Tuesday, May 28, 2019



A few nights ago I was in a go-go bar in Thailand. While I was focusing on the stage performance a little, old, dried-up, wrinkled-faced, man came in and sat down right beside me. This man was so old he could have been Methuselah’s daddy. And ug-ly, he was so ugly that he would have to slip up on a glass to get a drink of water. (That’s a Moms Mabley joke just in case you’re too young to remember.)

Even though it is against the law to smoke in any entertainment venue in Thailand, the law is not enforced.  Therefore, this little, old man immediately lit up a cigarette. He puffed and puffed and made sure he filled the air all around with smoke.  I leaned over in the opposite direction to try to get a clean breath of air, and apparently, this made the little, old man mad. So he tuned, looked at me and blew a puff of smoke right in my face, and then he said, “Now what you gonna do about it?”

A rage of anger raced through me and I nearly lost control. I had my fist ready to punch this dude in the face, but somehow, something better took control. Sensible thoughts attempted to replace anger! And I’m really glad it did, because I was in a bar in a foreign country, and anytime you start a fight in a bar, it makes no difference who is to blame, you’re going to get thrown in jail. That’s just a custom in Thailand!

So I sat there a few minutes fuming, trying to consecrate on the performance, but that was just impossible. The human in me wanted to punch something, but in spite of all that anger, I calmly got up and walked out.  I did however kick the concrete sidewalk outside the bar only to injure my toes!

I said all that to prove a point. I also am concerned about Donald Trump’s well-being.  Inside Trump is a volcano that is filled with lies, deceits, corruption, and cover-ups. This volcano is just about ready to explode!  When it does, the entire planet may be in danger.

Donald Trump is a liar and he seeks to cover-up his lies.  I will provide only one example, out of many, as proof.  The following is recorded on video and audio:

Reporter:  “Mr. Trump, did you know about the $130,000 thousand dollar hush payment that was made to the porn star?”

Donald Trump:  “No, I knew nothing about it.”

A few days later we saw a copy of the check that was signed by Donald Trump for $130,000, and of course, he had to know about it!

A couple of months later, Donald Trump appeared before a microphone in the Rose Garden and made the following statement:
“I don’t do cover-ups!”

No, income tax returns! ---- No business records! ----No unredacted Mueller Report! --- Cover up! ---- Cover up! --- Cover up!

Donald Trump thinks Americans are so dumb that they will believe his lies and many do. He is also saying to the non-supporters, “I have enough supporters who believe my lies to keep me in office.” And that is what pisses me off the most. In essence, he is saying exactly what the man in the bar said, “Now, what are you going do about it?”

Okay, I tell you, Donald Trump, what I’m going to do.  First of all, I would like to punch you in the nose, but the better side of me says that is not the correct way to solve a problem. However, I do have a solution!  I have a writer’s blog, and it is read by a few hundred people each week.  The majority of those live outside the USA, and I am going to make sure that they know what a liar and a fraud Donald Trump really is. Plus, I am going to do everything possible to encourage Americans to vote against Donald Trump in 2020.

It is degrading to allow oneself to become a liar to defend the president or to defend the agenda of any political party. This has gone way too far! America is hurting and America’s reputation is hurting all around the world.  It hurts me to know that I have friends, and relatives, that I love and respect, who believe Trump’s lies.

In my opinion, the best way to save America’s democracy is for American voters to give Donald Trump an astounding defeat in 2020! But remember these words Donald Trump will never go down easily!

Sunday, May 19, 2019



In the year 2008 Americans elected a president who surrounded himself with some very fine people. He appointed a group of expert economists, who developed a plan that not only saved the USA, but the world, from an economic depression.  Still to this day there are those Americans who will not give President Barack Obama any credit. I have had people stand flat-footed and look me directly in the eyes and say, Barack did absolutely nothing as the president. Every time I hear this I think, how silly, how crazy, how ignorant, and how stupid, to use the color of skin as the determining factor for accomplishments. On the other hand, I also say how stupid it is to deny LGBTQ individuals social acceptance based on sexual orientation.

Even though I thought I knew, I looked up the definitions of the words ignorant and stupid. Stupidity is the inability to learn, or the inability to obtain knowledge. Ignorance means having the ability to learn but refusing.  One of the most dangerous individuals in the world is one who knows not, but thinks he knows. The USA reeks with stupidity, and we should close the doors to every schoolhouse in America, and lock the doors to every college and university, until we are able to educate people better than this. I refuse to hold my tongue.

For the sake of freedom and for the sake of saving a democracy, every citizen should make plans to vote in 2020. We did it in 2018 and we can do it again. The harder it is to register to vote; the more determined we should be to vote. Once again I say with great confidence, the election of 2020 will be one of the most important elections of our lifetime.  Every citizen should be allowed to vote, and the candidate with the most votes should be declared the winner.  I must have been told this at least 1000 times by students, as I tried to explain the difference between a direct democracy and a representative democracy. 

So in regards to a democracy; congratulations are in order to the members of the House of Representatives. This is the most diverse governmental body in America, and that is the way it should be. America is a diverse nation and our government should be a true representative of the people. The members of THE HOUSE have already passed dozens of constructive legislative bills that have been stonewalled in the Senate by, the devil of all devils, Mitch McConnell.  It is absolutely essential that we vote against those career politicians who have used politics as a get rich, quick scheme, with no regards to what is best for the people.

Every American should realize how lucky we are that our forefathers left us with such a great government. They designed a Constitution that provided the frame work of a government that places the power to govern in the hands of the people. And let me state plainly; if we lose it, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

How America went from one of the smartest leaders in the nation to the absolute dumbest is something historians will be trying to explain hundreds of years from now?  This is one of the greatest mysteries of all times with no apparent answer, but still today 1/3 of the population stands firm in support of a con artist.

Nevertheless, there are cracks in Donald Trump’s credibility, and those cracks are getting larger each day. There is evident proof that he is far from being the successful businessman he pretends to be. Donald Trump has lost billions of his father’s money and that explains why he is attempting to hide his income tax and business records. And that is only the tip of the iceberg. Starting in 1991 Donald Trump has filed for corporate bankruptcy six times, and he has been sued over 3,500 times. This is more than any human in history of mankind. 

It should be evident to any thinking person, if here is nothing to hide, why not release certain documents, such as income tax records and the unredacted Mueller Report? Donald Trump’s supporters apparently do not understand the consequences of sacrificing a democratic government for a dictatorship. Nevertheless, future generations will understand, and they will hold those who are responsible accountable.    

The task of describing the real Donald Trump is an unpleasant task, because he is such a crooked individual. Donald Trump has no use for anybody that he cannot use.  Anytime it gets to the point that a person is not useful to him, he will throw them under the bus. He would throw his own mother under the bus to advance his cause, and he will do the same with any of his supporters when the time is right.

American democracy is a government of laws, and Donald Trump and his supporters are defying the rule of law, and there must be consequences. This is a serious situation that has never happened in American history. American democracy must prove that the president or any family member, is not above the law, and cannot ignore the law and Congressional subpoenas.  At the present, Donald Trump is looking Americans directly in the eyes and saying, I am defying the rule of law and what are you going to do about it?

There is such a thing as forgiveness, but it has now reached the point that forgiveness for Donald Trump supporters is in question. It seems as if Donald Trump supporters have gone so far as to follow him in the overthrow of the United States government. This has become the second most dangerous situation in American history. Apparently, Donald Trump and his supporters have forgotten the definition of treason, and that it is punishable by law. 

If you believe in America and if you believe in the rule of law, you cannot remain silent while America’s democratic government is being destroyed. This has developed into a cesspool of undemocratic actions, and if not corrected, it will destroy the greatest democracy in the world. 

Sunday, May 12, 2019



People get ready! Donald Trump has set the stage for the destruction of America’s democracy. He has turned the swamp into a gator pond, and has told every lie possible to protect him and all the other gators.  There has never been a secret to Donald Trump’s motives. His plan from the very beginning was to set himself up as America’s first dictator.  In order to do that, he has carefully stacked the deck in his favor. He controls the Republican Party and the Evangelical Church. He controls the Executive Branch and one half of the Legislative Branch of government.

The Republicans have rigged the Supreme Court into a political body that will uphold any decision in favor of Donald Trump. This has provided Trump with the courage to ignore Congressional subpoenas. Plus, he has also ignored Congress’ request for his tax returns, and has a treasury secretary who is protecting his every move. He has instructed the DOJ not to release the unredacted Mueller Report, and William Barr will do anything possible to protect this man. The only part of American government that prevents him from total control is the Democratic House of Representatives.

However, the real Donald Trump is finally revealed.  He is not the successful business man that he pretends to be. The fact that he personally lost over 1 billion dollars makes him the biggest looser in that decade.  Every aspect of his life is a fraud.  And the biggest fraud of all is the fact that faces every American each working day; DONALD TRUMP PAYS NO TAXES.  The only question left to be answered is, how long will Donald Trump get away with being a con artist?

Democracy is the best form of government ever known to mankind.  One of the most serious offences anyone can commit is supporting the destruction of a democracy. Republicans either do not know what they are doing or they have no knowledge of history.  What they are doing will require a World War to undo, and it is not written in the stars that even a World War can reestablish a democracy. At this time in history, a world war would be the end of civilization.  

A message to Donald Trump defenders; you may think there will be no repercussions in supporting Donald Trump but you are wrong! You will go down in history as the people who tried to destroy the world’s greatest form of government. I find it difficult to believe that Donald Trump supporters do not know what they are doing to themselves, their children, and their grandchildren. Nevertheless, their ignorance will not be ignored in regards to America’s future. Future generations will spit on their graves and curse their family names, because there is a great possibility they, the future generations of America, will be denied the freedoms allowed in a democratic form of government.

There will come a time when Donald Trump supporters will wish that these years of history could be erased, but that will not happen. It will be recorded in history as one of the greatest acts of ignorance ever performed by humans. I find it incomprehensible that many Americans cannot see what is happening. If Trump does not get a majority of the popular vote in 2020, he will declare the election a fraud. He has already said that any election whereby he is not the winner is rigged. Donald Trump will never leave the White House willingly, and if you believe otherwise, you believe a false narrative.  He will have to be dragged out of the White House, kicking and screaming by US Marshalls.

I have doubts that there is anyone in America who is capable of putting up the kind of fight that will be required to defeat Donald Trump. One thing is for certain, it will take one hell of a fight because Republicans have become experts in rigging a democratic governmental system in their favor. There must be some hidden reward that only Republicans understand. For Senate Republicans to give away the power of the Legislative Branch to Donald Trump is something historians will write about for centuries.

It has been disappointing to experience my family name dragged through the mud in order to support the likes of Donald Trump. Even though I cannot be responsible for the actions of family members, I can tell the world that a different blood flows through my veins.  I know a fraud when I see one, and I know a liar when I hear one. I believe it is a fact, Donald Trump is one of the world’s greatest con artists, and I feel assured that history will prove this to be true!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019



The history of the United States extends over two hundred years. During that time America has experienced phenomenal growth; growth in land size, population, communication, medicine, military might, and most of all financial security. The one area that has seen the least amount of growth is social acceptance.  In that length of time, it should be expected there are some lessons that are evident, but still today Americans are deeply in involved in hating; hate Jews, hate people of color, hate gays, and hate Muslims. Even though America is a nation of immigrants, Americans have always found an excuse to hate others.

A conman comes along and provides 1/3 of the population a reason to hate and all hell breaks loose. Mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, and even some well-educated people, revert back to the days prior to the Civil War. All of a sudden, the hatred that has been stored deep in the trenches of their souls for decades reappears. Compassion is thrown out the window, and morality is something that is only practiced on Sundays. Americans have become a group of self-centered, hypocritical Christians who seemly know nothing about the examples set by Jesus Christ himself. Something has gone bad wrong with the American spirit!

Americans have been involved in hating from the time the first, white man first set foot on what today is the United States of America. It is hard to believe that anyone could be proud of what America is today. The results speak for themselves. The American dream is basically dead, and society is on the brink of an interior war.

The time is at hand, that the majority of Americans must stand up to pulpit haters, and denounce their form of religious doctrine. We must let them know that hating is no longer an acceptable characteristic in American society. Americans have lost faith in each other and a deeply divided society is near the breaking point. And it is for sure, the men of God are not helping the situation. Any society is in deep trouble when the men of God become the main promoters of hate. 

For centuries theologians have used the Bible to prove just about anything. American theologians have used the Bible to keep women as second class citizens. The so-called men of God used the Bible to justify human slavery. It is a terrible commentary to say that the more religious a nation, the more abundant is hate! 

It is important that the likes of Franklin Graham, a homophobic bigot, not get away with his hate filled rhetoric of cherry picking the Bible.  The Bible that Franklin Graham is quoting plainly states, those individuals such as, the orange-faced devil that he worships, should be stoned to death for adultery. The audacity of this so-called man of God to support adultery while demonizing the faithful love of another is egregious. Every American who believes in the truth should get on board and speak out against Graham, and not allow him to destroy the character of a good man like Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

I find it difficult to understand why people want to live in strife. There are so many excellent people of all skin colors, so many great people in all types of sexual orientations, and so many outstanding people from all nations of the world. Sometimes I think that it must be impossible for adults to learn any lessons. For over 240 years America has lost some of the best minds of teenagers who committed suicide because of sexual orientation, and still Christian leaders won’t let up in teaching this fallacy. This is absolutely a needless loss! I taught school for over 32 years, and I can name many. This is such a shame! People need to understand the simple fact that we are all a product of what we have been taught, and it is possible to rethink our teachings?

I cannot understand the world of social media where hate travels faster than love, and love becomes second hand to hate.  Children are not born to hate, and children are not born to be racists. Teenagers learn to discriminate. Obviously, parents have no idea what they are doing when their children see them involved in conflict. It is a shame that we have within our control the making of a great society, and we have within our power the capacity to live in peace, and yet we have failed. 

I wish I could find the magical words that would resonate with people with the causing effect of an understanding of how we cheat ourselves by hating others. Life becomes so pleasant when we learn to get along, and yet there is a resistance within humans, that makes that which is so easy, difficult.  

It is frightening for future generations as to what is happening in the world today. These are not just a series of words, but signs are flashing all over the world that we have lost the ability to govern ourselves.  Give humans just a little bit of power, and they becomes a vile characters. Self governments are being destroyed because humans cannot resist the temptation of corruption. 

Now to get off the beaten path for just a few sentences; People it is time to get on board the peace train, the one Cat Stephens sang about many years ago.  It is a little late to wait until you have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel to realize that you have done things all wrong. The one thing children need to see in parents is honesty, and the one thing children will never forget is when they see their parents stoop down to help the needy. You never know whose watching when you perform an act of kindness.  And we never know how an act of kindness will effect the life of another. The most famous words I ever heard spoken by a rich man are, “You cannot take it with you.”

There is a peace train coming and all you have to do is climb on board.

Friday, May 3, 2019



I take no pride in being involved in a feud because most of the time little is accomplished by feuding. However, the cold-hearted comments made by some American mothers and grandmothers about Latino mothers give cause for concern. And the fact that they call themselves Christians gives greater cause for concern. When Americans lose compassion for others, and attempt to convert that into an acceptable Christian principle it is something that cannot go unchallenged. Jesus is the undisputed leader of the Christian Church and his teachings should be paramount. However, Christians have wondered far from biblical teachings. This provides profound cause for stating: Americans are traveling down the wrong road, and if this is not corrected, it will bring about the end to THE GREAT SOCIETY.

The biggest shame I have witnessed in my lifetime is to watch adults rejoice while their homeland is being destroyed.  How is it possible that a society of well-educated people can stand up and cheer while their country is going to hell in a handbasket?  How much ignorance is involved in destroying one’s self? This is worse than any physical dependency drug ever known to mankind. The political consequences of what is happening in America are far more serious than any disease, and the outcome will be far more devastating. The moral fiber of a respectable generation is being destroyed and some American citizens are not only supporting the demolition, but cheering the destruction. This is one of the most foolish acts ever to be recorded in history.

American democracy is facing its greatest challenge. America is a weakened nation, deeply divided and deep in debt, and the vultures are sitting on the sidelines waiting. There is an outside force at work inside America with the determination of destroying one of the best governments ever known to mankind. The question must be asked, “Why are Republicans defending the Russians who are leading an attack on America’s democracy?” The intellectual degree of those who continue to support this kind of an administration must be taken into question.  Something is bad wrong! 

Donald Trump is desperate!  If he does not win reelection in 2020 he will be facing jail time as a private citizen. Therefore, he will do anything possible to win reelection. America cannot take another four years of the Trump administration. Volume 2 of the Muller Report provides incriminating evidence that Donald Trump is guilty of at least twelve cases of obstruction of justice.  The committees in the Democratic led House are not going to let this go, and sooner or later Donald Trump will have to face the music. And as far as America is concerned the sooner the better.

The Donald Trump administration is filled with lies and corruption.  It is plain and simple that Donald Trump and his enablers are making a joke out of American laws and 1/3 of the population is sitting on the sidelines cheering. The time has come that these people must be called out and required to give an account for their behavior. No time in world history has political chaos developed faster and deeper than in America today.

Public opinion polls prove that the overwhelming majority of Americans think Donald Trump is a very, sick man. It is a grave danger for the USA and the world for a sick man to be in control of the nuclear codes. The best thing that can happen is for the House of Representatives to attempt to keep him under control, and the voters remove him from office in 2020.

There are countless numbers of American mothers and fathers who have no idea what the aftermath of the Donald Trump administration will bring for America. The United States has lost its moral compass. This is not only detrimental for America but for the world. When children see examples of leaders who represent success but are known liars and cheaters, it portrays the greatest deceit of all times. There will be a terrible outcome in teaching future generations that the way to success is by telling lies and being involved in corruption. These lessons will haunt Americans for years to come.