Saturday, April 25, 2015


IS THE YEAR 2015 OR 1860? 

   The year 2015 looks as if the American history book has been opened and the pages prior to the Civil War torn out and pasted into the pages of contemporary history.  Political polarization dominates government. Preachers are preaching that it is Biblically correct to deny basic civil rights to minorities. Political leaders are advocating that citizens have the right to harm minorities, and that minorities must be kept in their proper places. Religious leaders are falsely accusing minorities of declaring war against the established church, and many of those same leaders are publicly announcing that all minorities should be killed. Citizens are being gunned down indiscriminately by the armed police. Major news media are justifying the use of deadly force by the authorities, and Americans, by the millions, have become a brainwashed group of confused citizens. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015



   Within the next decade it will be revealed that the gay population is much greater than the reported 10%. So parents and grandparents, get ready. The chances are—sooner or later—your son, daughter, or grandchild will come to you and say, “There is something I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time but couldn’t find the right moment.  I want to tell you—I’m gay.”

   As a parent you need to know that this will probably be the scariest moment in your child’s life. At that moment, you will have the opportunity to become the greatest parent in the world.  What your gay child needs more than anything else is to feel your arms wrapped tightly around him or her and hear you say, “You are my child, and I love you more than you could ever imagine.  And I will love you unconditionally, until the day I die.” A gay child, who is faced with living in a straight world, needs to know that there is security in the loving arms of a Mom and a Dad.

   Youngsters will make mistakes, but being gay in not one of them. There is a great deal of confusion circulating about homosexuality, but parents need not be confused. You should simply stay with facts, and one fact is that sexuality is determined at conception and is not a choice. Therefore, the gay lifestyle is not a lifestyle of choice. Parents, you should know that a gay son or a lesbian daughter will probably be the best child you could ever have. Do not ever allow a television evangelist, or a pulpit orator, or anyone in a leadership position to say anything to you that would prevent you from having a happy, loving relationship with your gay child. 

   The greatest moments in your life will be when you say to your gay grandson, “Grab your fishing pole and let’s go fishing. I want to show you how to catch the biggest bass you’ve ever seen.” Or when you say to your lesbian daughter, “Pick up your bat and let’s head for the softball field. I want to see MY daughter hit that ball over the fence.” Or when you say to your gay son, “Tonight I want to go with you. I want to see MY son break-dancing on the disco floor.”

   These are the moments that great parents carry great memories with them far beyond the grave. These are the earthly experiences that make heaven a reality.

   I beg of you—don’t miss out!



Wednesday, April 15, 2015



   In recent days and months several professional gay athletes have stepped out of the closet and into the world of being themselves. The testimonies from each of these courageous men have been nothing less than miraculous. They have all admitted that since they “came out,” their accomplishments have reached unbelievable heights, and this is good news for America. Despite all the hate and bigotry, it is nothing less than a miracle that these athletes have made the life changing move. God works in mysterious ways, even in the gay community, and as the result of the actions taken by these professionals, several young high school athletes have made the move of “coming out.” Americans should offer praise to these young students who have found the value of truth in being themselves. 

    Americans should be proud because once again, as a country, we    have proved to the world that we are a great people. Millions voiced opposition to Indiana’s so-called Religious Freedom Law and Arkansas’ House Bill #1228. These laws would have allowed businesses to openly discriminate against any person they considered to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.  It has been a great day for America because the majority of Americans were able to look back and see the evils that were caused by bigotry and prejudice, and declared to the world that we have no intentions of returning to those days. 

   What happens to gays in America is very important to gays around the world. They are looking to America to provide the leadership whereby they can escape the torture of corrupt governments. We must never forget that thousands are still being beaten, hanged, and murdered for no other reason than being gay, and we must never allow the voices of bigotry and prejudice to be louder than the voices of truth.

   So many times in the past America has been the light at the end of the tunnel, and today is a day that Americans should celebrate. Because we spoke out in such large numbers, changes were made in both of the so-called Religious Freedom Acts that prevents discrimination, and this is good news for America.

   Social change has been slow and difficult, but many accomplishments have been made. We are in no way saying that the battle has been won, but we are saying that the early years of the 21st century have opened doors for gays that have been closed for decades. For this we say, “Thank you, Americans.”










Saturday, April 11, 2015



   Perhaps you haven’t heard that a young high school basketball player by the name of Dalton Maldonado was attacked by members of an opposing team for bring gay. Or maybe you haven’t heard that a young lesbian high school senior by the name of Claudetteia Love has been denied the right to attend her high school prom in Monroe, Louisiana, simply because she wants to wear a tuxedo. It is hard to imagine that young students are subjected to this kind of treatment, especially in America. Nevertheless, these actions are the direct result of America’s homophobic leadership. 

   Conservative Christians are yelling loud because they realize they are losing ground. For years they have been able to use the weapon of religious fear as a tool to keep gays in the closet. Now they realize that the social tide in America is turning. No longer are gay Americans, together with millions of straight Americans, going to sit on the sidelines and do nothing while right-wing Christians attempt to pass laws that discriminate against minorities and are designed primarily to keep gays in the closet.  

   When all else fails, the leaders of conservative Christians are now attempting to use “reverse psychology” to advance their cause.  After using all kinds of false accusations concerning the gay lifestyle, they now are trying to say that the LGBT community is the cause of all the problems. Their latest accusation is that gays are attempting to destroy America’s churches.  May I make this perfectly clear, we are not the ones trying to destroy anything, but we are the ones fighting to keep from being destroyed. When was the last time you saw a gay person walking around carrying a hate sign?  Or when was the last time a gay personality appeared on a Sunday morning talk show advocating passing laws that would deny the rights to anyone or any group? You haven’t seen it because it hasn’t happened. 

   The problems can be correctly laid at the steps of conservative Christians. You are the ones who will not admit that hate, prejudice, and bigotry are destroying the happiness of millions. If you would stop trying to force your lifestyle on others, most America’s socials problems would be solved.      



Tuesday, April 7, 2015



    In order to solve a problem, the problem first must be correctly identified.  Let it be known that gay America is not the cause of any of the political upheavals that American citizens are facing in 2015.  We are not the ones trying to pass laws that whitewash prejudice, to turn it into some false form of religious freedom.  We are not the ones denying the rights to anyone or any group. We are, however, fighting to prevent our rights from being denied by conservative Christians. I would like to make this perfectly clear, the LGBT community finds absolutely nothing wrong with traditional marriage. In fact, we believe that the basic reason for marriage is love. Thus, we simply uphold marriage equality that gives the right to consenting adults to marry whomever they love. 

   I thank God every day that the gay community has a solid media   platform, such as the Internet, whereby our voices can be heard.  Americans are posting thousands of articles supporting a lifestyle that means no harm to anyone. Through these articles we have learned that gays are “coming out” in greater numbers today than ever before.  As a result, many religious groups are freaking out because they can no longer use fear, as a tool in the hands of the Almighty, to keep gays in the closet. 

   I will say with my dying breath that there is something bad wrong with a group of people who cannot be satisfied unless they find something or someone to hate.  I have tried and tried and cannot come up with a logical answer to the question --- If the Christian lifestyle is so filled with joy, contentment, peace, and happiness, why are so many Christians always trying to find fault with the lifestyle of others?  If you are so happy, and I hope that you are, why not enjoy your happiness, and allow others to do the same?

   Is it so worrisome to Christians what we, the gay community, have found peace with our God, and, because we love each other, we have secured our place in the life hereafter, that you cannot leave us alone? We wish you well in your pursuit of heavenly activities. We sincerely hope that you have no difficulty using the King James Bible as your secure ticket to walk quickly past Saint Peter at the Golden Gate and on into your concept of eternal bliss.  We would like to make this perfectly clear—we wish you no ill will at all.


Sunday, April 5, 2015



   Wherever there is good evil always lurks in a nearby corner. Hate is a pure form of evil that is always ready to make an entrance. Hate has been, and will continue to be, troublesome for a progressive society. It is sad but true that many Americans can never be pleased unless they have someone to hate, and throughout history there have always been a few leaders who have enjoyed fanning the flames.  

   Just when we thought America was free from the likes of Orval Faubus and George Wallace, along comes Mike Huckabee, Mike Pence, and Asa Hutchinson, who are taking pride in reviving the spirit of hate. It is as if those individuals have not learned from history, and that historical hate mongering still speaks from the grave. 

   Hate is hate regardless if it is based on skin color, sexual orientation, or ethic origin, and hate cannot be whitewashed into meaning something different. It is impossible to disguise hate by painting it as a form of religious freedom that discriminates against minorities.  This was tried many years ago. It was wrong then, and it is wrong now.

    It is absolutely startling that these hate mongers always use the Bible to support their evil wrongdoings. They take pride in omitting so many Biblical teachings to harp on just one particular subject.  Many churchgoers have difficulty remembering the time when they heard a sermon on the subject of a rich man entering heaven, or Jesus chasing the moneychangers out of the temple. Few if any sermons are preached on the subjects of keeping the Sabbath holy, or the love of money. Caring for the poor, the widow, or the orphan are subjects that are rendered as lip service only, and are not often used as sermon material.

    But on the other hand, church members have no difficulty remembering the many times they heard sermons concerning homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Preachers take pride in stirring up the emotions of conservative churchgoers and love counting the extra money that these sermons produce. But they deliberately omit many topics that describe the characteristics of the real Christian life.