Monday, January 15, 2018



   When I know that millions of men and women have given their lives to protect freedom of speech in the USA, and I see a school teacher in Vermillion Parish dragged to the floor and arrested for exercising that right, it makes my blood boil. It assures me that America the beautiful has become America the ugly. It lets me know that a few wealthy Americans think they can trample on the rights of the less fortunate and get away with it.

    It makes my blood boil hot when I see a group of wealthy Republicans feather their nests and vote to take away funds that feed hungry children.  I have but one wish and one wish only for them, and that is that they die and burn in hell because that is where they belong.  

    It burns deep into my soul when I hear people criticize athletes for exercising their 1st amendment right to peacefully protest injustices within a government.  When I see an officer of the law pepper spray a group of students sitting peacefully exercising the right to protest, my blood boils super hot. When a policeman shoots an unarmed man in the back simply because he thinks he has the right to do so, it produces a near uncontrollable action that is hard to control.  When I see a policeman drag a lady from a car, throw her on the ground and hand cull her in front of her children merely because of a broken tail light, not only does my blood boil hot, but I see boiling blood from the forefathers of American Constitution.   
   I hope I will never reach the point where my blood does not boil when I see injustices. I hope God will continue to give me the courage to speak out against church leaders who advocate hate. Christians not only have failed to speak out against evil, but American Christians have actually become supporters of evil. Christians tried hard to elect a pedophile to the Senate in the state of Alabama and Christians are responsible for electing a mentally disturbed sexual predator to the White House. Christianity is responsible for making America the laughing stock of the world and American Christianity has lost all respect as a major religion. 

    I will never apologize for leaving America in search of a better place because I was determined to find a place where a gay man could live as a 1st class citizen. Living with the people of Southeast Asia has taught me many things. I have learned when adults do not teach hate, children will not hate. I have been taught that when a society does not make a big deal of sexual orientation that sexual orientation is not a big deal. 

   The world is filled with many kinds of humans and the only thing that matters is when humans learn to get along with each other. The only way peace will ever be achieved is when humans respect the rights of others. How many years does it take before humans learn that wars only produce more wars; that hate begets hate and hate develops into generational defects? I am proud when my blood boils because I know, I am human, and I care.

**** Remember, it only makes a difference when blood boils so hot that it drives people to the voting booths. ****

Saturday, January 6, 2018



    Morality has been deleted from the American political system and as a result the raw fiber of humanity is being exposed.   Everything points to the fact that there is something totally wrong with present day American politics. Corruption dominates politics, and it has reached the point that the entire system is on the verge of collapse.

    It is astonishing to learn that there is a flaw within the development of the human brain.  The United States is now living proof that humans can be deceived into believing not just one, but a series of lies.  Lying has become an acceptable American lifestyle, and liars line the halls of the White House and Capitol Hill. A political system built on lies will not stand the test of time.
     There is no doubt the swamp needs to be drained. However, it is difficult to drain a swamp when the master gator controls the levee.  If Donald Trump was serious about draining the swamp he would be applauding the actions of Robert Mueller. The special prosecutor is placing his life at risk in order to unravel the path by which a foreign nation intervened in America’s political process. He is also exposing those individuals who call themselves loyal Americans but aided in the process.

***When there is nothing to hide; truth becomes a valuable friend. ***

     History may well record the Robert Mueller Probe as the savior of American democracy. If America is to have an effective working government and if the government is to have influence within the free nations of the world, a sweeping housecleaning must occur. Corruption must be exposed.  Therefore, it is important for the chips fall where they may, and if they lead to Democrats or Republicans a complete housecleaning is in order.

     Every citizen should care about future generations of Americans, who deserve the right to live in a free democratic society. All Americans should support the eradication of the evils that defy the democratic process. Americans must glorify the principals that made America the greatest nation on the planet.

    It should be of great concern to every American when one political party is determined to prevent the truth from being revealed.  If the majority of Americans sit silently by and allow a few un-Americans to stop the Mueller Probe it will be the end of the democratic process in American government.  It will be sad, because for decades, people from around the world have looked to the United States as the lighthouse for freedom, and the entire world will suffer if that light is extinguished.

    Let me take this opportunity to say to all Americans let’s come together and rid the government of this con artist who has invaded the White House. He is not just a con artist, but he is a professional con artist who has spent a lifetime conning people. It is not too late to save America’s democratic government, but we cannot wait much longer.