Monday, January 26, 2015



   There is nothing that exemplifies cruelty more than an evil man with power, someone who is supported by brainwashed evildoers who carry out his wicked deeds. One man did not kill 12 1/2 million Jews. He had the help of thousands of evil men.  No matter how brainwashed, a real human knows when he or she is committing evil acts against other humans. 

    A real human would never vote to take away food from a hungry child, while voting for a salary increase for himself.  

   A real human would never vote to decrease the benefits for veterans, while voting for tax breaks for millionaires.   

   A real human would never vote to increase interest rates for young people struggling to obtain a college education, while casting a vote for his children to be granted free college tuition. 

   A real human would never vote to decrease the social security benefits for retirees, and yet vote himself the best retirement benefits of anyone in the entire world. 

     I am talking about politicians who make forked-tongued promises during election times, but never expect their constituents to follow their voting records. I am talking about Congressional monsters who have sold themselves to billionaires for the love of money, and have lost what it means to be a real human.  







Thursday, January 8, 2015



   A nation that has been the leader of the free world cannot enter into a standstill mode. America will either regress or progress but will not stand still. At the present, Americans are being hammered into a conservative doctrine that will only lead to a regressive state.  Anyone who cannot see what progress has done for America is in a deep state of denial. The only correct way for America to move forward is in a progressive manner.

   Many voting Americans have misjudged a man strictly based on skin color, and, in time, history will prove this to be a big mistake. A nation cannot be a progressive nation with hate and discrimination on the top agenda. Nevertheless, there is a group of voters who bear the conservative title and whose sole purpose is to overthrow the progressive measures that have been accomplished by the President, with hate being the underlying factor.  

   There is a warfare going on inside America that is stimulated by hate, and if the nation continues down this path it will destroy what was once a great nation. There is street warfare, political warfare, and economic warfare, and this is witnessed by millions of citizens who are living in fear, perched behind locked doors. A free society should not be defined by fear.

   Change must occur in the way authority handles disobedience, and citizens must be willing to accept the truth. Police cannot continue careless acts of enforcement that result in the death of citizens. If the police are not able to regulate their actions then at some point, citizens, on a scale much larger than seen before, will react.  

   A major change must also occur in religion, as a way of life that has become a form of man-made Christianity. In the name of religion, America has produced the greatest number of hypocrites the world has known.  It is a hypocrisy that comes in the form of lip service but failure in the activation of living examples.  There is hypocrisy from the pulpits, hypocrisy from the amen corners, and hypocrisy from the pews. This hypocrisy is measured by materialism. Nowhere in the scriptures is it taught that materialism should be the godfather of the evangelical Christian way of life.  However, this has become the driving force behind a way of life that carelessly bears the name of Christianity.   

   America stands in a crossroads of time, and the choice is in the hands of the citizens. The nation can move forward and continue to be a progressive nation, or move backwards into regression. But one thing is for certain—change is inevitable.