Wednesday, December 9, 2015



   In 2008 the first man of color was elected as the president of the United States.  For many it was a time to rejoice because it was assumed that America had turned a new page, and prejudice and racial hatred had become a thing of the past.  It didn’t take long to prove that assumption to be incorrect. Immediately, the white back-lash began.  Instantly, the leadership of the opposing party met and made the decision to oppose every word that came out of the president’s mouth.  

   There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Americans are better off today under the present administration than the previous. When individuals look facts directly in the face and deny them, there is a serious intellectual problem. When individuals disguise prejudice and declare that undocumented opposition is a political right, the definition of prejudice has been changed.  For decades prejudice has been, and still is, an enjoyable social trait for many Americans. And the medicine that is prescribed by the leaders is not a cure but a promotion. 

   Today, America has a political party that is the equivalent to the Know-Nothing Part that sprang up in the middle of the nineteenth century. The one word that described the party was ANTI: anti-black Americans, anti-immigration, and anti-religious freedom.  It is significant to note that in 1855 Abraham Lincoln wrote a letter expressing disgust with the Know-Nothing Party. He said that if they were ever elected to office, America would have to rewrite the Declaration of Independence.

   The unwritten motto of this present-day wealthy class of Americans is “I got mine, so the heck with you getting yours.” And they go a step further—“I got mine, and I will do everything possible to keep you from getting yours.”  This is a sad commentary on American politics, but it is even sadder when working middle class Americans are brainwashed to vote to keep the wealthy class in office. 

   Americans, and the people of the world, should thank their lucky stars that Obama was elected president, because with his leadership, America and the world was saved from an economic depression.  Many middle class Americans who are presently ‘eating high on the hog’ would be lucky to be ‘eating pig tail soup’ if a member of the opposing party had become the President.


Friday, November 6, 2015



   The toughest game played on American soil is the game of politics. In the political arena there are no penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct, and there is no referee to prevent punches below the belt.  The only rule that applies is ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR.

   The one word that draws Americans to the voting booth is the word CHANGE. However, for several decades Americans have been voting for change but getting much of the same. An individual who enters the political arena with the intentions of making major changes must realize that politics in the U.S. is a dangerous game. Once elected to a political office the official is quickly tossed into the arena and must swiftly learn the rules of the game. A beginning player has little or no chance of getting constructive legislation passed for major change against experienced players who have played the game for many years.

   Thus, American politics has become a game of kick the CAN a little farther down the road.  However, the time has come that America is faced with major political problems and must recognize that up ahead the road is forked. The direction in which the CAN will be kicked is left up to the voters. To kick the CAN to the right means the rich will continue getting richer, and America will continue to be an oligarchy rather than a democracy. To kick the CAN to the left means to rebuild the working MIDDLE CLASS and to reestablish the democratic principles that made America great.

   The creators of American democracy were some of the most intelligent statesmen the world has ever known. They created a government in which the power to govern was placed in the hands of the people. In other words, American government can be controlled at the voting booth. However today, American voters are faced with some of the most powerful brainwashing techniques ever used on American soil. A politically motivated and biased media has developed a cult-like following that presents a dangerous threat to American democracy. Never in American history have working class voters been so misinformed that they have gone to the polls and voted against themselves.

   For one who loves America and is greatly concerned about America’s future, I can only hope that very soon Americans will realize that the future of our country is in our hands.  Major issues—veteran’s benefits, social security, minimum wage, college tuition, and universal health care—are the issues that will ultimately determine America’s future.

   It is the POWER OF THE PEOPLE that must be reestablished in a highly polarized society in order for that society to remain a permanent global leader. Americans need to be reminded of the words spoken in the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858: “A HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF CANNOT STAND.” And that election to public office is not a game, but a serious commitment to citizens who deserve to be governed in a fair and honest manner.









Sunday, October 25, 2015



    The number one ingredient in the recipe for successful living is happiness, but the road to achievement is filled with bumps and curves.  In order to develop a positive social environment, America’s youth must be taught the value of happiness. Not only should they be taught, but they must witness the art of successful living.  It is unrealistic to expect positive behavior from America’s youth when they are completely surrounded by hate. The pulpits have become hate machines, and political platforms have become instruction books for hating. To turn the good book into a book of hate will one day be considered a big mistake for the Christian Church.  

   I am reminded of the days when I was a college student searching for my pursuit of happiness.  I still wonder how I was able to make passing grades while I was struggling with my own sexuality.  I knew I was not happy, and I spent years besieged with guilt because my sexual desires were not in accordance with my religious faith.

   I will never forget the hours I spent on my knees begging the heavenly father to deliver me from a gay man’s body. And those other days when I was mad at God, and stormed at him for making me different.  But I will never forget the day when I realized that my deliverance was in my acceptance.  When I accepted myself as God had made me, it was the event that turned a troubled life into a life with a purpose. It was then I recognized he had given me a great gift in the form of an open mind. To be able to walk in another man’s shoes and to see the world through the eyes of another was the reason for my existence.

    Finally my pursuit of happiness was complete. Today, I enjoy the same happiness that Sister Simmons experienced when she shouted during the week-long revival at the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. I now experience the joy that Brother Will Taylor experienced when he shouted in the middle of the road because the joy of the Holy Spirit could not be contained until he reached the church. Today, I experience the happiness that Brother Meyers experienced when he preached so long and so hard that there was not a dry thread on his body, but he continued until he fell on his knees and started barking like a dog. To Brother Meyers, that was not a Billy Sunday Act, but a reality check when the Holy Spirit actually descended from heaven and took up residence in a physical body.

    Happiness is the most valuable ingredient in the art of successful living.


Monday, September 14, 2015



   America is in bad need of a sermon on the real meaning of freedom of religion.  It cannot be preached by the likes of Mike Huckabee or Ted Cruz, because they are cold-hearted, selfish applause seekers who have no regard for the hurt they place on others. They have shown the world that they would have been the leaders of the angry mob that attempted to prevent the Little Rock Nine from entering an all-white high school. They are now wearing the banner of hate that will place them in the archives of history along with Orval Faubus and George Wallace. Not only have they disgraced themselves, but they have placed a banner of disgrace on their future generations.

   In the wildness of confusion Americans seemingly have forgotten that the main reason our forefathers left England and came to America was to escape religious oppression. Christianity should be a lifestyle of choice and it is difficult to believe that intelligent people would think otherwise.   

   Man-made religion is blinding the eyes, closing the minds, and hardening the hearts of thousands of so-called Christians. You cannot teach freedom of religion on the one hand and attempt to force religious principles with the other.  The farthest thing from the true Christian doctrine is attempting to use force to obtain individual acceptance.

    It is a disgrace when so-called leaders teach young Americans that it is okay to defy a Supreme Court ruling.  Sedition is an illegal act that encourages people to disobey the government and in all reality these leaders should be held accountable for the outright attempt to overthrow the federal government.  

   How many times must America repeat history before lessons will be learned and the general public will toss out the narrow-minded bigoted individuals seeking public office?  When will knowledge replace ignorance so that social change can take its rightful place in history?




Monday, August 24, 2015



  THE OLD NEWS ------ For decades, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender individuals have been mistreated by conservative right-wing Christians. Even after the courts ruled hate crimes to be illegal, character degradation and physical abuse of gays and other minorities have continued with little success of enforcement by local authorities. THE NEW NEWS---- The Supreme Court has recently declared same-sex marriage to be legal. The world has not ended and the doors of Christian churches are still open.  THE HEADLINE NEWS ----- Gays are being killed in record numbers in the Middle East by Isis soldiers. They are being beheaded, beaten, hanged, and pushed off the tops of tall buildings. THE SAD NEWS ---- Preachers and political leaders are still advocating similar treatment for gays in America, which is adding fuel to the fire for ill treatment to continue against gays all over the world. Presidential candidates are using techniques of hate against gays to stir up emotions in conservative Christians in an attempt to gain increased numbers in public opinion polls. THE GOOD NEWS ---- According to recent public opinion polls, the majority of Americans support love.

Monday, August 17, 2015

WRONG AGAIN! Aug. 18, 2015


    On June 26, 2015 the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal in the United States.  For some it is still a great surprise that the sun came up today and has risen over 50 times since that historic ruling.  So far the world has not ended as was predicted by many preachers and political leaders, therefore, there is only one thing to say to these forecasters of doom—WRONG AGAIN! As of Sunday, the doors to all Christian churches were open with the exception of those black churches that have been burned, not by same-sex couples, but by radical redneck conservatives, a group of individuals who claim to have received a   special commission from God to restore White Supremacy.

   Of all the rhetoric that was expounded in the First Presidential Debate not one mention was made concerning the burning of black churches.  But same-sex marriage was described several times as the evil that is destroying the Christian Church.  America is in a sad state of affairs when a group of presidential hopefuls are not capable of recognizing the real problems. We now have living proof that same-sex marriage has not caused any of the so-called evils that were predicted by preachers and political leaders. Wrong; wrong; wrong! How many times must WRONG enter the ears of people before it is recognized as WRONG?

   America is a country—if I may be allowed to use a little common sense language—that has become a shining example to the world of having the cart before the horse and trying to direct the cart from the tail end of the horse going in the WRONG direction.







Wednesday, August 12, 2015



    If, as a presidential candidate, all you have to offer the American people is to tear down rather than build up, it is my opinion that you are not presidential material. In the first Presidential debate, ninety-eight percent of the time was used to describe how to tear down the things that President Obama has struggled to build. The majority of those things, if allowed to pass, would be helpful to the American people. 

   Anyone who believes that war is better than diplomacy is an individual who darn well knows that their boots will never enter the trenches. As an adult American citizen I strongly object to the tradition of old men sending young men to war. Anyone with one speck of common sense knows that every avenue of diplomacy should be used before the engagement of war.  And to listen to the first presidential debate you would think that America is a population of war mongers.

   Every nation in the world has agreed to the Iran Nuclear Agreement, with the exception of Israel. There has not been a time in American history when a foreign dignitary was allowed to dictate America’s foreign policy, yet the Republican Party is trying to overrule this constitutional provision. Prime Minister Netanyahu disapproves of the Nuclear Plan because he would much rather allow his young men and women to remain in college and to continue their lifestyle of leisure while America’s young men and women fight his battles for him.

   The American Republican Party opposes the agreement because they would rather lead America into another war than admit that the Obama administration is right about anything. They have from the very beginning, with the help of Fox News, found something wrong with every word that has come out of the President’s mouth.

    America needs to experience a Great Political Awakening, and it should come sooner rather than later.  I trust that American citizens will not allow a group of Congressional lawmakers to engage America in another war until every possible means of diplomacy have been used.

   It is a near stroke of negotiated genius that brought China and Russia to agree to the Iran Nuclear Plan. We now have a plan that has been approved by the vast majority of the nations of the world, and we should approve it before we lose it. 








Sunday, July 26, 2015

HEAVENLY HOMOS---July 26,2015


   “Step right up. Who’s next?” 

   “My name is Solomon and I demand that you open this gate and let me in.”  

   “I don’t care what your name is, Jesus left me in charge and the only way you’re gonna get through this gate is if your name is in this book.” 

   “Okay, go ahead and check, see if my name is in there.” 

    “Stand over there a minute because I’ve got a lot of pages to thumb through. What’s your name again?” 


   “Yeah, I’ve heard of you. Now lets see, the S follows the T.  Okay, I guess your name will under the Ss?” 

   “No, because my name is King Solomon, look under the Ks.  Hurry up, ‘cause I need to know if my name is in that Book of Life.”   

  “Okay, just be patient; let me check. . . . . Yeah, Solomon, your name is in here.” 

  “I’m glad to know, for you see I had a couple of same-sex relations while I was back down there on earth, so I was just wondering.” 

  “Yeah, and come to think of it, I’ve heard about all those wild sex orgies you had, but don’t sweat the small stuff, buddy. I can remember all those lonely nights I had out there on the water with my fisherman buddies, and, and, well let me just say, we weren’t exactly angels back then either.” 

   “You’re not telling me that . . . .”  

   “Hey, hey, hold on a minute, now.  I’ve already talked to Jesus about this, and he has a special section reserved for you fellows.” 

   “What do you mean a special section?” 

    “It’s a special place where all the fellows like you will be able to sit.” 


  “Yeah, and it’s okay, Solomon, you can come on in. You won’t have to sit with all the other Christians. Jesus has a special section reserved for you. When you walk through the door to heaven it’s the section up on your left a little ways back. It’s not the best seat in the house, but it’s better than the alternative.” 

   “Well, thanks for that. I think I know about the alternative. Nevertheless, this is a surprise.” 

   “Yeah, there have been quite a few surprises here lately, particularly back down there on earth.  But it’s all okay up here. You’ll see Paul and John back there, and, believe it or not, Thomas is back there.” 

   “Not the Thomas that . . . .” 

   “Yeah, that’s him all right. I don’t understand it, but Jesus found out that he had a thing going on with one of the Roman soldiers, and that’s why he did what he did.” 

   “Now that’s hard to believe.” 

   “I know, but Jesus went ahead and forgave him, and told me to let him in.  So I’m just doing what the big man said. There’ll be some more faces back there you’ll recognize.”  

  “I must say, this is some setup you’ve got here.” 

  “There’s no doubt about it, this place is fit for a king.  Listen, save me a seat ‘cause, I’ll join you fellows when I finish up out here.” 


   “Listen up fellows. I think you know who I am.  I need to remind you that this is heaven and things are different up here. You can be glad for you have received the promise I made to you.  There is no need for me to be turning water into wine, and I won’t have to be pulling fish from thin air.  In about an hour I’ll be addressing the entire heavenly bodies so take your time and look around.  Just one short announcement—tomorrow night the Golden Voice Choir will be performing here in the Concert Hall. I understand there are now more than 10,000 voices in the choir and it will be directed by the Angel Gabriel. You are all invited to attend. Just remember when you return sit in this same section because it’s the place that I have reserved especially for you.  Are there any questions?”



Monday, July 20, 2015



   If the factual account of the Biblical creation of man is to be accepted as the truth, there should be no objection to the examination of those facts. God created a perfect man with the reoccurring need for food and water. Also, God’s perfect creation had a reoccurring need for sexual satisfaction. The Bible confirms that God looked upon his creation and said it was good.

   For hundreds of years man lived as God had intended. The primary objective of primitive man was to obtain food, water, and sexual satisfaction. Those same objectives were extended into other societies such as the Greeks, the Romans, and the Egyptians.

   It was an accepted fact that sexual satisfaction was necessary for God’s creation to be happy. Thus, society allowed multiple sexual relationships. Marriage was not so much an institution of love but an institution to extend the family lineage.  

   Then a young Scottish man by the name of James inherited the British throne. To atone for a troubled childhood and a mischievous adolescence, he set out to revise the prophetic teachings.  As a royal child he had been raised by male tutors, and, as a result, he felt he had missed the love of a family.  So his primary objective was to strengthen the institution of marriage with the hope of improving family ties. This was the beginning of a new sexual revolution.

   According to King James, a young couple would be expected to enter a lifetime commitment of marriage without any previous experiences. This commitment would be one man to one woman until death. There could be no premarital sexual relations, and certainly no practice sessions.

   Many wise men questioned this new document.  They argued that it was wrong to harness an individual with a lifetime of sadness based on one mistake, particularly if that mistake was as easy as the failure to distinguish between lust and love.  Nevertheless, the powers of the King were absolute, and in the end the King got what the King wanted.

  The King chose a panel of so-called Biblical scholars who would select, from a series of prophetic writings, those that would be included into a book that would later be called the King James Bible. (The writings that were omitted were combined into a book called the Apocrypha.) 

   God’s creation had been perfect, but with man’s intervention, perfection turned into imperfection.   Sexual satisfaction could not be obtained within the confines of marriage between one man and one woman, thus alternative measures had to be developed.  Sex had to be driven into a secret experience. Men would have to hide girlie magazines under the mattresses and tiptoe into the bathroom late at night with a sex magazine hidden securely in their pajamas.   Women would have to hide sexual toys deep in the kitchen cabinets or in places where only women would look.  Men and women would have to seek sexual satisfaction outside the marriage contract. According to the King, self-gratification would also be prohibited.  As a result, humans were left in a situation of sexual deprivation.

    The increased divorce rate proves that the marriage contract between one man and one woman for life is a mistake. Instead of accepting the fact and correcting it, man has attempted a cover-up which has driven sexual satisfaction into an underground experience. It is a sad commentary that contemporary man has allowed the interpretations of one man to create a nation of sexually destitute individuals. 

   The true fact is that the King James’ Version of the Bible was not dropped from heaven in a leather bound, red-letter edition as many church-goers still believe. As the human race has progressed, it has been proven that the book many call holy has turned out to be not so holy after all. 






Sunday, July 12, 2015



   No matter how many times people attempt to distort history, the fact remains that the Civil War was fought over the issue of slavery.  For America it meant the right side won. It is unfortunate that throughout history some individuals have been brainwashed to give their lives for unworthy causes.  Fighting to keep people enslaved was an unworthy cause.

    It takes a big man or woman to admit a mistake, but by doing so we become better humans. That is why I say that many Southerners need to ‘get over it.’ Slavery was wrong and America is a better place even if it took a war to right the wrong. If the Civil War had not been fought, slave uprisings would have continued and Southerners would have never been able to live in peace.  The Confederate flag was the symbol of the Civil War and the Civil War was fought to keep a race of people in involuntary servitude, thus the Confederate flag should not be displayed in front of government buildings.   

   The issue of ‘get over it’ also applies to the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage. No matter what culture, what country, what race, or what national origin, in all societies some people of the same sex fall in love with each other.  Same-sex marriage has been legal in the United States for several weeks, and it has not hurt one single person.

   It is totally wrong for some political and religious leaders to continue to advocate social policies that divide the nation.  Anything that divides a society weakens a nation. The divine purpose of The United States of America is to show the world what a mixed society of free people can accomplish when they work together. Oppressed people all over the world need to know that there is one place where people can be free, therefore the light of freedom should never be dimmed in America.  That light now shines brighter because the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage.


Sunday, July 5, 2015



   In Louisiana the first step in school integration was to integrate the faculty.  I was assigned to teach in an all black high school. The first lesson I learned was that black students could teach a white teacher more than a white teacher could teach black students. I was startled to learn that there is beauty in skin-color, and there is a depth of determination in the eyes that struggle. I was surprised to learn that black female students had the desire to continue school even with the responsibility of taking care of babies. I was shocked to learn that some male and female black students prostituted their bodies in order to earn enough money to buy clothes for school. I was amazed to learn that black students who lived in homeless shelters walked to school with the glowing desire to learn. I was stunned to learn that the only meal a day for some students was the meal at school.  I was educated to the fact that some students could learn more on an empty stomach than others could learn who had plenty.  I was astonished that many students would go home and wash their one piece of clothing so they could wear clean clothes to school the next day. I learned that the struggles I may have experienced were nothing compared to the struggles of black students who were trying to rise above the stigma of living in a ghetto.

   But the biggest shock of all was learning that American lawmakers voted to cut spending for programs that provided food for hungry American children.  I learned that the biggest disgrace that the people of any nation has to face is to have a government that gives away trillions of taxpayer’s dollars to other nations, and allows American citizens to suffer.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015



   The best cure for prejudice is to associate with a person of a different race or a person of a different sexual orientation. I can recall the situation in the South when the courts ruled that all public schools must be integrated.  A few white teachers resigned rather than teach black students, and a few wealthy white families established independent schools to prevent their children from attending school with blacks. Many predicted that it would be the end of public education. However, the world did not come to an end, and the public educational system did not crumble. Today, most children have adapted to an integrated society, and life goes on.

   Tomorrow the sun will rise in America, and the world will not come to an end because the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. The doors of the churches will remain open, and Christians will continue to attend the church of their choice. A few will resign certain positions, and some businesses may close, but in general America will go about business as usual.

   The gay community expects heterosexual couples to continue getting married in the traditional way because marriage equality does not hurt any one.  New jobs will be created because same-sex wedding planners will have more business than they can accommodate.  Flower shops will specialize in selling flowers to same-sex couples, and bakeries will specialize in selling same-sex wedding cakes.  Mechanic shops will spring open that will specialize in mechanic work for same-sex couples, and pizza houses will specialize in selling same-sex pizzas.  A few will get up and move because they refuse to sit next to a same-sex couple in church, but in time it will all vanish as dust in the wind.  For you see, most people want to get on with the process of living.  The intelligent ones know that to get the most out of living we must live in peace and harmony and learn how to get along with others.

   It can all be summed up in the words that an elementary student said to her teacher, “Same-sex marriage is simple, if you don’t like it, don’t do it.” 






Monday, June 22, 2015



   The Bible teaches that FAITH the size of a mustard seed can remove mountains. The Bible also teaches that a small grain of HATE can create a mountain of disasters.  One seed of hate planted in the mind of a child results in terrible outcomes. Americans live in fear that has been created by hate, but most Americans refuse to address the root of the problem. Every day a political leader, a television evangelist, or a preacher advocates some form of hate that is detrimental to the entire society, but particularly the young.  

   America’s children are taught, not only to respect, but to believe the voice that comes from the pulpit. But time and time again history has proved that pulpit voices have been wrong. It was only a short time ago that preachers were using the Bible to uphold the doctrine of slavery. Today, we realize that slavery was wrong and that the teaching of hate based on skin color is an unethical mistake.  It is that same principle of hate that is used to tarnish the minds of America’s youth concerning sexual orientation.

    It is sad to see that many young men and women have allowed the seed of hate to grow into an act of violence that has destroyed the lives of many innocent citizens. It is hard to imagine what America would be if the abilities of those destroyed by hate had been used in helpful activities for the good of mankind.

   Today, America is experiencing the catastrophic results of hate, and the lessons have not been learned. Religious and political leaders are still planting the seeds of hate and citizens are suffering the consequences. It is important that the eyes of hate mongers be opened so they can see the damages they have caused—and the mouths of those proclaiming hate be forever closed—so that innocent ears will never again be influenced by the voices of destruction.   






Sunday, June 7, 2015



   Excitement is the real spice of life.  There is a deep rooted desire in all men to discover that which has never been discovered, or to experience that which has never been experienced, or to see that which has never been seen.  It was this kind of excitement that drove the first white men to trek through the jungle to see a sight that Western eyes had never seen.

   It was a welcome relief for the few Western explorers to find an opening in the tropical rain forest and gaze upon a circle of jungle boys dancing in the moonlight. A group of well-defined, dark-skinned boys, dancing in careful choreographed movements to the beat of jungle drums was the world’s first exotic male go-go show. The special guests from the West had never seen young boys dancing in the nude and proudly displaying all parts of the human body.

    There were moon beams and fire flames, but nothing could distract the seductive visions that dominated the on-lookers eyes. The sounds of jungle drums created a sexual arousal that was met with no shame by the primitive tribesmen.  But the frenzy of excitement that came from the performance of jungle boys dancing by the light of the moon was more than the eyes of the Western visitors could have ever expected.

   Forbidden by some and enhanced by others, men and women still have the desire to see exotic male dancers.  That is why young men in tight fitting jockey shorts perform in both straight and gay bars. Those who are successful support families, pay for college tuition, and start businesses. In many societies go-go dancing is an honorable profession where young boys grow up aspiring to be exotic performers.

   It is regretful that some have imposed self-restrictions that prevent a full scale of happiness. Nevertheless, there will always be those individuals who have the desire to take an occasional walk on the wild side, and there will always be those paid professionals who are willing to satisfy those desires.





Thursday, May 21, 2015



   There is a story circulating on the Internet about a straight student (Jacob Lescenski) who asked his gay friend (Anthony Martinez) to be his date for the Senior Prom.  Even though that is a great story, perhaps the greater story involves the other students who attended the prom.
    It has been reported that not one anti-gay remark or one act of violence occurred during the prom. I would like to thank each student who attended for your remarkable behavior, because you showed America and the world THE WAY IT SHOULD BE.
    Each of you made a choice that night—you chose to allow tolerance to overcome violence, and the result was a happy ending.  Now you will be able to live the rest of your life with pride and tell your children and grandchildren that you had an active role in showing the world THE WAY IT SHOULD BE.


Sunday, May 10, 2015



It was not so long ago,

in a kingdom not so far away,

you did not have to listen close,

to hear some people say . . .


   “If we free all the slaves, it will ruin the whole economy. The Southern plantations cannot survive without slave labor.”

   “If we let all the gays out of the closet, it will destroy the Christian church. People will stop going to church, and we’ll have to lock the doors.”


   “Now you need to be a good slave and get on back in the cotton field where you belong.”

   “Now you need to be a good faggot and get on back in the closet where you belong.”


   “If we free all the slaves, soon they’ll be taking over everything.  Can you imagine that one day a black man might be living in the White House?”

   “If we don’t stop them now, soon the gays will be taking over everything. Can you imagine that one day there might be one of them homos living in the White House?”


   “If we don’t pass laws to stop it, there might even be mixed marriages. Can you imagine that a white man might even want to marry up with a black woman?  Now that would be the end of traditional marriage.”

   “If we don’t pass laws to stop it, there might even be same-sex marriages. Can you imagine that a man might even marry a man or a woman might marry up with another woman?  Now that would surely be the end of traditional marriage.”


   “It is necessary to have signs on all the public toilets—FOR WHITES ONLY. It’s below the dignity of a fine, genteel, white Southern gentlemen, to use the same toilet as a slave.”

   “It will become necessary to have signs on all the public toilets—FOR STRAIGHT MEN ONLY.  If a straight man uses the same toilet with a homosexual, he’ll come out being gay. It happens every time.”


   “If we don’t pass laws to stop it, black men will marry white women and soon we’ll have nothing but brown babies.  And that will be the end of the pure white race.”

   “If we don’t pass laws to stop it, the gays will marry gays and then we won’t have no babies.  Now that will be the end of the human race.”


   “If we allow the blacks to go to school with the whites, soon the white girls will be having sex with black boys, and that will be the end of public educational”

   “If these homosexuals continue to go to our schools, soon the straight boys will be having sex with the gay boys, and that will surely be the end of public education.”  




and on and on it goes.

Where will it stop?

Nobody really knows!   










Sunday, May 3, 2015



     Christians believe that the Bible is the true word of God. Therefore, they must accept the fact that, in the Garden of Eden, God gave man a choice.  When the Almighty gave his creation the ability to choose, he created a BEING rather than a ROBOT.  The Christian lifestyle is a lifestyle of choice.  

    If Christians believe that God is an all-knowing (omniscient) God, they must also accept the fact that an all-knowing God knows that forced love is not true love. Thus, the attempt to force the Christian lifestyle on anyone is a dictatorial policy that defies all Biblical teachings. This is a MISTAKEN THEOLOGY.

   The claim made by some conservative Christian leaders that the gay community is attacking the Christian church is absolutely not true. Gay Americans are not the ATTACKERS, and in no way are we a threat to the Christian lifestyle. If Christians believe that same-sex relations and same-sex marriages are wrong, it is simple—they do not have to participate? 

    American gays uphold the right of religious freedom for ourselves and for others, and we are not attempting to deny religious freedom to anyone.  Gays firmly believe that Christians have every right to live as they believe, and we are not trying to pass laws that force a certain lifestyle on anyone or any group. But we are not going to sit idly by while conservative Christians attempt to force their lifestyle on us, and blame us for creating the problems.

   Religious freedom does not come in the context of one conservative viewpoint. The freedom to choose—given to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden—should remain part of contemporary Christian theology.      




Saturday, April 25, 2015


IS THE YEAR 2015 OR 1860? 

   The year 2015 looks as if the American history book has been opened and the pages prior to the Civil War torn out and pasted into the pages of contemporary history.  Political polarization dominates government. Preachers are preaching that it is Biblically correct to deny basic civil rights to minorities. Political leaders are advocating that citizens have the right to harm minorities, and that minorities must be kept in their proper places. Religious leaders are falsely accusing minorities of declaring war against the established church, and many of those same leaders are publicly announcing that all minorities should be killed. Citizens are being gunned down indiscriminately by the armed police. Major news media are justifying the use of deadly force by the authorities, and Americans, by the millions, have become a brainwashed group of confused citizens. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015



   Within the next decade it will be revealed that the gay population is much greater than the reported 10%. So parents and grandparents, get ready. The chances are—sooner or later—your son, daughter, or grandchild will come to you and say, “There is something I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time but couldn’t find the right moment.  I want to tell you—I’m gay.”

   As a parent you need to know that this will probably be the scariest moment in your child’s life. At that moment, you will have the opportunity to become the greatest parent in the world.  What your gay child needs more than anything else is to feel your arms wrapped tightly around him or her and hear you say, “You are my child, and I love you more than you could ever imagine.  And I will love you unconditionally, until the day I die.” A gay child, who is faced with living in a straight world, needs to know that there is security in the loving arms of a Mom and a Dad.

   Youngsters will make mistakes, but being gay in not one of them. There is a great deal of confusion circulating about homosexuality, but parents need not be confused. You should simply stay with facts, and one fact is that sexuality is determined at conception and is not a choice. Therefore, the gay lifestyle is not a lifestyle of choice. Parents, you should know that a gay son or a lesbian daughter will probably be the best child you could ever have. Do not ever allow a television evangelist, or a pulpit orator, or anyone in a leadership position to say anything to you that would prevent you from having a happy, loving relationship with your gay child. 

   The greatest moments in your life will be when you say to your gay grandson, “Grab your fishing pole and let’s go fishing. I want to show you how to catch the biggest bass you’ve ever seen.” Or when you say to your lesbian daughter, “Pick up your bat and let’s head for the softball field. I want to see MY daughter hit that ball over the fence.” Or when you say to your gay son, “Tonight I want to go with you. I want to see MY son break-dancing on the disco floor.”

   These are the moments that great parents carry great memories with them far beyond the grave. These are the earthly experiences that make heaven a reality.

   I beg of you—don’t miss out!