Wednesday, November 25, 2020




No matter how strong the educational system may be, if a large portion of society decides to “live in willful ignorance,” in time, the society I will be doomed. History has never provided a better example of “willful ignorance” than 73 million Americans voting for Donald Trump.  Trump is the best example the world has ever witnessed of a politician placing the emphasis upon himself instead of the people, but the ignorant sheep continue to follow the fake leader into the wolf’s den. 

The one thing Trump supporters should get through their thick skulls is, “Donald Trump doesn’t give a damn if Americas live or die.”  “Willful Ignorance” is devastation to American society, and has never been practiced greater than in the modern day Republican Party.  When citizens are too ignorant to follow common, good health procedures or recommendations from doctors or scientists, then in all reality, they do no deserve the right to live. But they put the lives of others at risk, and valuable tax-payer dollars are used to take care of their ignorance. 

The ignorance of Republicans has destroyed worldwide opinion of America. It makes no difference what happens with the so-called “union of the parties,” America will never regain the respect of the world until the Republican Party is eradicated from the United States political system. This is not just my opinion but the opinion of many high-level democratic strategists, many who were at one time Republicans. 

The next few years will bring about the “last stance” for White Power. The Republicans, who represent White Power and the Confederacy, know this, and they are using every unscrupulous means possible to stay in power. The majority of Americans are moving towards the “great diversity,” and if accepted, this will be the salvation of the democratic process.   

 Very few times in history have the political sector and the religious sector combined to promote one individual to the position of authoritative leadership.  This has happened in America and America is in great danger even though the executive and one half of the legislative branches are controlled by the Democratic Party. The fact remains, the brainwashed, mind-set of the Republicans has not changed. 

In agreeing to live with “Willful Ignorance” members of the Trump Cult have also agreed to be “willful liars,” “willful cheaters,” and “willful bigots.”  Religious leaders, who are on the Trump Train, have convinced Trump followers that it is okay to be a liar, a cheater, and a bigot, in order to protect the Cult Leader. A religious leader such as Kenneth Copeland, or a political leader such as Rudy Giuliani, should be in a mental institution. They represent the betrayal of the democratic government and are leading people to have doubts about America’s voting process.  

In all aspects of society when the emphasis is changed from one individual and placed on the people, great and good things happen.  Candidates, when running for office, make hundreds of promises that will benefit the citizens, but after being elected the emphasis changes from the citizens to the elected official. Citizens knowing this, agree to live with it. This is living with “Willful Ignorance.” 

On this Thanksgiving Day I am thankful for “Common Sense.” I have said this before, I know a liar when I hear one, and I know a con-artist when I see one. The easiest psychological examination for “Common Sense Americans,” is to determine the stupidity of Donald Trump. He is the sorriest excuse for a human of any one who has been honored with the title. He is a disgrace to the human race, and he has the mental capacity of a fourth or fifth grader. His behavior is that of an elementary playground bully. He is a spoiled-brat bully who was born with a “golden spoon” in his mouth but did not have the intelligence to use it correctly. The best medicine for a bully is a good, old-fashion, fist beating. But sense this is inappropriate for a president, the voters gave Donald Trump a through political beating at the polls on November 3, 2020.


 * (Credit is given to Whoopi Goldburg, of The View. To my knowledge, she was the first to use the words, “Willful Ignorance.”) 






20/20 PLEDGE 

The reader of this book is presented with a slight challenge. The unique feature is the author uses very few tags; therefore the reader must become acquainted with the characters. Once the characters are recognized it is easy to determine who is speaking. The main content of the book however, are the conversations of high school boys in the locker room shower. 

Hawk----- the farm boy who is bused to the city school. His father is a veteran who fought in the Iraq War. He is a strict disciplinarian and is greatly concerned about the macho imagine of his son. 

Bennie---- is the tall good-looking student, who is the leader of Shower Club and is the originator of the pledge.  

Butch----- the student stud, who is always looking for the next female he can conquer, so he can carve another notch on his bed post. 

Sherman--- the devout Christian student who always takes the conservative side of all issues. 

Kellin----is the student basketball player, who becomes Hawk’s best friend. 

Matt----is another member of the group who likes to brag about his experiences with the opposite sex. He will agree with anything the liberal group says.

Reggie---- an African American basketball player, also known as a stud in the black community. 

Zero----is the Latino student who doesn’t like anything about America.  He doesn’t like the school and definitely doesn’t like White Boys.  He is stuck in America because, America is the only place his father can find employment. 

Coach Watson -----his famous words, “Hurry up and get out of that shower; you don’t want to be late for your next period class.” He does however, through out his tenure as a coach, drop a few tidbits of genius insights that he observed along the way.   

(I am seeking professional assistance in marketing this book.)

(This book has potential, but I need someone who is a professional in marketing. If you are a literary agent or if you are friends with an  agent, tell them about this book?)


Tuesday, November 24, 2020





   I have said many times the success of any story is the ability of the storyteller.  Therefore, I have rewritten the book and returned to the original title SHOWER TALK 20/20 PLEDGE.  I have also retained the premise that the book is 95% dialogue with the use of very few boring tags. In order for this unique feature to be accomplished, the reader must become familiar with the 9 main characters, after which their characteristics will allow identification. 

   The book is a series of conversations of high school boys in the shower after PE Class.  In order to retain a high reader interest some of the shower conversations involve conceited talk about the size of family jewels and bragging about their sexual exploitation with the opposite sex. Also, because boys will be boys, they participate in homophobic gestures that relieve tensions of naked bodies in a group shower. 

   Even within foolish boy talk, it is evident that these boys have a keen interest in improving social conditions. Their discussions of modern social and political issues prove their intellectual achievements are above their average age group. Several of the boys form a tight nit relation and decide to form a Shower Club with the objective that “actions speak louder than words.” 

   The coach listens to some of the conversations and is impressed. He realizes this is a special group of teenagers and their objectives could be achieved. He asks the principle if the schedules of the boys could be arranged so they could continue having gym class together in upper grades. The principle agreed. 

   The book develops a new dimension of diversity when a minority student enters the gym class.  An African American basketball player is added to the group. The shower conversations provide an insight into the economic conditions in the black community. 

   When a Latino student enrolls in the school and is assigned 5th period gym, the anger of a minority student is revealed. He has a deep hatred for White America and is trapped in the USA because it is the only place his father can find employment. 

   The main character is a gay boy who has a homophobic father, who is a veteran of the Iraq War. He is overwhelmed with hatred and rules his son with an iron fist, constantly preaching about American queers. 

   Two of the boys develop an attraction for each other and attend the Senior Prom as a couple. The Senior Prom has a tragic ending brought on by the anti-gay father of one of the boys. 


   (When a reader realizes the material he is reading was written by a novice, the reader suddenly becomes a professional critic. This is true in all forms of art; paintings; original music, sculptures; acting, and designing. But when professionalism is already established, the originator has freedoms not allowed to the novice. There is a long hard road between the novice and the declared professional, and only a very few make it to the end.) 

I wish I could tell you the ending of this story, but to realize the detailed description you will have to read the book. This book is an exciting read through out------but the dramatic ending is the most exciting part.

(This book will be published on January of 2021.)









Monday, November 23, 2020

# 2--- SHOWER TALK ----20/20 PLEDGE

                                #2--- SHOWER TALK---- 20/20 PLEDGE 

I am seeking help from a Literary Agent who is willing to offer professional guidance for a book that has potential. The book is entitled, SHOWER TALK—THE 20/20 PLEDGE. 

The book is divided into four parts; 9th 10th 11th and 12th Grades. The book is 95% dialogue, with conversations of boys in the shower after PE class. Some of the conversations are a little vulgar, and sexually driven, but most are constructive, dealing with modern political and social issues. 

Student diversity is added when an African American and Latino American boys are assigned to the PE Class.  The boys decide to form a Shower Club with the main objective, “actions speak louder than words.” Membership in the club requires taking a pledge which in the beginning is called “the penis pledge.” It sounds vulgar but it is not. 

Two of the boys are gay and develop strong attractions for each other. The father of one of the boys is a White Supremacist, anti-gay, war veteran. The two boys decide to go the Senior Prom as a couple.  The anti-gay father brings a tragic ending to the prom. At the senior graduation of 2020, an inspirational valediction speech brings a dramatic ending to the story. 

My name is Dervis Clement Tippen and I am an 82 years old retired school teacher living in Thailand. I have written and published 6 novels and 23 short stories with I have a writer’s blog ( that has been read by a few thousand people in 65 different English speaking countries. 

This book has potential and professional help could be rewarding. Any individual interested in providing professional guidance in the publication is invited to contact Dervis Clement Tippen @ e/mail  or leave a comment @


Sunday, November 22, 2020




(Assistance requested) 

I have written a book entitled, SHOWER TALK—THE 20/20 PLEDGE, which was five years in the making. It has been written and rewritten; chapters added and chapters deleted; proof read and reread. I have not published the book because I am hoping to receive some professional help in publication. I have read enough books in my life to know that this book is a 7 or 8 on a scale of 10. I have mailed a few query letters to literary agents with no direct response. I have written enough novels and short stories to know that the success of any book requires professional backing. 

The book starts with the conversation of high school boys in a locker room shower. From there the book takes on a story of its own, which is a “human interest story.” One of the boys in the “shower group” is gay, and the books centers around the verbal and physical abuse he endures at the hands of his anti-gay father. 

The story continues with these boys through out their high school years. They form a Shower Club with the objective of making their school and community a better place. It starts with the school years of 2016-17 and ends up with the graduating class of 2020. The book has an unusual tragic ending. 

I know this is a gamble, but you never know until you try. If by chance a literary agent or some one, who knows a literary agent, might read this and be inclined to provide professional help, it would be greatly appreciated. This book has great potential, but as a novice writer I need professional guidance to help expose the book to the right audience. Anyone interested can contact me with the email address ---



Saturday, November 14, 2020




The great phenomenon that the modern world has witnessed is how a nation with more institutions of learning than any other nation on the planet can develop a population of people who are so easily brainwashed. For decades it was religious brainwashing, a form of indoctrination. Only in recent years has political brainwashing become a major problem. Today, brainwashing has turned into both religious and political cults. 

One of the most well known religious cults was Jonestown, Guyana. The   cult leader was an American preacher and self-professed faith healer named Jim Jones. He demanded that his followers commit mass suicide by drinking a poisonous cool-aid. The devastating fact about this mass suicide was that parents gave the poison to their children. The worst parents in the world are those who will murder their children at the command of a cult leader. 

Another religious cult leader was David Koresh. The Branch Davidians  headquarters was in Waco, Texas. David Koresh was a preacher and a mind-control religious fanatic. Before the compound was destroyed children were given the opportunity to leave, but parents refused, knowing that by remaining it meant death. 76 adults including 20 children died when the FBI destroyed the compound. It is a selfish act of any parent to deny children the right to live. It is even more selfish for a leader, knowing he controls the minds of his followers, to deny them the opportunity to live. Living is always more important than dying.  

Warren Steed Jeffs is the president of The Fundamentalist Church of Christ of Latter-Day Saints known as FLDS.  To his followers he is the prophet even though he is serving life in prison convicted of two felony accounts of child sexual assault.  Nevertheless, he still has thousands of brainwashed indoctrinated followers. 

The Church of Scientology is the largest of all the religious cults with ten of thousands of followers. No matter how much proof of evil misdeeds is presented by Leah Remini and Mike Rinder in the TV production, “Scientology and The Aftermath,” it has no affect on the remaining remembers. Leah and Mike have interviewed dozens of individuals who were once Scientology Church members and they have   provided proof that the church is destroying families. Plus, they have documented evidence of beatings by David Miscavige, who is now the head of the church. They have also provided reports of individuals who were involved in cover-ups of adult involvement in sexual abuse of children. They have openly read church by-laws that were written by L. Ron Hubbard, where he said that it is okay for church members to become liars to protect the integrity of the cult and its leaders. 

For decades parents have tried everything possible to convince their children and other love ones to abandon religious cults but with very little success. It is tragic that a religious or a political leader can control the minds of individuals and in many cases are able to convince followers to lie to protect the cult. 

This brings us to the all important Republican Party Political Cult controlled by Donald Trump. Many Americans have become liars to protect Donald Trump and the character of these individuals cannot be white-washed or merely swept under the rug. It is going to take a great deal of work and much professionalism to reprogram these brainwashed cult members back into the mainstream of American society. 

The Republican Party is the largest political cult known to mankind.   America is faced with many problems but none greater than the fact that over 71 million Americans voted for Donald Trump and this speaks volumes about Americans.  And within those volumes there is very little good and much corruption. The reason Donald Trump is so popular is because most of his followers are just like him and the others want to be like him. He is a wannabe dictator with mind control indoctrination over those who have lost the value of a democracy. 

There has never been another nation on the planet that was so quick to throw religious principles under the bus. The full extent of this is yet to be measured and the influence will last for decades. Because the truth means nothing to Trump supporters, the vast majority of these   followers will erroneously hypnotize mainstream induction, but when the opportunity arises they will turn on a dime and revert back to the Trump Cult. This is a fact that should alarm every American who is a believer in democracy. 

When a member of the Republican Party is banging on the window of a public building where votes are being counted and shouts, “Stop the counting,” this individual is actually saying, “Stop democracy.” When an individual is marching in the streets carrying a Trump flag and yells, “Voting is a fraud,” he is actually saying, “Democracy is a fraud.” They are denying the basic principle of a democracy. These individuals are seriously indoctrinated and if Americans do not admit it, a big mistake will be made. 

It is a serious offence when citizens refuse to hold a leader accountable for not confronting the Russian dictator about placing bounties on the heads of American service men and women. It is a serious offence when citizens refuse to hold a leader accountable for dis-respectable remarks and acts against women. It is a serious offence when citizens refuse to   repudiate a leader for making fun of or mocking a disabled reporter. It is a serious offence when citizens refuse to reject a leader who has taken babies from the arms of mothers and put them in dog cages. 

Indoctrination may be the straw that broke the camel’s back and destroyed the world’s greatest democracy. Although, it is unbelievable that the majority of Americans will allow this to happen, but the influence the Trump administration has had on elected officials is mind blowing. It would have never been imagined in a thousand years that American men and women would be so weak as to be controlled by a fool, and refuse to stand up for the basic rights of mankind.


Tuesday, November 10, 2020




Yes, it is celebration time in the USA, and it should not rain on the millions of Americans and others around the world, who are celebrating the defeat of the biggest threat to US Democracy since the Civil War. 

I want to thank the “International Readers” who are regulars on the Writer’s Blog, “” You have stayed with me through   my tirade of political Op. Ed’s., and for that I am thankful. This proves that people from around globe are interested in what happens in America. It also proves that America’s light-house of freedom should not be dimmed because people from around the world look to the United States as a beacon of hope. The citizens of the world recognize what free people have accomplished, and they hope those accomplishments have not ended. I want to commit to those readers that I will continue to write the truth regardless of the consequences. 

Over a period of years, I have had to defend my character from the Trump supporters who have tried to bring me down. I have received death threats from members of my own family, and even though I have been concerned, I have never been afraid. I know cowards when I learn of them, just like I know a liar when I hear one, and I know a con-artist when I see one.  

I have written many times about the failures of the American Evangelical Churches. It is a catastrophe failure to forsake the morals of Christianity to follow the most corrupt president in the history of the USA. I have said it before and I will say it again, Donald Trump is a liar, a cheater, and a fraud. After the results of the recent election, it is hoped that the majority of the evangelical church members will join the “Progressive Movement” and kick to the curb those preachers who are still supporting Donald Trump and preaching, homophobic fears, racial injustice, and inequality for women. 

The great “American Divide” can be solved by the acceptance of the “Great American Diversity.” But until all men recognize what it is like to walk a mile in a black man’s shoes, the great divide will continue. Until Americans can feel the love in the hearts of hard-working Latinos who merely want to provide a better life for their children, the divide will only widen. Until all Americans stop the homophobic slurs hailed at Lesbian women and gay men, America will never reach the full potential of a democracy conceived in the dreams of our forefathers.   

I am ashamed of the members of my family who have not read enough to know the evils that surrounded the Confederacy. Not only was the Confederacy a thing of evil but it is now a thing of the past. White Power has only been revived by a White Supremacist in the White House, and even though his days are numbered, it does not alleviate the fact that hate crimes increased over 400 % during the Donald Trump administration. I am ashamed of the Americans who still support a president who is more evil than the devil himself. 

I have said many times that those who are not willing to move forward, will become statues that the world will leave behind. If a few of the Southern States want to be left behind, it is now the choice of the residents. There is one thing for certain, the world will move forward and in the end, statues that represent the past will be destroyed. 

Last but not least, I have written about my homosexuality and the support of readers has been colossal. I will never forget the day when I walked out of the closet and announced to the world that I am a proud gay man. Words cannot express the warmth of sunshine that appeared and the load of bricks that disappeared from my shoulders. Now I am as happy as “a lark in the sunshine,” “a pig in the mud puddle,” or a gay man in a transsexual society.  I have written about a wonderful retirement in Thailand and what it is like to walk proudly with my head held high knowing that for the first time in my life I am a first class citizen.  

But through all of those things, I can’t help but wonder what it will be like for the people of the world to wake up and not have to ask the question, “What did the fool do today?”


Sunday, November 8, 2020




Even though we can forgive we must not forget that Republicans gave America a good lesson in dirty politics and corrupt government. As important as it is for the citizens of the United States to come together, it is also important the way “togetherness” is accomplished. Forgiveness is only successful when there is a purification of the hearts of evil men and women. If during the Biden administration the sins of the Republican Party are merely white-washed in order to bring about a so-called “peaceful union,” the political problems will not be solved but merely covered up. 

The members of the Democratic Party need to realize that merely electing a Democrat President and Vice President is far from solving the internal problems that are eating away at the heart of American democracy.  Political sins reap negative benefits for citizens. Good democratic-loving Americans must demand honesty from all elected officials, regardless of party. If we fail, we are merely kicking the can of political corruption a little farther down the road. If the evils within the political system are not eradicated, it is only a matter of time until the same situations will reappear.  Make no doubt about it, a younger and smarter Donald Trump is waiting in the wings. Mario Rubio and Ted Cruz are just as crooked as Donald Trump and when the opportunity arises they will follow in his footsteps. 

The presidential election of 2020 should not have even been close. The fact that at least 45% of Americans voted for Donald Trump is the most depressing moral issue that has ever occurred in American history.  After four years of Donald Trump, Americans knew who they were voting for.  Donald Trump is the most immoral character ever to set foot in the White House, but yet, Americans were quick to endorse him.  American evangelicals were quick to forsake the morals of the Christian faith, to be brain-washed by a liar, a cheater, a racist, and a con-artist. Evangelical preachers quickly endorsed the devil as if the morals of evangelical Christianity meant nothing. Donald Trump is a cancer that has metastasized into every aspect of American society. 

The Republican Party is filled with evil men and women and the attempt to deny it, is only deepening the problem. They have done nothing but pad the Supreme Court with justices that will add to the turmoil of an already turbulent society. They will continue to use bigotry, injustice, and racism, to achieve their goals. They will endure the turbulence of minorities in order to confirm White Power. Republicans need to openly admit that they would rather destroy America’s democratic process than give up "White Power Control.” 

The American white race is a spoiled race.  They think because they are Americans, and because they are white, they are BETTER than others. This has been and continues to be the major problem for White America. From the Jamestown Colony to the present, White Power has been the controlling governmental power, and as a result, the United States has suffered severe consequences. Many Americans have yet to realize they have been brain-washed by an authoritative dictator.  50% of Americans are still supporting a president, who is calling a “Stop to the Voting.”  Furthermore, he has called the voting process a “fraud.” He is denying the basic concept of a democracy and many Americans are following. 

From the very beginning American Christianity has been a shallow religion. The Christian religion does not have deep roots in the lives of most evangelicals. As quick as Moses went upon the mountain to receive the Ten Commandments and returned to find his people worshiping the Golden Calf, just that quick Jesus found his followers worshiping the Orange-Faced Spinster. The only way Christianity is going to return as a dominating force in the lives of Americans is that bigotry and prejudice be removed from the accepted Christian principles. 

***** Op. Ed. Published October 10, 2020 ***** 

In the end Donald Trump will be left friendless, standing character naked, before the bar of justice.