Saturday, December 8, 2018


There is a new game in town and it is the game of politics that is being played in the political arenas of the USA. In the last 8 years the Republicans have taught the Democrats a good lesson about what it means to be an active player in this new game.  The Republicans are in the face of Democrats with their debacle, and asking what are you going do about it? They brag that they have the voters on their side, so lying has become an acceptable characteristic in this new game.

In this game there are no rules and the players are bought and sold to the highest bidder. It is a cut throat game in which cheating is allowed and liars are the winners. It is an unusual game where fans root for the most dishonest players, and the dishonest players are paid the biggest salaries. This game of madness has swept the USA, and in the end will cause the downfall of the United States democratic government.

(However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. The recent midterm elections may have changed some of the rules of this game.)

This chaotic political game has destroyed America’s democratic process. The rule of ignorance has swept the nation. Millions of Americans have fallen prey to a series of lies from a wannabe dictator. Also millions of Americans have voted to elevate this con-artist, wannabe dictator, to the highest position in the land.  Through the process of cheating and lying the political team known as Republicans has rigged the Supreme Court to allow this con-artist to be a person above the law.

Through another process known as stupidity Americans have gone to the polls and voted against themselves. As difficult as it is to believe, Americans have voted to deny themselves health benefits by supporting one particular political party. However, they did not stop there, they also voted to deny their own children health benefits. This is a serious case of brainwashing, and in the wildest of imaginations, it is hard to imagine being a worse parent.

In voting for the Republican Party working class Americans have voted against an increase in the minimum hourly wage, and retirees have voted to cut increased benefits for Social Security. Parents have voted to cut funding for the programs that provide food for hungry children, and heartless Americans have cut the throats of 130 million Americans who are suffering from pre-existing conditions.  

Those who have any conscience at all must have been awakened in the middle of the night by the cries of mothers from Central America who walked thousands of miles with a slim glimmer of hope of finding a better life for their children. There is no greater love than the love of a parent who is willing to become a dishwasher, a lawn mower, a house cleaner, or a fruit picker, for the purpose of providing a better life for their children. There is a world of difference between those parents and the parents in America who voted to deny their children heath benefits.  

Republicans have gone to the polls and voted RED which ignored the warnings given by all 17 of America’s security agencies, that Russians hacked America’s voting process in the year 2016.  Still Republicans voted to empower the RED communist party to continue their   involvement in America’s voting process. The vote for Republicans puts the blood of millions of men and women on your hands, who gave their lives to protect America’s freedoms. Those patriots are now standing up in graveyards all across America, and shouting to Republicans;

Tuesday, October 16, 2018



***When the truth is spoken, true patriots should listen.***

America’s educational system is failing and has failed for several years.  America is being ruled by stupidity.   From the words of Bill Maher,   “We need to turn Town Halls into Study Halls.” Civics needs to be reinstated as a required subject in high schools, and students must learn the real function of a democracy and the importance of “majority rule.”

America’s Christian religion has failed parishioners. The main   purpose of a religious leader is to serve; not to be served, and if a preacher’s main goal is to make money, he should have chosen a different profession.

The Bible plainly states (Matthew 6:24) and I quote, “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate one, and hold on to the other, or else, he will hold on to one, and despise the other.   You cannot serve God and mammon.” Mammon is a Hebrew word meaning money. (Matthew 6:21) “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” If a religious leader attempts to serve both God and money he will end up serving money. Need I say more?  Christianity was never intended to be a million dollar business for preachers.

***Ask yourself the question***

 When was the last time you heard an evangelical sermon on the words spoken by Jesus concerning a rich man entering the kingdom of heaven?

***answer the question***

 Do evangelical preacher’s cherry-pick the Biblical scriptures?

If you are an evangelical preacher and you have laid hands on Donald Trump and said that he is God’s gift to America, you are part of a Satanic Cult.  It makes no difference if you are the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Atlanta or Huston, you are misleading church goers, and you will be held responsible. And from the Bible we also   learn that this is not the first time false religious teachers have taken control of the church. During the time that Jesus walked on earth he forcefully drove the false preachers out of the temple.

Donald Trump is the biggest liar on the planet and evangelicals who support him are in bed with the devil. Lying is an act of evil and Satan is evil’s headmaster. If you believe anything about the Bible you must believe that evil will be punished. Today, evil has invaded the Christian Church and it is a tragedy in the making.

Evangelicals can brag about the way flocks of people are turning out to hear this new, false doctrine, but outside the Southern Bible Belt statistics show that the only flocking of the people is away from organized religion.

When Donald Trump stands before Americans and says that Democrats want to cut Social Security, Medicare, and other social programs, he is outright lying. The Democratic Party has always advocated increasing the minimum wage, increased benefits for Social Security, healthcare benefits for all citizens, including pre-existing conditions, increased spending for Medicare and particularly, increased spending for programs that feed hungry children.

Someway, somehow Democrats must find leaders who have the backbone to speak out, often and loud, about the lies that Donald Trump is telling the people. The fire of deceit is spreading and we must fight fire with fire.

Donald Trump has control of the Republican Party, the evangelical church, the Executive, the Legislative, and the judicial branches, of US government.  It is the first time in American history that one man has had this much power. And power in the hands of a con-artist like Donald Trump is dangerous.

The Republicans are now a communist party lead by Vladimir Putin. In other words, a communist dictator is controlling a political party in America and on American soil.  One of the main reasons Republicans support Russian communism is that Russia is an “all white” society. No matter what Republicans claim, they are racists! Donald Trump is Vladimir’s patsy and he is a racist, an outright liar and a wannabe dictator.

Republicans are doing a good job of destroying America’s democratic process, but we the people cannot let this happen. It is true that Republicans are making it as hard as possible for people to register to vote and have closed thousands of voting booths across America which will make the voting process even harder. Voters must endure and VOTE!

The only possible path now for restoring the true democratic process to America is by voting on November 6th. Every Democrat, every Libertarian, and Independent must vote. Those who have problems getting to the polls on Election Day should know that absentee voting is   an available option, and every vote counts.

Every Democrat should get behind this move and speak out, loud and clear, and use every means possible to defy what Republicans are doing. We must access the use of social media to make our opinions known. We must use the power of the pin. This is the fight of our lives and we must turn America away from communists supported Republicans and back to the democracy that was set forth by our forefathers and the democracy that millions have given their lives to protect.

This is one of the most important elections in American history, and we must not take anything for granted.  The turn out of the BLUE WAVE on November 6th determines America’s future. Those of us who believe in true democracy dearly hope that the wave will prove that most Americans want THE USA TO SHINE AGAIN AS THE TRUE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD.

***If you read nothing else please read this!***

When you go to the polls on November 6th and vote the BLUE WAVE you are not just voting against Donald Trump, but you are voting for:
(1)  Women’s rights
(2)  Minority rights
(3)  LGBTQ rights
(4)  Increased minimum wage
(5)  Increased Social Security benefits
(6)  Health benefits for all citizens
       (Including pre-exciting conditions)
(7)   Increased benefits for the needy
        (Medicare and Medicaid)
          ***and most of all***
(8)   Increased spending for programs that feed hungry

Monday, October 8, 2018


Even though I have tried to close my eyes and ears to the absolute mess of the US government, I find it difficult to close my brain. It has come to the point that the United States of America would be better off without a federal government. It is a miracle, that as a nation, America is functioning as well as it is with the muddle of confusion displayed by the federal government. No country can continue to operate successfully over a period of time with a social division as great as it is in America today. If there has ever been a time in American history when it is appropriate to say that the entire federal government is a joke, it is now.

The Legislative Branch has just played the American people like a fiddle, except in the hands of a violinist a fiddle produces some good sounds; whereas the Legislative Branch has produced absolutely nothing good. And may I go on to say that nothing good has come from any other branch of the federal government.  

The group of zombies that make up the Republican legislative group never had any intentions of doing what was best for the people. They knew from the very beginning when Kavanaugh was supported by the King Pin con-artist how they would vote, but they chose to play the American people. They attempted to make Americans think that for once, they would do what was best for the people, but they knew all the time that at the end they would stab the people in the back.

We have an election coming up and the sad thing is that the vast majority of these millionaire zombies will be re-elected. Statistics show that even though Congress has a 10% approval rating that over 85% of them will be re-elected. They know that they can continue taking large amounts of money from big pharmaceuticals, selling their votes to insurance companies, and passing legislation that benefits only the upper 1% of Americans and stupid Americans will return them to office.
Apparently castration is at epidemic proportions across America because most white men HAVE NO BALLS. Yes, I said it, most white men are pathetic, and oh, I know, you will not read this because you are afraid of the truth.  I also know by saying this, it will not change the minds of any die hard Trump supporters, but I get the satisfaction of knowing that decades from now when future generations read this they will know that I spoke the truth. Historians will be trying to explain for decades how one crazy man convinced enough crazy people to take control of the most powerful nation on the planet.

All three branches of government are flawed and Americans are the recipients of the flaw.  But there will come a time when this flaw will be exposed. It may be too late to save the democratic process but it will be exposed. The leaders of the world are already laughing at America’s inept executive leader, but many Americans are still too blind to see it.   Americans are in a pitiful position, the same as the poor emigrant children who are locked in cages. Unfortunately too many Americans have their minds locked by the process of brainwashing and leaders of the federal government hold the keys to the locks.

Friday, September 28, 2018



     If America is to have a legitimate government, corruption must be eradicated and honesty must be restored.  Our forefathers warned about the major flaw in a democracy.  Democracy is a form of government that has an open door for corruption when citizens do not participate and hold elected officials accountable for their actions.

     If there is one lesson that should have been learned from the Donald Trump administration it is; if a democracy is to work for all the people, all the people must work for the democracy.

     If legitimacy is to be restored to American government the trail of corruption must be followed. If the trail leads to Democrats, Republicans, members of Congress, or the President, they must be removed from office and the consequences must be administered. In order for a democracy to be an effective government, it must be a government free of corruption, and as sad as it is to say, American democracy is riddled with corruption.    

     Democrats differ from Republicans on several major issues, but one of the major issues in is in the area of corruption. We firmly believe if   a Democrat is guilty of corruption, he or she must be removed from office and locked up.  We do not, and may I repeat, we do not protect corrupt politicians. We firmly believe in order to protect the integrity of government that no elected official is above the law, and should not be treated as such. 

     One of the saddest experiences of my life has been to watch some elected officials manipulate the truth in order to protect crooked politicians.  Never in my lifetime would I have dreamed that I would live to see the day when the leadership of the Christian Church would stoop so low as to protect the evil actions of corruption in government.

     I have been asked several times, why do I care about America? Why can’t I just continue living and at some time follow the path of the old Indian who never died but just faded away.  I’ll tell you why I care. I care because I want every child, black or white, straight or gay, to have the same opportunities I had. 

     Every person deserves the right to improve their living conditions.  It is very important that America remain the land of opportunity. And every time a corrupt politician is elected to office it undermines the opportunities of America’s working class.

     History proves over and over again that when an oligarch (a very rich leader with political influence) gets control of a government it takes nothing less than a war to restore majority rule. It would be well for Americans to seriously consider the consequences before placing the US government in the hands of a small group of wealthy men known as an oligarchy.

     At the present, the road the Republicans are traveling is leading America in the direction of “rich man rule.” That is why the election in November is one of the most important ones in American history. Do not, and may I repeat, do not take the upcoming election for granted and stay home. Voters’ staying at home is the reason we have such a corrupt government today.

     There is something that every American best take seriously. It is an absolute fact that there are elected governmental leaders who are not on the side of America.  Every time they have been put to the test they have taken the side of Russia over America. This is not “an alternative fact,” this is not “fake news,” but this is a fact that has been displayed before our very eyes on several occasions.  Blind eyed Americans who cannot see this are in for the surprise of their lives. There is as much difference between Communism and Democracy as there is between night and day.  And I want it well understood that as a student of governments I stand on the side of democracy.

     Let’s make one thing perfectly clear; Communism is an authoritative form of government. Vladimir Putin is a thug, authoritative, dictator.  Xi Jinping is an authoritative dictator who will rule China for life.  Kim Jong UN is a ruthless, dictator, who had killed thousands of his own people and allowed millions to die from starvation. These dictators according to Donald Trump “are very nice people.” 

     There has never been a time in America’s history when it is more important to remove liars and communists from governmental leadership positions, as it is today.  The turn out of the BLUE WAVE in November will determine the future of America’s democratic process. 

Thursday, September 20, 2018



I have been told that this is not a good time to publish a book because the only books being read are those about political figures. If there should be an experience between you and Donald Trump you might have a bestseller on you hands? However, some people are reading more refreshing books like GOOD MORNING CLASS. I have been told that this book could make the rounds if it gets in the hands of the right people.

If you have read the book, as some have, and you like it, why not tell at least one person? Word of mouth is the best advertising known to mankind, and numbers do matter to publishers in considering future contracts.

Most people waste five or six dollars ever few minutes without having anything to show for it. Why not purchase a nice, shiny, book that at least you can hold in your hand. Or better yet, you can pass it on to someone else. I argue all the time that a book was never meant to sit on a self and collect dust. Good books were meant to be read.

This book offers several possibilities. With this book you can pretend that you are the teacher directing the classroom discussion. You can imagine how you would answer questions asked by students. Plus, you can judge your own reactions when presented with negative accusations.

Chances are if you do not buy this book I will not starve to death because I have enough good friends who will feed me if I’m hungry. Also, the chances are if you purchase this book it will not change my lifestyle because I am pretty well set in my ways.  But there is value for you in reading this book. The book is exciting and informative and it will present you with several moments of happiness. Now let’s get serious, where else can you buy a couple of hours of happiness with just a few bucks?      

Sunday, September 16, 2018



The early morning parade of thoughts that march through my mind leaves some troubling contents. The political situation in America is very disturbing. It is concerning as to the great divide that has separated social America. It is even more disturbing as to the divide that has separated American families. Plus, it is alarming to think that the divide is on the verge of spilling over into the streets.

It is upsetting to know that this divide is caused by inept political leadership. It is frightening to see political leaders demonstrate the mindset of a playground bully. America faces a dilemma and that dilemma is in the mindset of a bully who says if he cannot control the playhouse, he will destroy the playground and the playhouse.

It concerns me, that as a retired educator, even in my best efforts, I took part in a system that has failed the American people. While educators were attempting to create and teach in a diverse environment, someone or something outside the school was doing a better job educating children that there is honor in social division.  At home, at church, on the playground, in the social clubs, at the sports arena, or on the Internet, someone was teaching children that it is okay to hate individuals based on skin color, religion, or sexual orientation. Apparently that has been an affective learning process.

As a result, this is what we have in America today. A survey shows that nearly one third or 28% of Americans over the age of 50 have not read a book in the last year. Two thirds of Americans cannot name the three branches of government. Over 50% cannot name one Supreme Court Justice. 50% of ninth graders could not name the capital of their state. 

Believe it or not, this is exactly what the politicians want.  World history proves that ignorant people are easier to control. America’s political system has reached levels of corruption that is unbelievable to most world leaders, yet this corruption is not recognized by many Americans.

It isn’t a matter of putting lipstick on a pig, but it is the serious attempt of putting lipstick on EVIL. The moral decay of America is not from the gay community or from women who want the legal right to control their bodies, but it is the moral decay of elected leaders who have about as much morality as can be put on the head of a pin.

A government that has pushed honesty out the door has a limited lifespan. There has never been a time in American history when dishonesty ruled the hall of Congress and controlled the White House as it does today. When a society reaches the place that the majority of the population will believe anything a political or religious leader says, dooms day is in the near future.  

Another day ---- another morning ---- the parade of thoughts continues. Capitalism is an addiction that uses wealth to generate hatred, prejudice, and selfishness. All of these characteristics are detrimental to the art of successful living.  The evil that is associated with wealth nearly makes wealth evil. Although, the wealthy will say it is not the riches that are evil, but it is the way the riches are used that creates evil.

A form of evil that is used regularly in the political arena is when the wealthy are able to buy politicians who pass laws that are harmful to the poor, but yet allow the rich to become richer. When a political leader feathers his or her own nest, and allows a child to die of starvation in the streets of any city, it is the lowest form of evil known to mankind. This form of evil is so low that devil himself refuses to us it.

The evil that is associated with America’s political system is at an all time high. It is an evil that has spread from the political arena into the so-called Christian Church. American Christianity is at the lowest level in history.  More people are turning away from organized religion than ever before, and the reason is very clear; American Christianity has joined forces with the devil and is in full support of evil activities.

Friday, August 31, 2018



Today the United States has more evangelical false prophets than any time in American history. The scriptures speak of them not only as false prophets but the anti-Christ. Their numbers far exceed anything that has ever happened in American history.  False prophets are not only in the churches but they have in filtered the political system to dangerous proportions. Plus, they are having a greater influence on a larger number of Americans than any time in history. They are preaching that America’s economic system requires a different kind of Christianity-----a Capitalistic Christianity-------a monetary worshiping religion.

These false prophets are agents of the devil and are destroying the Christian Church. They are liars and deceivers and have attempted to turn that which is wrong into a false doctrine of right.  They have joined forces with Satan in exchange for money and fame which is leading them and thousands of their followers into the pits of hell.
If there is a Jesus and if he is in heaven as he is suppose to be, he is furious because his name is being misused in modern-day Christianity. He is experiencing more anger than the day when he drove the moneychangers out of the temple. He is absolutely begging his Father to let him return to earth and take care of this massive number of false prophets.

If Jesus returned to earth today he would rebuke with vengeance these church leaders who have turned Christianity into a false form of monetary worship.  He would walk inside the mega churches, overturn their velvet cushioned pews, rip open their long velvet curtains, and chase the deceivers of Christianity from the pulpits. He would then stand tall and preach to the masses the meaning of real Christianity.

Christianity is to blame for much of the false doctrine that dominates Christian lifestyle.  The truth has no value in America today. In religious and political circles lying has become an acceptable standard of behavior. Apparently Christians do not believe their own doctrine. The BIBLE, which is the worshiper's guide to the Christian life, plainly states, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.”  

Directly opposite from the truth is lying.  Lying is wrong and is not an acceptable form of behavior.  It is just as wrong to accept lies as it is to be a liar. There is no gray area. One lie has to be covered up by another,  and thus lying must continue. A liar is in a mental prison, and all he has is memory and sooner or later memory fails.  As the Bible clearly states truth is the only path to freedom.  Most contemporary Christians are not free but are under the brainwashed, authoritative hypocrisy of false church leaders.       

However, false evangelical church leaders are not the only ones to blame for the creation of capitalistic Christianity. There are certain types of people who are attracted to false doctrines and enjoy defending liars because it satisfies their self-interest. Evangelical preachers learned that people love money, so they developed a form of Christianity that does not separate parishioners from their money. This form of religion is called CAPITALISTIC CHRISTIANITY.  Not only does it justify monetary worshipers, but it allows evangelical preachers to maintain riches and still be considered a member of the glorified, heavenly group who are called Christians. 


Wednesday, August 15, 2018



One day the world will realize that the negative connotations about sexual orientations are “much to do about nothing.” After two hundred plus years of verbal and physical abuse, the number of LGBT individuals has greatly increased in the USA. For decades LGBT individuals have been working to achieve acceptable social status and equal protection under the law. These are the civil rights that should be granted to all citizens including LGBT individuals.

The people of the world have no idea of the exact numbers of gay individuals, but the numbers far exceed all expectations. The world is experiencing a “gay revolution” that many believe started in the USA. When individuals are allowed to be themselves, they become better citizens, better students, better professionals, and do a better job at the work place. (The first Trillion Dollar Company in America is Apple, headed by an openly gay CEO, Tim Cook.)   It is a fact that LGBT individuals are some of the most talented people in the world, and have made valuable contributions to society.  When Christians leave gays alone, they are some of the happiest, productive, and talented people in the world.  It is also a fact that gay men are some of the best looking men in the world, and no one will ever stop the world from appreciating handsome men.

Social acceptance is a must in a diverse society. America is and will continue to be a diverse society, and those who think they can crawl into their caves of white supremacy and surround themselves with an all white environment is as wrong as wrong can be. However, the administration of Donald Trump has brought out the worst in American behavior and has given the KKK, White Supremacists, and Neo-Nazis, a renewed courage in spreading public hate onto American streets. Statistics show that hate crimes have increased over 80% during the Trump administration.
American Christian’s centerfold is hate for all LGBT individuals. Hate is a deteriorating characteristic that has never accomplished anything worthwhile. Hate is the worst form of evil within the human race and hate causes indescribable atrocities. No matter how many sermons are preached condoning hate against gays, no matter how many gays are beaten, and killed, it is impossible to irradiate gays from society.

It is an established fact that sexuality is determined at conception and nothing will ever change facts.  All of the “conversion therapy” in the world cannot change the sexuality of any individual.  There are more LGBT individuals coming out of the closet today than anytime in history, and this is predicated to be only the beginning.

Americans enjoy creating problems where problems do not exist. American Christians have always had the “better than thou” attitude to separate themselves from others of the world.   Even though that has never been productive for the Christian lifestyle, it is something that has dominated Christianity from the beginning.  

Believe it or not, there are places in the world where sexual orientation is “much to do about nothing.”  Within those societies there are phenomenal records of peace loving individuals who have learned the secrets of getting along with each other. These are the civilizations that should become the examples for the world.  It is a simple fact, when people are allowed to be themselves the world becomes a better place for all.



Saturday, August 4, 2018



The pages of world history are filled with examples of rogue nations that have gone wrong. Each time it has taken courageous leaders to stand up against the statuesque to lead the people back to some form of normalcy. At the present America is a failed nation. America has failed the working class. America has failed education; failed school teachers and failed American students, but most of all has failed the lower class and middle classes of citizens.

The time has come for men and women throughout America to take a stand for that which is right.  It is time for real men to admit that the rainbow they have been following is actually no more than a fallen star. It is time for real men to realize that the future they are leaving for their children and grandchildren is built on a series of false hopes and lies. And believe it or not, today’s children and grandchildren are going to hold adults responsible for their future.  One day the question will be asked, “Grandpa or grandma what did you do?”

Most parents want to be admired by their children and the best admiration is that which will stand the test of time.  The support of a government built on a foundation of lies and false hopes will not stand the test of time. The men and women who stand up against it will be those who will stand tall with future generations.  It takes a real man to stand up among his peers and say, “This is wrong and I will have no part of it.”

Parents are doing an injustice to their children by involving them in an environment of hatred and prejudice. Teaching children to believe in the superiority of the white race is wrong and is jeopardizing their future happiness. In order to provide them with a secure place in the future they should be taught to accept diversity and to see the beauty in all colors. It is time for real men to forget themselves and stand up for future generations. Our forefathers did that for us and that is what we should do for the future.

America has become a complicated group of confused citizens, with one side pulling for progressive politics and another side pulling for conservatism. One side is attempting to move the future in a forward direction and another side is attempting to move back to the past.

America is at a crossroads in history. The movement is crucial because no society will be able to remain the same. One way or another change will occur and that change will direct America’s path for the future.

Even with the mistakes of a growing nation America has been blessed. America has accomplished the highest level of prosperity of any nation on the planet and that prosperity is the direct result of the accomplishments of a free people. It is a shame that wealthy Republicans want to sit on those accomplishments as a selfish act for themselves.

Nevertheless, the future will not allow that. America will either move to a third world status or will assume the position as the leader of the free world. It is true that leadership costs, but Americans have been able to pay the cost and still maintain a high standard of living. American citizens will decide to either pay the cost of leadership or attempt to place the nation in a bottle. In the long run isolationist will destroy American’s economy.

Now the test is at hand!  Will the real men and women of America stand up and fight for America’s future or will they bow down to an authoritative government that has proven to be unsuccessful for other nations? It is hoped beyond all hopes that Americans will look up and realize what a great nation America has been and will chose the continued path of leadership. The people of the world look on with hope and hope is all that is left.
It is a shame that one man has come along with a cartel of simplistic mottos that serve as a disgrace to every American leader who had a part in making America the greatest nation on the planet and many American citizens have swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018



The founders of the United States democracy, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, made one thing perfectly clear, they established a government that was founded on the premise of freedom of religion and separation of church and state. Freedom of religion means more than freedom to be a Christian. However, contemporary Christians have found a way to control a fool, who will do or say anything to stay in power, and they have taken advantage of it. By the process of cheating they think they have found a way to force Christian principles on a population of citizens through the means of legislation.

The band on Muslins entering the USA is no more than an attempt to keep Christianity from competing with one of the major religions of the world. The question should be asked, of what are Christians afraid? Is Christianity not strong enough to stand up against major religions? As a result, Christians are using legislation as a useful tool in an attempt to force Christian principles into law. Future generations will recognize that force is not the solution and sooner or later they will rebel. This policy is undemocratic and is wrong and will never stand the test of time.  

Then there is this issue concerning Roe vs. Wade. The fact that a woman should have the right to make decisions concerning her body is a human rights issue.  It is not a matter if a man believes that abortion is right or wrong, but it is a matter when a man has the power to dictate to a woman what she can do with her body. The head of the executive branch of government is dead-set and determined to select Supreme Court Justices who will overturn Roe vs. Wade. He has already selected one justice that has cast a conservative vote on all issues and has made it perfectly clear that he will vote in favor of what conservatives call the pro-life issue. Republicans cheated by denying President Obama the right to nominate a Supreme Court Justice and so-called Christians applauded the action. This is another example of Christians sinking to the levels of degradation to use any method possible to coerce their morals on the citizens of the USA. 

In order to maintain the evangelical support Donald Trump will only appoint Supreme Court Justices who will overturn the Marriage Equality Act.  This act hurts no one and allows individuals the right to marry the person they love. It also provides consenting adults the right to choose. The right to choose is a human rights issue, and no government or religion should have the power to deny human rights to anyone. But Christians cannot let well enough alone, and they will go to any measure to force their beliefs on everyone. They think by the process of legislation they can impose their morals on society. LGBT individuals are the ones that Christians hate the most because they believe LGBT persons are enjoying themselves. Christians cannot allow anyone to be happy because they believe that there is one commandment that stands above all others and that is “Thou shall not be happy.”

American democracy is deteriorating at a rapid rate. Donald Trump is being investigated by the special prosecutor Robert Mueller for possible collusion with the Russian government during the campaign. This could lead to an indictment and if so the final decision will be made by the Justices of the Supreme Court.   It should be against the law for a sitting president, who is under a possible indictment to be able to select Supreme Court Justices who will serve as members of the jury should he be indicted.

It is true that conservatives can now run around and pat themselves on the back and say they have socked it to the liberals, but time will tell.   Winning a battle is a long way from winning the war, and this war will be won by future generations.  It is also true that most Republicans will not read this, and those who do will simply run inside their fake houses of Christianity and consult with their closeted, gay ministers to insist that he pray my gay away. If there is life after death, and if the Christian doctrine is true, one day I will stand before the judgment throne of God and give an account of my deeds on earth. May I assure you that I have no fear of that day.  But something tells me that on that day I may hear voices in the background from so-called Christians, who have been complicit in supporting an evil regime, crying for the rocks and mountains to fall on them to hide them from the face of Almighty God.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018



Everyone has those certain moments in those special places where the conditions are just right to talk with the man upstairs.  For me it is being stretched on a lounge chair, under the shade of a beach umbrella, with the taste of salt on tip of my tongue, listening to the sounds made as water is being filtered through bleached sand making it the cleanest and the purest sand on the planet.

Life is a wonderful gift with the result being living. In my process of living I have always wanted to speak with the man upstairs. Who said that man needs hair growing out of every part on his face? And whose decision was it to give man about 100 years to live? If you delete a few wrinkles, and give him a few drops of concentrate of energy, at 80 he is just getting started with the art of successful living. It is too bad that Father Time under the direct authority from the man upstairs has placed such strict limitations on the lifespan of humans.

Nevertheless, it is important to talk to the man upstairs. Those who have inquiring minds need answers. The man upstairs is a man of great intelligence; thus he shouldn’t mind that we ask questions. He has told us that he created man in his own image, and he also said that he gave man the ability to choose.  However, in creating man and in giving him the ability to choose, something went bad wrong. The truth is the man upstairs created the meanest creature on the planet.

Now the question must be asked, “What is he going to do about it?”

Apparently, he plans to allow this intelligent “fool” to destroy himself.

After allowing the planet about one million years for rejuvenation, the environment can once again sustain earthlings. If the man upstairs plans to create another human I would like to offer a suggestion?  This time put your son on the planet at the very beginning, because he is the one who has mastered the art of successful living. His philosophy for humans is to ‘love one another’, and ‘be kind to one another’. He taught the original earthlings to, ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ and ‘do unto other as you would have others do unto you’. It is not money or power that provides satisfaction for successful living, but it is how humans care for each other. 

Yes, I would like to stick around and offer other suggestions concerning the new world, but you have placed limits on the lifespan of man. But who knows, there may be a secret to this thing, and I just might be around to see you on the dark side of the moon. 

Monday, May 7, 2018



( O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive----Walter Scott )

On August 12, 2017 “THE GREAT AMERICAN HORNET’S NEST” was published. Since that time the confused American hornets have been busy stinging themselves.

On April 26, 2018 the King Pin Hornet stung himself deeply by confessing on public television that he knew about the Stormy Daniels sexual affair even though he had denied it on several other occasions.

On May 02, 2018 the King Pin’s attorney stung the King Pin even deeper by a public announcement that the King Pin “funneled” money through a law firm to Stormy Daniels in an attempt to silence the sexual encounter.

In attempting to defend a series of lies, human hornets always end up stinging themselves.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

FILE #13


     Donald Trump was rendered one of the greatest injustices given to any human when his Father taught him that he was a “special child.” Donald Trump’s father protected him from the bumps and bruises that a normal child gets in the growing up process.  He was raised as a spoil brat, and he was taught that if anything went wrong in his life, he could run to Papa and Papa would fix it.  His Mother disagreed with the way her husband was raising this particular child, and she spoke out against it.  But she was overruled by a dominating husband.  As a result, Donald Trump expressed very little love for his Mother, and there was even less love expressed by a Mother to her son.

     Donald Trump has no concept of love.  He thinks love is some form of sexual gratification, and the gratification is attached to a monetary value. Donald Trump has had three wives and several other women in his life, but none of these women ever loved this man.

     His present wife, Melanie, knows that she doesn’t love her husband, because it is impossible for anyone to love Donald Trump.  With all due respect, she was a porn star who used sex to attract a rich man. In return, she became a US citizen, and in the process of chain migration her father, mother, and sister, all became citizens.  In her heart of hearts she knows she doesn’t deserve to serve as America’s first lady. There are too many great American women who are devoted, loving wives, who know that this is a slap in their face, but they also know that life is not always fair.  Melanie Trump is caught in a trap, and she cannot look back, but in her case it is not because of too much love, but because there is no love at all.

     Donald Trump’s children do not know the meaning of real love. They are connected with their Father only by loyalty. They hope if they remain loyal to him there will be enough money to keep them in the upper 1% of America’s elite for the rest of their lives. Their concept of honesty is anything they can get away with because that is what they have been taught by their Father.

     Donald Trump is a total failure at being a human. He is the worse example of a human of anyone in recent history. He is a monster with no happiness in his life. Controversy is the only thing he knows, and he thrives on it. His entire life has been a series of controversies, and he stays awake at night thinking of ways to create more.  It is a terrible thing for a man to reach adulthood, and yet know so little about being a human.

     The election of Donald Trump has proved several things. The fact that he gained control of the Republican Party proved that Republicans will do anything to stay in power. The fact that he gained control of the Christian Church showed how flawed American Christianity really is.  The fact that preachers have been able to make church-goers believe that this man, with all his infidelities of sexual misconducts, his secrets and shady banking deals, his series of one lie after another, is God’s gift to America, is one of the greatest DECEITS in all of history. It has proved that evangelical preachers will say and do anything for the sake of money.  It has also proved that American church-goers will believe anything preachers tell them.  The election of Donald Trump has proved that the intellectual level of the average American is much lower than anyone ever imagined.  It proved that the NRA members love guns more than they love children, and it proved that Donald Trump is a great con artist.

     Donald Trump has proved that it is impossible to judge a man’s moral character by the color of his skin, because white skin does not guarantee good moral character. Also, it proved that it is impossible to judge a man’s moral character by his sexual orientation, because heterosexuality is not a guarantee for good moral character.

     Americans went to sleep during the 2016 election and allowed Donald Trump and his and gang of thieves to be elected.  According to recent elections and public opinion polls; America’s sleeping giant has been awakened. Americans have learned if a democracy is to be an effective government for all the people, all the people must participate. It is firmly believed that November 2018 will bring major changes to the political system, particularly now that the youth have taken on the role of leadership.

     Donald Trump has shown America and the world how deeply embedded evil is in the hearts and minds of many politicians, both men and women.  He has provided evil politicians with a platform to spread more evil, and has given evil citizens the courage to display their evil deeds in public.  America’s world renowned White House has forever been stained. It makes no difference now how many layers of paint are added, the layer of stain has been recorded in history, and the stains of history are never erased.

     The intensity of the heat in hell will be elevated if Donald Trump passes to his next life in his present condition. His soul will be forever doomed to damnation because Donald Trump is the devil’s special agent. At the present, he is leading thousands of other monetary worshippers with him into the pits of hell.  He once wrote that he invented the word FAKE, and in his present condition, he is the biggest FAKE ever to be wrapped in human skin.   

     It is hoped that Donald Trump will not slip through the cracks of justice. He has hurt thousands, and he needs to pay for his evil deeds. He thinks he can get away with anything including murder, and he has said so. It is hoped that the arm of justice will one day swoop down on this individual, and THAT will be one of America’s greatest days.

-----An individual’s report-----

      It is now evident that it is impossible to reason with many Trump supporters. They are die-hard worshippers who will support him no matter what he does.  Donald Trump supporters have become a group of brainwashed zombies who are aiding a wannabe dictator destroy America’s democratic government. Those who support this individual are doing a great injustice to themselves, their country, their children, and most of all, to the future generations of Americans. 
     Real historians will have no choice but to tell the truth about Donald Trump. They will not lie to cover up the actions of this evil person. Real historians will record this president as the worst president in the history of the United States of America.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018



      America’s sleeping giant is the millions of non-voting American citizens.  It is now believed that the sleeping giant has been awakened, and if so it will make a big difference in the election of November 2018.  This op-ed. is dedicated to those American citizens who did not vote in the 2016 election.  Your non-participation in the election process has allowed an evil regime to gain control of American government. 

     The members of the Republicans Party are some of the most egocentric people on the planet.  Their egocentricities have extended into the financial sector, the religious sector, as well as the political sector, of American society. They are only concerned about themselves, and will lie, cheat, and steal, for the sake of money.

     The Republicans have developed a mean-spirit towards everyone except the wealthy.  They have reduced health benefits for 28 million Americans, and are attempting to reinstate pre-existing conditions, which will only benefit insurance companies.  They have taken large sums of money from pharmaceutical companies giving them the right to charge unbelievable prices on prescription drugs, and have refused to pass laws requiring background checks before purchasing a gun.  They have reduced spending for Medicare and Social Security, and have declared never to increase the minimum wage for working Americans. They have reduced spending for programs that provide food for hungry children while giving millions in tax breaks to the upper 1% billionaires. It is unbelievable and egregious that they have been able to brainwash many working class Americans to support these policies.

     The Democratic Party is not perfect, but it is far better than the GOP. Democrats have concerns for all people regardless of race, sexual orientation, or financial status.  It is an evident fact that America is a diverse society, and the only path forward for America is the acceptance of diversity. It is also an evident fact that America was moving in a forward direction until Republicans, with Donald Trump as their leader, gained control of the government.

     We are living in an era where authoritarian governments are on the rise around the world. Therefore, it is very important for those who believe in democracy to stand firm and speak loud. It is a fact that the GOP is in favor of a one man, one party government.  At the present, the voices of the Republicans are much louder than the voices of the Democrats.  It is a shame that only a handful of elected Democrats are speaking out about the evil regime of Donald Trump.  The Democrats should be screaming to high heaven about the improprieties of the President, his cabinet, and his entire family.  This man has already gotten away with more un-American acts than any President in the history of United States.
     When Donald Trump took office the American economy was near full employment. The only thing he had going for him was a little money and a slogan that was pleasing to the ears of the less informed. He immediately began to deport workers without any knowledge of who would fill the vacancies.  The farming sector is just one example. At the present, crops lay rotten in the fields because they are no available workers. In a matter of six months or less, the price of groceries will increase at a much greater rate than the salaries of working Americans. Once again, while many Americans are screaming and hollering at rallies for Donald Trump, they have no knowledge of the fact that they are losing purchasing power.

     Donald Trump has not improved the life of anyone except for himself and his family. There has never been an American who had less regards for the truth than Donald Trump. There have only been a few examples in history where a leader could lie as much as Donald Trump and still retain followers. However, it is noted by experts that 96% of Donald Trump’s followers are uneducated. This sets a terrible example for America as the world looks on. 

     Every minute, every day, with every act the Republicans perform, America moves closer to an authoritarian government.  Millions know it but are unwilling to do anything about it. These millions must be reminded that the sins of omission are as great, or sometimes greater, than the sins of commission.  If there was ever a time in American history when the silent majority needs to speak loud and clear it is now.  America’s democratic government is being tested more than anytime since the dark days of the American Revolution, and the days prior to, and during the Civil War. 

*****A REMINDER*****

Corrupt individuals make excuses for corruption.
Liars make excuses for liars.
Fools make excuses for fools.