an entire race of people from the planet. He badly miscalculated that many Jewish adults would escape to other parts of the world and would continue to produce off-springs.  It may be hard to believe but even today there are those who advocate that all LGBT individuals be terminated. But once again a major miscalculation has occurred.
    UNICEF reports that 353,000 babies are born each day around the world. This report also confirms that from that group at least 3,500 will be LGBT babies. Therefore, it makes little difference how many gays are killed today; within a 24 hour period the gay lifestyle will be replenished. These LGBT babies will grow up to be more intelligent, more outspoken, and more determined, to live a life outside the restrictions of a closed door closet.  It is good news for the gay community to report to Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Franklin Graham, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, and Pat Robertson, that LGBT individuals will be alive and well long after they are six feet under.
    And to those who claim to be a part of the LGBT community and support the homophobic administration of Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Jeff Sessions, you are a disgrace to your own people. You support the decades of physical abuse suffered by LGBT students on high school and college campuses across America. You support the verbal abuse endured by LGBT children by teachers, preachers, political leaders, and parents. You deny the courage of the thousands of LGBT individuals who gave their lives in order that we, who are alive today, can exist. There has never been less of a man than one who will abandon his own people in order to stay with the popular crowd.  No less of a man ever existed than one who is ashamed to stand with those of his own kind.    
    When an individual supports the abuse of any minority he becomes less of a human and more of a creature.  The world is filled with creatures that claim to be human but are worse than the most vicious wild animals in the depths of the jungle.  At least they kill only for food and not for pleasure. May the God of the universe grant mercy upon a generation of creatures who have totally obliterated the reality of what it means to be a real human.      


Thursday, July 13, 2017



The leadership of the Christian Church proclaims the Christian lifestyle is under attack. They blame this attack on LGBT communities.

There are no facts that prove same-sex couples have stood in the doorways of any churches in an attempt to prevent Christians from entering. However, there are many facts that prove signs saying, “SAMES-SEX COUPLES NOT ALLOWED” have been placed on the doors of churches all across America.

There are no reports of gays forming a blockade on a freeway on Sunday morning in an attempt to prevent Christians from attending the church of their choice. However, there is an established policy within the LGBT communities to encourage people to attend church. 

There are no media records of straight couples being denied the right to attend a gay church. Yet, on many occasions gay couples have been publicly asked to leave straight churches.

There is no information to confirm that straight families have been denied the right to buy a home in a gay community.  Yet, newspapers in the last decade have been filled with reports of gay families being denied the right to purchase a home in a straight community.

There are no newspaper reports of gay men standing outside a church on Sunday morning with baseball bats attempting to beat up Christians. Yet, I have heard with my own ears preachers encouraging young athletes to use baseball bats on fags in the gay communities.

LGBT organizations do not attempt to pass laws that force any lifestyle on the mass population.  Yet, many times Christians have used public forums to pass laws enforcing Christian ideologies on all citizens.

There are no records of any LGBT individual making the statement, “it’s too bad they didn’t kill more,” when a mass shooting of Christians occurred. However, numerous Christians have made similar statements every time there has been a mass shooting of LGBT individuals.

There is a great amount of misinformation that circulates within the Christian communities. There are no facts to prove that LGBT individuals are responsible for the rapid decline in Christian church memberships.  Christians are victims of their own devices and have found childish ways to blame others. If success is recorded by numbers Christians have failed in worldwide memberships in the last five decades.  

The Christian lifestyle is filled with too many, “Thou Shall Not’s” which places too much emphasis upon negatives rather than on positives. Proclaiming hate is not advantageous for the Christian cause.  Advocating discrimination is not exactly a glowing characteristic to describe the life of Jesus. Holding on to prejudices is never good for any social advancement.

When LGBT individuals are not under pressure from religious organization they are some of the happiest people in the world. They accept each other, get along with each other, live with each other, support each other, and celebrate life with each other.

These facts are evident in a changing world because every day more LGBT individuals are stepping out of the closet and into the pleasure of a free lifestyle. Even in the deep Southern Christian Bible Belt of the USA attitudes are changing. Recent public opinion polls prove that two-thirds majority of Americans are ready to accept LGBT individuals. It is sad to say that it is the preachers and the politicians who are fanning the flames of hate. In the progressive nations of the world more and more LGBT individuals are being elected to public offices, and unlike many of their counterparts, they are serving their constituents well.  

As an active member of a LGBT community I would like to make it perfectly clear we have no fight with the Christian Church.  The records show we are a peace loving people.  Our motto is, if the gay lifestyle is not suitable for you, just don’t participate.  We do not attempt to force our way of life upon anyone. We have made peace with our MAKER, and we are happy with our lifestyle. Therefore, if we do not judge, we see no reason to be judged.       

Sunday, July 2, 2017



    As a struggling young man I gave religion a serious go in my life.  However, when I realized that I was not going to be touched by the magic wand of the Holy Spirit, and turned into a straight man, I took matters into my own hands.   I came to the conclusion that the best way to live was the way God intended.  There was never a doubt in my mind that at some point I would spread my wings and fly.  My purpose in traveling was to find a place where I could live as a free man.  I believed if I was allowed to be free there were some positive contributions I could offer. It made no difference how many miles or how many locations I visited; I knew that without freedom there would be no happiness.  So I proudly joined the millions of LGBT individuals in Southeast Asia, a decision I have never regretted.
    I refuse to live in a society where social prisons become restrictions for those with different sexual orientations. I refuse to support a religion that teaches more about hate than love. I refuse to accept a religion that claims to have a monopoly on love.  I will never be a part of a religion where the leadership proclaims to have the authority to tell church members how they must vote. 
     I have deep concerns for future generations of Americans. Therefore, I will not remain silent while a small group of wealthy individuals brainwash Middle Class Americans to support a ONE MAN, ONE PARTY rule. Those who support politics of this nature are doing a great injustice to future generations.
    At the present, America is being ruled by a small group of ultra-rich, white Americans and every piece of legislation being proposed proves it. The best definition of the Rich Man’s Party is: Those who HAVE continue to HAVE more, while convincing those who are HAVE NOTS to be satisfied with HAVING less. I absolutely refuse to leave this legacy for future generations.
   There are no words powerful enough to describe what the present day Republican Party along with Fox “News” is doing to the brainwashed masses of Americans.  I feel sorry for the millions who have become so confused with the political system that they are like lost sheep looking for a shepherd. And like lost sheep they will follow a wolf if he is dressed in shepherd’s clothes.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


    Mind control techniques have been used in America for decades. The most commonly used method is brainwashing. Gospel ministers were some of the first to realize that evangelicals were easy targets for religious brainwashing. As a result, many preachers turned the gospel into a self-serving lifestyle of luxury for themselves.
    Today, brainwashing has reached epic proportions in the United States and mind control skills are being used far outside the boundaries of the gospel and into the political arena. The primary danger of political brainwashing is that every dictator in history first used devices of mind control in order to gain power over the masses.  
    When large groups of working-class Americans are forced to work two or more jobs in order to make ends meet, but continue to support a political party that has no intention of increasing the minimum hourly wage, a perfect example of brainwashing is set in motion.    
   The second greatest danger to brainwashing is the impact it has on future generations.  At some point young Americans will come to the realization that their parents and grandparents were responsible for the one man, one party rule, and as a result they are denied the right to live in a free democratic society. When this occurs social chaos becomes uncontrollable.  Therefore, in order to restore a democratic government a citizen’s uprising is required. When this happens thousands or maybe millions of lives will be lost.
    Today mind control techniques have become so powerful that thousands of Americans are applauding their own demise.  Once independent thinking Americans are now rushing to support those who are denying millions health insurance benefits. Retirees are rallying for those who are working behind closed doors to cut Social Security payments. And many others are offering verbal support while law makers cut funds that feed hungry children.
    On the surface things may look rosy in America, but beneath the surface this great empire is on shaky grounds. The morality clause of “what is right for the people” has been obliterated as a requirement for public office.  Many elected officials have become stone-faced, forked-tongued liars, but yet they are confident that no matter what they say or do, their constituents will reelect them to office. America is not prepared for the citizen uprisings that are in the near future, because the Americanized version of a democracy is in disarray.  

Monday, June 12, 2017



    The center of gravity for the Tippen family is in the Southern state of Louisiana.  Therefore, southern culture has played an important role in developing the “mindset” for most family members.   It is not my desire neither is it my position to chastise family members whose opinions differ from mine.  However, when that mindset moves into a regressive direction a challenge becomes necessary. A challenge generally creates controversy, but regardless of that, this challenge is necessary in order to protect the mindset of the young generations and the generations yet to be born. 
    Traditions are great. However, when traditions are proven to be wrong the traditions must change.   It is evident that the restrictions placed upon human civil rights by the so-called Southern Christian Churches must change.  Social integration, gay rights, and equal rights for women, are the progressive rights of the future. The acceptance of diversity must become a vital part of the American lifestyle and particularly the lifestyle of southern USA.   If these changes are not accepted the world will leave the South behind facing tremendous problems of social conflicts.   
    There is no denying that the policies of the old Southern Confederacy are things of the past. Parents who hold on to these narrow-minded policies are doing their children an injustice. A government that legalized the institution of slavery was wrong, and it will always be wrong and nothing you can say or do will ever make it right. 
    Today there are several young family members who realize the need for change but do not have the courage to rock the boat.  However, others within the family are, for the first time, shaking THIS family tree.  I have no doubt that within the future generations of Tippens there will be those who will provide the necessary leadership to bring about the much needed social changes.
   I realize that the direct approach of telling adults they are wrong has little chance of achieving the desired results. Therefore, I am using this method to provide the courage for young generations to develop an acceptable social status within the southern United States.  There is no reason for southern youngsters to grow up in an environment of prejudices, social injustices, and hatreds, other than to justify the wrongs of the forefathers.  

(A message to those yet to be born)
     Chances are you will be born into a country of a ONE MAN ONE PARTY rule. This happened because your mothers, fathers, and grandparents, allowed a political party to gain control of their minds. Your parents became unable to think for themselves and therefore were brainwashed to the point that they were unable to distinguish between a political party that was working for them and one that was working against them.
    You will be a smarter generation and you will have inquiring minds and you will learn that your parents supported a political party that decreased funding for programs that supplied food for hungry children. Your parents supported a political party that refused to increase minimum pay raises for working class Americans, and supported a program that attempted to deny 28 million Americans health benefits.
   Your parents lost sight of the fact they were the Middle Class Americans and were brainwashed to allow a small group of wealthy Americans to control their thinking process.  Therefore, the democratic process of a free America that at one time was controlled by the majority was forever lost.  

Monday, June 5, 2017


    George McDuff Tippen was one of the hardest working men in the Tippen family. In the mid eighteen hundreds he homesteaded a large plot of land in the southern state of Louisiana, and took on the monumental task of clearing the land for farming.  He designated a plot of land for a cemetery and planted a tree in the center of the cemetery. He named the tree the Tippen Family Tree.   Grandpa McDuff was a devout Christian and there was something significant in his choosing the dogwood tree to be the family tree.  That particular tree grew to be over one hundred years old and became known as one of the oldest and largest dogwoods ever to be recorded.   
    Amy and Dennis Tippen raised a large family and even though they were elementary educated they were intelligent parents. They taught their children respect, to have respect for themselves and to have respect for others. They believed children should provide the labor for subsistence farming, and as a result, the children grew up knowing the value of hard work. There was never a Southern man who had more respect for women than Dennis Tippen, and he would have punched any man in the nose who made disrespectable remarks to ladies.
    Amy Tippen was a lady with a big heart.  Not only did she feed a large family on a low income budget but she found ways to feed other hungry children in the neighborhood.  She instilled in all her children the importance of caring for the needy. Therefore, I have concerns about individuals who support a political party whose main objective is to cut funds from all social programs, particular the programs that provide food for hungry children. For those who support this kind of governing you need someone to show you that you are brainwashed in the same manner as the poor Confederate soldiers who gave their lives for the unjust cause of slavery. I am sure if we could speak to any Confederate soldier who died in the Civil War he would tell us that he greatly regrets allowing a government to brainwash him into sacrificing his life for such an unworthy cause as a plantation owner becoming richer at the expense of slave labor.
      It is important for future generations to know that there are several within the Tippen family who disagree with every aspect of the Confederacy.  We do not support any government that mistreats people based on skin color, sexual orientation, or ethnic origin.  We know that many of you, yet to be born, will be gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual, and you need to know that long before you were born there were some within the Tippen family who supported your rights to exist. Even though you will encounter a hostile environment you will be able to speak with a louder and a more authoritative voice than any Southerners have ever heard. You will speak out against all forms of prejudice, discrimination, and bigotry.  You will look your grandfathers and grandmothers directly in the face and say to them, “YOU ARE WRONG; gay children have the same rights to exist as any others.”  You will stand firm for gay rights and many of you will be elected to public offices and one day one of you may become the president of the United States.
   All of this has happened because one man planted one tree. And that tree grew to be a strong tree with many limbs. And those limbs produced branches with leaves of many shapes, sizes, and colors.  Today the Tippen Family Tree is not a Southern Tree and is not a Northern Tree but a Universal Tree. The voices from that tree are now heard in many countries around the world and this is only the beginning.


Saturday, May 27, 2017


     Millions of people all over the world are realizing that no man is an island.  If the planet earth is to survive the one lesson humans must learn is how to get along with each other. There is decency in recognizing all humans as equals. Acceptance is easy, interesting, and educational. Appreciating diversity is the key to human happiness and happiness is the main ingredient in the recipe for successful living.
     The ability to look at the world and realize that present conditions are not working should be an easy realization. Still many individuals hold on to the traditions that have made the world a miserable place to live. There comes a time in any society when citizens must stand up and say NO to church leaders and politicians who are advocating policies that are detrimental to successful living.
    The United States has lost ALL respect for human dignity. Police continue to kill innocent victims with little or no outcry from most citizens. Airlines continue to drag innocent paying customers off flights and citizens merely look on. Political leaders pass laws that deny millions health benefits and brainwash citizens to think that this is the right thing to do. It has become the norm for politicians to lie to their constituents, and their constituents continue to reelect them to leadership positions.  And it is most amazing that thousands of Americans citizens stand up and cheer while politicians lie, cheat, and steal.  It is hard to believe that Americans are applauding while politicians are denying them health insurance that could possibility cost them their own lives.
     American preachers are advocating that parents kill gay children. Many other Christian ministers are teaching parents to abandon gay and lesbian off-springs. My way or the highway is not the American way. It is a miserable father who puts his son or daughter on the streets because he or she is gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual.  Love has never been greater than when a father puts his arms around his gay son and says, “I LOVE YOU.” When a father loves unconditionally it is the greatest “pleasure cruise” he will ever be on.  It may not be a “bed of roses” from the local preacher or from the guys in the neighborhood, but it will be the greatest relationship he has ever had because it will be a relationship built on love. Loving someone does not produce a criminal because in love no crime is committed. Love is the greatest example of human kindness found in the universe and how many times did Jesus have to tell us that it’s all about love?
     If Jesus walked on the earth today he would love African children as much as he would love any others. He would wrap his arms around all the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender teenagers who have been made homeless by parents who have listened to wrong Christian teachers. He would stamp out the money-changers in all the places of worship, and he would rebuke millionaire preachers who live in luxury while thousands of hungry and homeless people live in cardboard boxes.   


Saturday, May 13, 2017



   Today every American is being tested. What kind of an American do you want to be? Questions are being asked, but answers are falling short of the goal post. Are we going to allow the greatest nation on the planet to be destroyed by an administration of the biggest number of liars ever assembled in a president’s cabinet? Are we going to allow American children to grow up in a divided society dominated by hate?  Are we going to allow children to be taught hate in all-white public schools, and allow hate to be the number one topic taught in the Sunday morning church services? Are we going to allow America to return to the days of Jim Crow laws being enforced by the KKK? Are we going to allow the Christian Church to be identified around the world as the symbol of hate? Are we going to allow young Americans to be brainwashed by white Supremacists and denied the existence of diversity as the peacemaker of American society? I don’t think so! Somewhere in this great nation patriotism is going to kick in and the majority of Americans are going to realize this is not the America we want to live in.
   We know there was a time when the world looked to America as the symbol of freedom. There is no doubt that at one time America was the leader of the free world, but things have changed. The only way to continue to be that leader is through a progressive agenda. No matter how many dissenting voices are heard, progress is what made America great. It is important that America continue to be a part of the globalization process. American products must continue to be competitive on the world’s market, and there is no other way to economic success.  To attempt to build walls around America and adopt policies of economic protectionism will be the death of America’s economic system.  
   It is unbelievable that intelligent Americans are going to allow this administration to move America into a regressive direction. To deny the existence of climate change and attempt to move America backwards in support of fossils fuels is to declare the destruction of the planet. Solar and wind power have already created millions of jobs and millions more are in the process.
   It is plain and simple, Americans have been lied to and even though millions now recognize it, thousands more must accept it. As an American citizen I can only hope that there are enough stable men and women in leadership positions in all branches of American military to prevent an inexperienced military novice from entering America into a Third World War.  But one thing we know, one certain person knows that neither he nor any of his children will ever be the boots in the trenches where old men create situations for young men to die in war.

Monday, May 1, 2017



   One of the most uncomfortable places to be is standing in front of a urinal in a men’s restroom in America. You must focus your eyes directly on the cold, grey wall in front of you.  You dare not allow your eyes to look at the man to your left or your right, and above all else you must never allow your eyes to venture below the waist of any man. An American who looks another man directly in the eyes and then looks below his waist is immediately given the title of a queer. Being a queer in a Christian society is an awful thing to be. The number is endless of young boys who have suffered physicals attacks because they allowed their eyes to wander below the waist of other boys in an American High School locker room.  Yet to the American male size is important.  Even Christian men place emphasis upon size as a sign of masculinity. Many Christian males use the bulge to attract people of the opposite sex although sometimes it attracts others. Even preachers sometimes step outside the pulpit to show the imprint of a manly bulge.

   Christianity has developed into one of the most restrictive religions of all lifestyles. The religion that has imposed the most rules against sex has become the religion dominated with sex. Somewhere in the golden era of the scriptures in the gospel according to Saint Luke, Jesus said, “Therefore I say unto you, the size of a man’s penis determines the manliest among you,” or is this a miss-quote? At one time this was in the canon of the scriptures, but it was deliberately eliminated because King James #1 was secretly known as the king with small hands among the English monarchs.  Nevertheless, it is evident that Jesus enjoyed the company of men. Peter, the rough and tough fisherman, was the manliest of the disciples. Then there was sweet, lovable, John, and not far behind him was dear, little, timid, Timothy. There was a mixture of men among the disciples but Jesus loved them all.

   The one thing that the Christian Church has done and done well is to teach people how to be hypocrites. Christianity is the only religion that teaches a young boy that it is a deadly sin to touch a certain part of his body. This is like placing a beautiful decorated cake in front of kindergarten children and telling them not to touch the icing on the cake until the teacher returns.

   The well-developed human body is a magnificent work of art designed by a genius. With females it is beautiful and with males it is handsome. It is an enjoyable experience to visit an African tribe where little emphasis is placed upon clothes. The unclothed human body is even a greater work of art.  I am privileged to live in Thailand where young men and women consider it an honor to display beautiful and handsome bodies in full nudity. It is a great delight to gaze upon young unclothed performers without being riddled with guilt, knowing that some of the most intelligent men of the universe were fascinated by nude bodies of both men and women.  


Tuesday, March 28, 2017



    The human body is a sophisticated machine consisting of thousands of   working parts designed by a genius. But of all of the working parts, visible to the eye, there are thousands of non-working parts that are important in the make-up of being human.  Being human means being capable of expressing emotions of happiness, but also being able to express grief at the lost of a loved one.  When we were given the capability to express joy and pain we were not promised that life would be a continual bed of roses, but we were provided with the ability to live with the thorns.  Somewhere along life’s journey I hope I have learned to be a human.    
    To my friends who sent condolences at the loss of a very special friend in my life, I thank you, and it has been those words that provided me with the strength to get through the last few days.
    An empty heart is one that is hard to be refilled with meaningful love.   Nevertheless for those of us who have had our hearts broken, but have managed to put the pieces back together again, even with scars, we have learned to live by the motto of “Keep on Trucking.”


Friday, January 20, 2017



At 12:01 P.M. on January 20, 2017 an authoritarian ruler was sworn in as the President of the United States. David Duke and the members of the KKK rejoiced, White Supremacists celebrated, and NRA members fired rounds of bullets into the air. They believe that America has finally returned to the days of “white’s only” drinking fountains, African Americans in the back of the bus, gay men castrated and nailed to fence posts, and lesbian women raped. Shot glasses in the Wild West were filled with a concoction of white lightening. This was to assure that white only corn silks floated in the powerful white man’s brew. Then shouts of jubilation were heard across America’s South-land.

However, there were other noticeable events that received little or no attention from the mainstream media. A seismic activity shook the Lincoln Memorial and forms of condensed moisture rolled down the Washington Monument like teardrops. The words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. echoed across America, but Americans were too busy to listen.

 “We will not be satisfied until ‘justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream.’” The words of Dr. King continued, “We cannot turn back,” which in present political terminology means we will not allow Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and a cabinet filled with bigots, to turn back the pages of American history.

Other important events occurred but were not noticed by the media. From the clay hills of Alabama, Jeff Sessions’ white drummers in the “Heart of Dixie” were not allowed to march across the Selma Alabama Bridge. The crossroads of Indiana were jammed with buses filled with gay boys and lesbian girls escaping the institutions of Conversion Therapy. Suburban Texans shouted at Ted Cruz quoting an unforgotten text from his holy book, “When the blind lead the blind, they all fall in the ditch together.”

At 12:01 I silenced the TV because I could watch the moment when America’s democracy was raped, and “they who know not what they do,” cheered. I sat at my desk and reread;
Neal Gabler’s “Farewell America.”


         “Surrounded by darkness,

the only sound
      the beating of my heart.”

Then I lay bleeding on the floor,
With Poe’s Raven quoting,




Monday, January 9, 2017



I lived most of my life in the southern part of America, and like most gays I had difficulty accepting my sexual orientation. The Southern United States is a basket filled with social injustices with homosexuality being just one. Still today living in the homophobic Southern Bible Belt is a challenge for any LGBT person, but with the 2016 presidential election it has become even a greater challenge. It is a shame that millions of Americans who desire to be free have been forced to leave a country where freedom is supposed to be the cornerstone of the government.

The United States is faced with a situation in which Christians have declared social warfare against the gay lifestyle. It is not unusual for Christians to be militant, but it is unusual for Christians to promote an unnecessary social battle against a lifestyle that does no harm to anyone. It is a lifestyle that does not use force to recruit members, and it is a lifestyle that does not advocate the over throw of its adversaries. Plus, it is a lifestyle that desires a peaceful solution to the conflict.

On the other hand, Christians who have made homosexuality the greatest of all sins are not willing to settle for a peaceful solution.  They are using every means possible for a complete extermination of the gay lifestyle. They lost the battle against slavery and the battle that denied women the right to vote, and in every social aspect of history they have been proven to be wrong.  But yet they have a selfish determination to win this battle against America’s gay citizens. They have elected a leader, who in order to get their vote, had to promise to appoint Supreme Court Justices who would overturn the Marriage Equality Act.  Thus, when all else failed they turned to the government to pass laws that will force the Christian lifestyle on a free society. 

In spite of all the negative rhetoric, social diversity has been accepted in most of America’s public schools. Millions of students have learned to get along with each other. White students have become friends with black students and they together have welcomed Latino students into the social realm of American society.  Straight boys have become friends with gay boys, and transgender students have been elected to the court of the High Schools Home Coming King and Queen. Bisexual students have been elected as Student Council Presidents and even in the heart of Dixie, in the Southern Bible Belt, progress has been made.

Yet, on the other hand, Republicans have refused to accept the progress of the Obama administration.  So white Republicans defiantly marched to the polls and elected a Caucasian, bigot, racist, sexist, and homophobe, to be the leader of the free world. In so doing they turned the clock back at least fifty years in America’s race relations. Memberships in the KKK have increased ten-fold. White Supremacists have proudly marched in the streets displaying the Confederate flag, and American Nazis have hailed the new leader as the Hitler of the United States. The Republican Christian Church has attempted to commit genocide against all LGBT American citizens.

When I think of what this will do to the thousands of little gay boys and lesbian girls living in a homophobic nation, I shudder. I never dreamed that one day a bigot would occupy the oval office, with a VP homophobe side-kick, surrounded by a cabinet filled with narrow-minded, intolerant, fanatics, who would attempt to destroy the social progress made in America.   

With anti-racism reaching an all time high many people have been hurt, but those who have been hurt the most are children. Thousands of innocent children have suffered because of the color of their skin, their ethnic origin, or their sexual orientation. I have heard many Christians speak of concerns about the fetus of the unborn child, but I have never heard a Christian speak about the fetus of a gay child who will suffer in a homophobic nation whose chief oppressors will be those who call themselves Christians.


Sunday, January 1, 2017



There are several factors at work in the process that created the era of political ignorance in America. But the greatest of all is the professionalism by which Fox News reports lies in a way that millions of Americans believe them.

It is common knowledge that Fox News is a supporter of the Rich Man’s Party and the Rich Man’s Party is determined to control America’s political system regardless of the cost. The political ignorance by which average working-class Americans support the Rich Man’s Party is a classic example of the effective use of brainwashing.

From the very beginning Fox News and the leadership in the Republican Party were determined that the administration of America’s first black president would be a failure. They sent out a memo to all Republicans in Congress requesting that they vote against any proposals made by President Obama.

One of the President’s main objectives was to provide medical insurance for 20 million uninsured Americans. Adults and children were suffering and dying needlessly because they could not afford proper health insurance. After many long hours of hard work President Obama persuaded the majority of the democrats in the Congress to pass the bill entitled, “The Affordable Care Act.”

The bill provided universal health care to all Americans. The Affordable Care Act, which later became known as Obamacare, proved that President Obama has a genuine concern for people in need. He is a compassionate president with a kind heart. Anyone would have thought that a man of this character would have received all manner of praise, but instead he got just the opposite. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and the leadership of the Republican Party, immediately began calling him the devil. Amazingly millions of Americans joined in, and Obama’s approval ratings reached an all time low. Even Republican Christians referred to the President as the devil, and the name calling did not stop there. Fox News and the Republican Party led a movement to persuade thousands of Americans to call the president’s wife and children disrespectful names.  Fox News had successfully ushered in the era of political ignorance into the United States.

The Obama administration saved America and the world from an economic depression. It was no surprise that Fox News and the   Republican Party denied the facts because the recession was started by   economic decisions made in a Republican administration. The denial of facts concerning the economic recession proved that the era of political ignorance had reached an all time high.

In spite of Fox News and the Republicans fighting him every step of the way, President Obama’s accomplishments have been many. One of his greatest accomplishments has been putting Americans back to work.  He did this by improving America’s relations with the nations of the world, and therefore opening up trade opportunities which provided a market for American made products.  

He opened diplomatic relations with Vietnam, which has a growing population of 94 million people. Vietnam is the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia. The working-class in Vietnam are being paid the highest wages ever paid in the history of their country. Therefore, higher wages means a greater demand for products and many of these products are American made. If given the opportunity Vietnam will continue to be a valuable trading partner with United States, and if not with the US, then with China. As expected, Fox News and the Republicans criticized this relationship which once again proved the era of political ignorance had developed well into the advanced stages.

President Obama reestablished relations with Cuba. Cuba has a growing population of over 11 million people. Millions of wealthy Cubans have been waiting for over 50 years to purchase a new American-made automobile. Plus, there is an open market to sell millions of other American products just 90 miles off the southern tip of Florida. Fox News and the leadership of the Republican Party criticized this movement just like they have criticized all of the economic improvements accomplished by President Obama.

The fact is that for the last 8 years America has been guided by a very compassionate, capable, and intelligent President. I do not have to say it, because history will say it for me, Obama has been one of America’s best presidents. To those Americans who are still denying the facts, it is hoped that soon you will realize that to judge a man by the color of his skin is a wrong decision. Such decisions have continued to place America in the era of political ignorance.