Sunday, November 5, 2017



    A gay man living in the Southern Bible Belt must keep a very STRAIGHT profile, because those who call themselves Christians have a unique way of keeping a gay man quiet. For decades Southern gay males have been subdued by fear--- fear of losing jobs.  Being gay in the Southern Bible Belt is grounds for employee dismissal.  When so-call Christians suspect a man of being gay they report to his employer with the aim of getting the man fired.  A Southern working man has no choice but to present himself as being straight.

    Another tactic used in the Southern United States to keep gay people restrained is to deny gays freedom of speech. Any time a gay person expresses an opinion contrary to the Christian tradition Christians immediately accuse the person of participating in some illegal sexual activity. In many cases the accused has no choice but to retreat and is forced to surrender his belief.  Even today a Southern gay male can be fired by merely expressing an opinion that is contrary to the Christian credence.

     But when a Southern gay man places himself in a position where the religious right loses control, the so-called Christians freak out. I am a Southern gay man who was determined to travel the world in search of a place where I could live as a respected gay man. I live in Southeast Asia where I am surrounded by people as genuine as genuine can be.  I am not judged by my sexual orientation, but I am respected as a free thinker. I have had a taste of freedom and I proudly say I will never again give up the right to be free. There is nothing to compare with freedom and nothing substitutes the happiness that comes with respect. With great determination I will forever kneel and I will raise my fist in defiance of fake Christianity that for decades has been the primary promoter of prejudice, bigotry, and hatred.

    Thanks; but I will not be served a Southern dish of bigotry tonight.