Tuesday, April 24, 2018



      America’s sleeping giant is the millions of non-voting American citizens.  It is now believed that the sleeping giant has been awakened, and if so it will make a big difference in the election of November 2018.  This op-ed. is dedicated to those American citizens who did not vote in the 2016 election.  Your non-participation in the election process has allowed an evil regime to gain control of American government. 

     The members of the Republicans Party are some of the most egocentric people on the planet.  Their egocentricities have extended into the financial sector, the religious sector, as well as the political sector, of American society. They are only concerned about themselves, and will lie, cheat, and steal, for the sake of money.

     The Republicans have developed a mean-spirit towards everyone except the wealthy.  They have reduced health benefits for 28 million Americans, and are attempting to reinstate pre-existing conditions, which will only benefit insurance companies.  They have taken large sums of money from pharmaceutical companies giving them the right to charge unbelievable prices on prescription drugs, and have refused to pass laws requiring background checks before purchasing a gun.  They have reduced spending for Medicare and Social Security, and have declared never to increase the minimum wage for working Americans. They have reduced spending for programs that provide food for hungry children while giving millions in tax breaks to the upper 1% billionaires. It is unbelievable and egregious that they have been able to brainwash many working class Americans to support these policies.

     The Democratic Party is not perfect, but it is far better than the GOP. Democrats have concerns for all people regardless of race, sexual orientation, or financial status.  It is an evident fact that America is a diverse society, and the only path forward for America is the acceptance of diversity. It is also an evident fact that America was moving in a forward direction until Republicans, with Donald Trump as their leader, gained control of the government.

     We are living in an era where authoritarian governments are on the rise around the world. Therefore, it is very important for those who believe in democracy to stand firm and speak loud. It is a fact that the GOP is in favor of a one man, one party government.  At the present, the voices of the Republicans are much louder than the voices of the Democrats.  It is a shame that only a handful of elected Democrats are speaking out about the evil regime of Donald Trump.  The Democrats should be screaming to high heaven about the improprieties of the President, his cabinet, and his entire family.  This man has already gotten away with more un-American acts than any President in the history of United States.
     When Donald Trump took office the American economy was near full employment. The only thing he had going for him was a little money and a slogan that was pleasing to the ears of the less informed. He immediately began to deport workers without any knowledge of who would fill the vacancies.  The farming sector is just one example. At the present, crops lay rotten in the fields because they are no available workers. In a matter of six months or less, the price of groceries will increase at a much greater rate than the salaries of working Americans. Once again, while many Americans are screaming and hollering at rallies for Donald Trump, they have no knowledge of the fact that they are losing purchasing power.

     Donald Trump has not improved the life of anyone except for himself and his family. There has never been an American who had less regards for the truth than Donald Trump. There have only been a few examples in history where a leader could lie as much as Donald Trump and still retain followers. However, it is noted by experts that 96% of Donald Trump’s followers are uneducated. This sets a terrible example for America as the world looks on. 

     Every minute, every day, with every act the Republicans perform, America moves closer to an authoritarian government.  Millions know it but are unwilling to do anything about it. These millions must be reminded that the sins of omission are as great, or sometimes greater, than the sins of commission.  If there was ever a time in American history when the silent majority needs to speak loud and clear it is now.  America’s democratic government is being tested more than anytime since the dark days of the American Revolution, and the days prior to, and during the Civil War. 

*****A REMINDER*****

Corrupt individuals make excuses for corruption.
Liars make excuses for liars.
Fools make excuses for fools.


Thursday, April 5, 2018



     All hell breaks loose when any nation starts a war with children. The most unbelievable act in all American history is for church leaders, governmental officials, and conservative TV and radio broadcasters, to use derogatory name-calling for children who have only asked for a safe school environment.  The dumbest leaders in the worse nations on the planet have not been stupid enough to declare war on children.
Is there no shame?  ---- Now low will they go?

     It has been reported that donations to the NRA have increased since the Florida shootings.  It has also been reported that the accused mass murderer has received hundreds of fan mail letters including donations, proposals, congratulations, and sexual explicit photos. If this doesn’t prove that America is a sick society then it cannot be proven.  If this does not awaken every moral fiber in every American, then as a human, you are stone-cold dead.

     The Republican Party will pay an unforgivable price for these actions.  Of all the foolish acts that have been done in recent months by members of the Republican Party, this one tops the list.  Decent American mothers and fathers are not going to stand for this! The world knows that the USA government, in order to protect the NRA, has done absolutely nothing to protect school children, and as a result, a record number of children have been murdered at school.  Now students are saying “enough is enough,” and they are being victimized with unbelievable name-calling, slur words, and straight out lies. This is one of the most disgraceful acts ever to take place on American soil, along with Native American genocide and slavery.  

     It is difficult to name all the horrors that have developed in America in recent months.  But the horror of all horrors is when the leaders of a nation start victimizing innocent children with offensive names and start praising the names of mass murders.   If this is not the bottom of the barrel, I do not know where the bottom is.

     Many of these children had to hide in closets while a mass murderer fired round after round of bullets that killed seventeen of their classmates. Others had to hide under the bodies of dead classmates with their clothes were being soaked with the blood of their friends, and some leaders have the unmitigated audacity to call these children “liars” and “cowards.” The person who picks a fight with children will soon discover that they have picked the wrong fight.

     Republicans who have had much to say about the 2nd amendment, made an about-face when children used the 1st Amendment to petition the government for their own safety. American government has spent multi-trillions on wars, after wars, after wars. Yet American children were forced to petition their government to provide a safe school environment.  When NRA dollars become more important than the lives of children, the line has been drawn in the sand---but still this does not answer the question--------- HOW LOW WILL THEY GO?