Monday, September 14, 2015



   America is in bad need of a sermon on the real meaning of freedom of religion.  It cannot be preached by the likes of Mike Huckabee or Ted Cruz, because they are cold-hearted, selfish applause seekers who have no regard for the hurt they place on others. They have shown the world that they would have been the leaders of the angry mob that attempted to prevent the Little Rock Nine from entering an all-white high school. They are now wearing the banner of hate that will place them in the archives of history along with Orval Faubus and George Wallace. Not only have they disgraced themselves, but they have placed a banner of disgrace on their future generations.

   In the wildness of confusion Americans seemingly have forgotten that the main reason our forefathers left England and came to America was to escape religious oppression. Christianity should be a lifestyle of choice and it is difficult to believe that intelligent people would think otherwise.   

   Man-made religion is blinding the eyes, closing the minds, and hardening the hearts of thousands of so-called Christians. You cannot teach freedom of religion on the one hand and attempt to force religious principles with the other.  The farthest thing from the true Christian doctrine is attempting to use force to obtain individual acceptance.

    It is a disgrace when so-called leaders teach young Americans that it is okay to defy a Supreme Court ruling.  Sedition is an illegal act that encourages people to disobey the government and in all reality these leaders should be held accountable for the outright attempt to overthrow the federal government.  

   How many times must America repeat history before lessons will be learned and the general public will toss out the narrow-minded bigoted individuals seeking public office?  When will knowledge replace ignorance so that social change can take its rightful place in history?