Monday, June 22, 2015



   The Bible teaches that FAITH the size of a mustard seed can remove mountains. The Bible also teaches that a small grain of HATE can create a mountain of disasters.  One seed of hate planted in the mind of a child results in terrible outcomes. Americans live in fear that has been created by hate, but most Americans refuse to address the root of the problem. Every day a political leader, a television evangelist, or a preacher advocates some form of hate that is detrimental to the entire society, but particularly the young.  

   America’s children are taught, not only to respect, but to believe the voice that comes from the pulpit. But time and time again history has proved that pulpit voices have been wrong. It was only a short time ago that preachers were using the Bible to uphold the doctrine of slavery. Today, we realize that slavery was wrong and that the teaching of hate based on skin color is an unethical mistake.  It is that same principle of hate that is used to tarnish the minds of America’s youth concerning sexual orientation.

    It is sad to see that many young men and women have allowed the seed of hate to grow into an act of violence that has destroyed the lives of many innocent citizens. It is hard to imagine what America would be if the abilities of those destroyed by hate had been used in helpful activities for the good of mankind.

   Today, America is experiencing the catastrophic results of hate, and the lessons have not been learned. Religious and political leaders are still planting the seeds of hate and citizens are suffering the consequences. It is important that the eyes of hate mongers be opened so they can see the damages they have caused—and the mouths of those proclaiming hate be forever closed—so that innocent ears will never again be influenced by the voices of destruction.   






Sunday, June 7, 2015



   Excitement is the real spice of life.  There is a deep rooted desire in all men to discover that which has never been discovered, or to experience that which has never been experienced, or to see that which has never been seen.  It was this kind of excitement that drove the first white men to trek through the jungle to see a sight that Western eyes had never seen.

   It was a welcome relief for the few Western explorers to find an opening in the tropical rain forest and gaze upon a circle of jungle boys dancing in the moonlight. A group of well-defined, dark-skinned boys, dancing in careful choreographed movements to the beat of jungle drums was the world’s first exotic male go-go show. The special guests from the West had never seen young boys dancing in the nude and proudly displaying all parts of the human body.

    There were moon beams and fire flames, but nothing could distract the seductive visions that dominated the on-lookers eyes. The sounds of jungle drums created a sexual arousal that was met with no shame by the primitive tribesmen.  But the frenzy of excitement that came from the performance of jungle boys dancing by the light of the moon was more than the eyes of the Western visitors could have ever expected.

   Forbidden by some and enhanced by others, men and women still have the desire to see exotic male dancers.  That is why young men in tight fitting jockey shorts perform in both straight and gay bars. Those who are successful support families, pay for college tuition, and start businesses. In many societies go-go dancing is an honorable profession where young boys grow up aspiring to be exotic performers.

   It is regretful that some have imposed self-restrictions that prevent a full scale of happiness. Nevertheless, there will always be those individuals who have the desire to take an occasional walk on the wild side, and there will always be those paid professionals who are willing to satisfy those desires.