Monday, May 7, 2018



( O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive----Walter Scott )

On August 12, 2017 “THE GREAT AMERICAN HORNET’S NEST” was published. Since that time the confused American hornets have been busy stinging themselves.

On April 26, 2018 the King Pin Hornet stung himself deeply by confessing on public television that he knew about the Stormy Daniels sexual affair even though he had denied it on several other occasions.

On May 02, 2018 the King Pin’s attorney stung the King Pin even deeper by a public announcement that the King Pin “funneled” money through a law firm to Stormy Daniels in an attempt to silence the sexual encounter.

In attempting to defend a series of lies, human hornets always end up stinging themselves.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

FILE #13


     Donald Trump was rendered one of the greatest injustices given to any human when his Father taught him that he was a “special child.” Donald Trump’s father protected him from the bumps and bruises that a normal child gets in the growing up process.  He was raised as a spoil brat, and he was taught that if anything went wrong in his life, he could run to Papa and Papa would fix it.  His Mother disagreed with the way her husband was raising this particular child, and she spoke out against it.  But she was overruled by a dominating husband.  As a result, Donald Trump expressed very little love for his Mother, and there was even less love expressed by a Mother to her son.

     Donald Trump has no concept of love.  He thinks love is some form of sexual gratification, and the gratification is attached to a monetary value. Donald Trump has had three wives and several other women in his life, but none of these women ever loved this man.

     His present wife, Melanie, knows that she doesn’t love her husband, because it is impossible for anyone to love Donald Trump.  With all due respect, she was a porn star who used sex to attract a rich man. In return, she became a US citizen, and in the process of chain migration her father, mother, and sister, all became citizens.  In her heart of hearts she knows she doesn’t deserve to serve as America’s first lady. There are too many great American women who are devoted, loving wives, who know that this is a slap in their face, but they also know that life is not always fair.  Melanie Trump is caught in a trap, and she cannot look back, but in her case it is not because of too much love, but because there is no love at all.

     Donald Trump’s children do not know the meaning of real love. They are connected with their Father only by loyalty. They hope if they remain loyal to him there will be enough money to keep them in the upper 1% of America’s elite for the rest of their lives. Their concept of honesty is anything they can get away with because that is what they have been taught by their Father.

     Donald Trump is a total failure at being a human. He is the worse example of a human of anyone in recent history. He is a monster with no happiness in his life. Controversy is the only thing he knows, and he thrives on it. His entire life has been a series of controversies, and he stays awake at night thinking of ways to create more.  It is a terrible thing for a man to reach adulthood, and yet know so little about being a human.

     The election of Donald Trump has proved several things. The fact that he gained control of the Republican Party proved that Republicans will do anything to stay in power. The fact that he gained control of the Christian Church showed how flawed American Christianity really is.  The fact that preachers have been able to make church-goers believe that this man, with all his infidelities of sexual misconducts, his secrets and shady banking deals, his series of one lie after another, is God’s gift to America, is one of the greatest DECEITS in all of history. It has proved that evangelical preachers will say and do anything for the sake of money.  It has also proved that American church-goers will believe anything preachers tell them.  The election of Donald Trump has proved that the intellectual level of the average American is much lower than anyone ever imagined.  It proved that the NRA members love guns more than they love children, and it proved that Donald Trump is a great con artist.

     Donald Trump has proved that it is impossible to judge a man’s moral character by the color of his skin, because white skin does not guarantee good moral character. Also, it proved that it is impossible to judge a man’s moral character by his sexual orientation, because heterosexuality is not a guarantee for good moral character.

     Americans went to sleep during the 2016 election and allowed Donald Trump and his and gang of thieves to be elected.  According to recent elections and public opinion polls; America’s sleeping giant has been awakened. Americans have learned if a democracy is to be an effective government for all the people, all the people must participate. It is firmly believed that November 2018 will bring major changes to the political system, particularly now that the youth have taken on the role of leadership.

     Donald Trump has shown America and the world how deeply embedded evil is in the hearts and minds of many politicians, both men and women.  He has provided evil politicians with a platform to spread more evil, and has given evil citizens the courage to display their evil deeds in public.  America’s world renowned White House has forever been stained. It makes no difference now how many layers of paint are added, the layer of stain has been recorded in history, and the stains of history are never erased.

     The intensity of the heat in hell will be elevated if Donald Trump passes to his next life in his present condition. His soul will be forever doomed to damnation because Donald Trump is the devil’s special agent. At the present, he is leading thousands of other monetary worshippers with him into the pits of hell.  He once wrote that he invented the word FAKE, and in his present condition, he is the biggest FAKE ever to be wrapped in human skin.   

     It is hoped that Donald Trump will not slip through the cracks of justice. He has hurt thousands, and he needs to pay for his evil deeds. He thinks he can get away with anything including murder, and he has said so. It is hoped that the arm of justice will one day swoop down on this individual, and THAT will be one of America’s greatest days.

-----An individual’s report-----

      It is now evident that it is impossible to reason with many Trump supporters. They are die-hard worshippers who will support him no matter what he does.  Donald Trump supporters have become a group of brainwashed zombies who are aiding a wannabe dictator destroy America’s democratic government. Those who support this individual are doing a great injustice to themselves, their country, their children, and most of all, to the future generations of Americans. 
     Real historians will have no choice but to tell the truth about Donald Trump. They will not lie to cover up the actions of this evil person. Real historians will record this president as the worst president in the history of the United States of America.