Saturday, October 18, 2014



   The ignorant intelligence of the so-called military masterminds and the warmongers in Congress has convinced the American President to engage in another unsolvable military conflict.  To make matters worse, these military geniuses are using the same failed strategies of the last 50 years.

   Since they have been given several weeks of warning, the ISIS soldiers have baited their opponents by placing some military equipment in strategic areas near schools, hospitals, religious institutions, and metropolitan areas, and they, the soldiers, have disappeared underground. Thus, the only way the air strikes can be effective is to kill innocent women and children. Once again the Americans will become the hated enemy. After several weeks of air strikes, the warmongers in Congress, the military whiz brains, and the war-hungry media are saying, “Guess what, folks, this isn’t working, so now we must put boots on the ground.”

    Again trillions of tax-payers’ dollars will be spent, many young American soldiers will be killed, many others will be burned beyond recognition, hundreds will loose an arm or a leg, and many more will suffer emotionally to the point where they can no longer function as a husband, a father, or a productive citizen. Thousands will become wards of the state, and the state will tell them that due to limited resources they cannot be provided with adequate medical treatment because trillions of dollars are being spent chasing other world conflicts.

   A few years from now the ISIS soldiers will reappear, with increased numbers, a better trained militia with better equipment, and the warmongers in Congress will once again say, “We could have won that thing if we had stayed in there just a little longer, spent a few more trillion dollars, sent in more troops, and got a few more Americans killed.”

   Military ignorance is in abundance in the USA, and a war-hungry media is brainwashing the people into believing that America must be the savior of the world. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014




   The American people did not elect President Obama to engage in another foreign conflict. In fact, he was elected to do just the opposite. It is true, however, that the war mongers in Congress, the military geniuses, and the war-hungry media have convinced hundreds of Americans that it is necessary to engage in another military conflict. It is sad to see the leader of the free world easily convinced to engage in a military conflict for the purpose of increasing approval ratings. Regardless of the consequences, it is the responsibility of a Commander-in-Chief of a democratic society to stay the course for which he was elected.

   It is difficult to understand how a country, such as America, with so many institutions of learning, can continue to produce a population that is dominated by simple-minded thinkers. Today, as in days past, individuals who proclaim the truth are called radicals or extremists.  

   However, being called a radical does not prevent some from revealing the truth. And the truth is that in the Middle East, outsiders cannot solve insider problems, and there are two hundred years of history to back it up. Instead of chasing another unsolvable conflict, American’s leadership would be better off chasing butterflies.