Wednesday, July 27, 2016



     The song “We Are the Champions” was written by the rock and roll legend Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the British rock band Queen. The song was first released in 1977 and has been heard by millions around the world. Even though Freddie died on November 24, 1991, the world has not heard the last of this great musical talent. He was a flamboyant performer and is remembered as one of the greatest talents the world has ever known.
     Any great piece of music has multiple meanings. Therefore “We Are the Champions” has presented the world with a public debate concerning the meaning of the lyrics.  Some argue that Freddie was strictly referring to his life and the lives of the band members, whereas others believe the meaning goes much deeper. They believe he was referring to all gays as champions.
     There is no doubt he dreamed of the day when the lyrics of all his songs would be understood because he placed messages in the lyrics. Through his lyrics he addressed the struggles of gay individuals around the world. “I’ve had my share of sand kicked in my face, but I’ve come through,” he said. There is not a gay person on the planet earth who has not experienced the disrespect Freddie speaks of in his songs.
    He often spoke of the difficulties presented by living a life on the road rather than settling down to one single love affair. “It’s been no bed of roses, no pleasure cruise,” he said. He chose life on the road because there he could be a greater influence to the world. He knew he had been accepted into the world’s societies because of his exception talents. But he also knew that his acceptance would make it easier for other gays who would follow.
    “We Are the Champions” was recently played by the GOP as Donald Trump made his entrance onto the stage at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. The unauthorized use of the song has caused much controversy.  Since Freddie Mercury was an outspoken advocate for gay-rights, it is unlikely he would have given permission for an anti-gay American political party, particularly one that has done everything within its power to dehumanize LGBT individuals, to use his song.  There is one thing for certain Freddie—did not write this song, or any of his songs, to be used by a group of straight people to glorify themselves.  
    Many suggest that the use of this song at the anti-gay Republican Convention has caused Freddie to “turn over in his grave.” Even if this were literally true, there is a possibility that it may have had a positive affect. It is nothing less than a miracle that this song has been reintroduced to the world by an anti-gay political party. As a result, the world has gained a greater respect for the man—Freddie Mercury—and his lyrics. God does work in mysterious ways. 


Wednesday, July 20, 2016


    For years, rumors have circulated concerning the shenanigans taking place behind the pulpit. No one should take pleasure in repeating rumors, but investigative reports have proven many of the rumors to be true.   Deceptions have arisen within the ranks of gospel preachers. It is impossible to list all of the sexual assaults committed by this group; they have become experts in finding ways to cover up their deviate sexual behaviors.  If Jesus walked on the earth today, he would expose these hypocrites BIG TIME. 
    In general, the Christian ministry has lost much of its creditability.  Ministers have taken a dictatorial attitude on many social issues and have become deeply involved in partisan politics.  They have turned religion into a multimillion-dollar business and continue to ask parishioners for more.  Preachers have used the tax-free status of religion to hide billions from the IRS, and they have developed a lifestyle far above the working class.
    Ministers have overstepped the bounds of the gospel to a Christianized form of brain washing, and the results tell the tale. There is a good reason why membership declined in Southern Baptist churches by over 200,000 in 2015. It wasn’t enough for churches in the South to defend the institution of slavery and use the Bible as the defense, but they have continued to use hatred to discriminate against other minorities.
    Across America, preachers have made death threats to gays. Death threats are against the law, and not only that, they are overt public statements to promote social violence. Yet in a predominately Christian society, church leaders have been allowed to break the law and get away with it. Others who have done the exact same things have ended up in jail.     
    The right thing to do would be for gospel ministers to clean up their own acts of transgressions before making disparaging remarks about others. But there is arrogance among many gospel preachers who have taken the attitude of a dictator that reaches far beyond the bounds of a democratic form of government.
    Unfortunately the church has become a place where people go to find concealment for sins.  Using the good name of Jesus to cover up bad deeds is a practice done in the name of religion all over America.  If Christianity is to continue to thrive as one of the world’s major religions, these facts must be exposed.
   The false teachings of some church leaders have had a negative affect upon church-goers. In the name of religion, Christians have called the President all kinds of derogatory names and used slur words to describe gays and those who participate in the Black Lives Matter movement. But at the end of the day this has done nothing to solve the problem of citizens learning to get along with each other. Learning to live with others is not an impossible task, but it is a rewarding experience.
   To the dismay of many Christians, a new generation has evolved. No longer will minorities be pushed into positions of second- or third-class citizens. African Americans are not going to return to the cotton fields, and gays are not going to return to the closets.
   A few Christian ministers have publicly endorsed the GOP political platform, primarily based on the anti-gay rhetoric. The LGBT movement is the fastest growing social movement in America today.  Gays have been some of the first to publicly expose the cover-up transgressions within the leadership of the Christian church. And some Christian leaders have attempted to make the gay community pay the price. However, the Pope and a few other gospel ministers have come forward and denounced the evils being done against minorities in the name of religion. The surprising fact is that recent public opinion polls prove the majority of Americans agree.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016



    It is possible an all-knowing, an all-powerful, and an all-seeing God made a mistake in creating man. The creator had a choice.  He could create a preprogrammed robot or he could create a being with the ability to choose.  It is evident God chose the latter.
   In an omnipotent (all-powerful) environment, the existence of evil can be eliminated. Why an all-powerful God allows evil to exist is a question the most intelligent theologians have failed to fully answer. Followers of the Christian faith have for centuries asked why God allows it to rain on the unjust and why God allows evil men to prosper. The most important question is: Why are evil men looked upon as heroes in the eyes of other humans? This unanswered question leads more humans into atheism than any other.  Nevertheless, an omniscient (all-knowing) God has the answer, but it supersedes the knowledge of the human brain.
    Now the all-knowing God admits giving man a choice was a mistake.  The Bible is filled with examples of God’s frustrations with his creation. The Jesus Experience is the ultimate example of God’s displeasure with the behavior of the human race. It is possible God did not realize how far into the pits of evil mankind would descend. Therefore, he sent his own son in an attempt to rectify the mistake. 
    God thought when he blessed America—and allowed the nation to become the example of freedom for the world—he had made the right choice. But from the beginning, the pilgrims brought the seeds of hate to the new world. These seeds multiplied into a series of malicious acts until hatred shaped the character of the nation. Then men created a government in which one race was allowed to murder, rape, and enslave another race, and call it a democracy.  God’s displeasure with man’s choice is now displayed within a confused, unhappy, murderous, generation dominated by fear.
   The motivating force of evil is hate. However, there is nothing in the nature of God that involves hate. And if human interpretations of God’s words involve hate, the human interpretations are wrong. When the followers of the Christian faith participate in mean-spirited behavior they degrade the nature of God. It bewilders intelligent men and God when they witness the capabilities of man to create the forms of evil used in the past and present worlds.  A society, a nation, and the world is in considerable danger when the ways of evil men are accepted as the way to a successful life.
   A disappointed God now sits on the throne. He questions his own judgment. When given a choice, humans made a mess of the art of successful living. When hatred is made to be right and prejudice is glorified, the comfort zone for humans has been destroyed.  Evil has now reached unprecedented levels. Even God has difficulty understanding why sin has become the dominating characteristic of the human race. 
   In the creation experience man was given a choice and humans have predominately chosen evil.  In choosing evil over good, man has brought about his own demise.  Theology confirms God has no choice but to destroy his creation.  God is fed up and will not allow mankind the opportunity for a last minute act of redemption. God will punish evil. 
   Even though God will destroy man, presumptive theology believes he will not destroy the planet. It will take thousands of years, but the planet earth will go through a process of rejuvenation.  When this process is complete, once again God will create man, but this man will be different. The new man will have the common sense to choose good over evil.  Finally, God will be able to look upon his creation with pleasure. His satisfaction will be in seeing that man was given a choice and by his own volition chose good over evil.  With the creation of the perfect being, God’s plan for UTOPIA ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN will finally become a reality.