Saturday, May 27, 2017


     Millions of people all over the world are realizing that no man is an island.  If the planet earth is to survive the one lesson humans must learn is how to get along with each other. There is decency in recognizing all humans as equals. Acceptance is easy, interesting, and educational. Appreciating diversity is the key to human happiness and happiness is the main ingredient in the recipe for successful living.
     The ability to look at the world and realize that present conditions are not working should be an easy realization. Still many individuals hold on to the traditions that have made the world a miserable place to live. There comes a time in any society when citizens must stand up and say NO to church leaders and politicians who are advocating policies that are detrimental to successful living.
    The United States has lost ALL respect for human dignity. Police continue to kill innocent victims with little or no outcry from most citizens. Airlines continue to drag innocent paying customers off flights and citizens merely look on. Political leaders pass laws that deny millions health benefits and brainwash citizens to think that this is the right thing to do. It has become the norm for politicians to lie to their constituents, and their constituents continue to reelect them to leadership positions.  And it is most amazing that thousands of Americans citizens stand up and cheer while politicians lie, cheat, and steal.  It is hard to believe that Americans are applauding while politicians are denying them health insurance that could possibility cost them their own lives.
     American preachers are advocating that parents kill gay children. Many other Christian ministers are teaching parents to abandon gay and lesbian off-springs. My way or the highway is not the American way. It is a miserable father who puts his son or daughter on the streets because he or she is gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual.  Love has never been greater than when a father puts his arms around his gay son and says, “I LOVE YOU.” When a father loves unconditionally it is the greatest “pleasure cruise” he will ever be on.  It may not be a “bed of roses” from the local preacher or from the guys in the neighborhood, but it will be the greatest relationship he has ever had because it will be a relationship built on love. Loving someone does not produce a criminal because in love no crime is committed. Love is the greatest example of human kindness found in the universe and how many times did Jesus have to tell us that it’s all about love?
     If Jesus walked on the earth today he would love African children as much as he would love any others. He would wrap his arms around all the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender teenagers who have been made homeless by parents who have listened to wrong Christian teachers. He would stamp out the money-changers in all the places of worship, and he would rebuke millionaire preachers who live in luxury while thousands of hungry and homeless people live in cardboard boxes.   


Saturday, May 13, 2017



   Today every American is being tested. What kind of an American do you want to be? Questions are being asked, but answers are falling short of the goal post. Are we going to allow the greatest nation on the planet to be destroyed by an administration of the biggest number of liars ever assembled in a president’s cabinet? Are we going to allow American children to grow up in a divided society dominated by hate?  Are we going to allow children to be taught hate in all-white public schools, and allow hate to be the number one topic taught in the Sunday morning church services? Are we going to allow America to return to the days of Jim Crow laws being enforced by the KKK? Are we going to allow the Christian Church to be identified around the world as the symbol of hate? Are we going to allow young Americans to be brainwashed by white Supremacists and denied the existence of diversity as the peacemaker of American society? I don’t think so! Somewhere in this great nation patriotism is going to kick in and the majority of Americans are going to realize this is not the America we want to live in.
   We know there was a time when the world looked to America as the symbol of freedom. There is no doubt that at one time America was the leader of the free world, but things have changed. The only way to continue to be that leader is through a progressive agenda. No matter how many dissenting voices are heard, progress is what made America great. It is important that America continue to be a part of the globalization process. American products must continue to be competitive on the world’s market, and there is no other way to economic success.  To attempt to build walls around America and adopt policies of economic protectionism will be the death of America’s economic system.  
   It is unbelievable that intelligent Americans are going to allow this administration to move America into a regressive direction. To deny the existence of climate change and attempt to move America backwards in support of fossils fuels is to declare the destruction of the planet. Solar and wind power have already created millions of jobs and millions more are in the process.
   It is plain and simple, Americans have been lied to and even though millions now recognize it, thousands more must accept it. As an American citizen I can only hope that there are enough stable men and women in leadership positions in all branches of American military to prevent an inexperienced military novice from entering America into a Third World War.  But one thing we know, one certain person knows that neither he nor any of his children will ever be the boots in the trenches where old men create situations for young men to die in war.

Monday, May 1, 2017



   One of the most uncomfortable places to be is standing in front of a urinal in a men’s restroom in America. You must focus your eyes directly on the cold, grey wall in front of you.  You dare not allow your eyes to look at the man to your left or your right, and above all else you must never allow your eyes to venture below the waist of any man. An American who looks another man directly in the eyes and then looks below his waist is immediately given the title of a queer. Being a queer in a Christian society is an awful thing to be. The number is endless of young boys who have suffered physicals attacks because they allowed their eyes to wander below the waist of other boys in an American High School locker room.  Yet to the American male size is important.  Even Christian men place emphasis upon size as a sign of masculinity. Many Christian males use the bulge to attract people of the opposite sex although sometimes it attracts others. Even preachers sometimes step outside the pulpit to show the imprint of a manly bulge.

   Christianity has developed into one of the most restrictive religions of all lifestyles. The religion that has imposed the most rules against sex has become the religion dominated with sex. Somewhere in the golden era of the scriptures in the gospel according to Saint Luke, Jesus said, “Therefore I say unto you, the size of a man’s penis determines the manliest among you,” or is this a miss-quote? At one time this was in the canon of the scriptures, but it was deliberately eliminated because King James #1 was secretly known as the king with small hands among the English monarchs.  Nevertheless, it is evident that Jesus enjoyed the company of men. Peter, the rough and tough fisherman, was the manliest of the disciples. Then there was sweet, lovable, John, and not far behind him was dear, little, timid, Timothy. There was a mixture of men among the disciples but Jesus loved them all.

   The one thing that the Christian Church has done and done well is to teach people how to be hypocrites. Christianity is the only religion that teaches a young boy that it is a deadly sin to touch a certain part of his body. This is like placing a beautiful decorated cake in front of kindergarten children and telling them not to touch the icing on the cake until the teacher returns.

   The well-developed human body is a magnificent work of art designed by a genius. With females it is beautiful and with males it is handsome. It is an enjoyable experience to visit an African tribe where little emphasis is placed upon clothes. The unclothed human body is even a greater work of art.  I am privileged to live in Thailand where young men and women consider it an honor to display beautiful and handsome bodies in full nudity. It is a great delight to gaze upon young unclothed performers without being riddled with guilt, knowing that some of the most intelligent men of the universe were fascinated by nude bodies of both men and women.