Monday, June 30, 2014




   Out of the list of potential presidential candidates for 2016 there is not a candidate in either party who is showing a great interest in becoming a domestic president. Once again, we will hear change, change, change, and in the end we will get same, same, and more of the same.

   The time is now—America needs to get America’s house in order.  The majority of Americans realize that it is impossible to become an effective community leader when you cannot lead your own household. That same policy is true globally. Thus, it is my firm belief that the candidate who incorporates a strong domestic agenda for the 2016 presidential campaign will receive a majority of the popular vote.

   Too many of our elected leaders still have their heads in the clouds looking to solve the problems of the world rather than the problems of the American people.  America needs someone who will govern outside the status quo, although it is difficult. To finance a successful campaign requires a great amount of money. Thus, most candidates are forced to become puppets to the rich in order to be elected.  There’s no doubt about it—the rich enjoy the status quo. Why shouldn’t they? In the recent economic slowdown, better know as a recession, the rich increased their wealth by 86%, whereas the working class lost ground to a negative 1%.  The wealthy believe it is necessary to have a large working class who are willing to work long, hard hours for little pay in order to have a thriving economy. 

   Few doubt that America is losing the middle class and that is a dreadful outlook for the future. It is sad but true—America has the best government money can buy.

    I would like to make this perfectly clear—I see nothing wrong in becoming a successful business man or woman, but I do see wrong in using financial gain to make life miserable for a lower or middle class of people. Some where in this battle to acquire wealth the statement --- ‘when is enough, enough’--- has lost its meaning.

   It is hard to believe that the majority of members in the House and Senate voted against increasing veterans’ benefits and at the same time voted to give another 3 billion to Ukraine, and 300 million to Egypt. The same majority voted against an increase in the minimum wage for the working class and refused to increase unemployment benefits. And that’s not all—this same group of lawmakers refused to give college students a break by lowing the interest rate on college loans. I don’t know what it would take for the American people to wake up to what our government is doing to us. It is hard, as an American citizen, to understand how the government can continue to give away trillions of tax payers’ dollars to outside sources and refuse to meet the needs of the American people.   I AM A CONCERNED CITIZEN.