Friday, August 31, 2018



Today the United States has more evangelical false prophets than any time in American history. The scriptures speak of them not only as false prophets but the anti-Christ. Their numbers far exceed anything that has ever happened in American history.  False prophets are not only in the churches but they have in filtered the political system to dangerous proportions. Plus, they are having a greater influence on a larger number of Americans than any time in history. They are preaching that America’s economic system requires a different kind of Christianity-----a Capitalistic Christianity-------a monetary worshiping religion.

These false prophets are agents of the devil and are destroying the Christian Church. They are liars and deceivers and have attempted to turn that which is wrong into a false doctrine of right.  They have joined forces with Satan in exchange for money and fame which is leading them and thousands of their followers into the pits of hell.
If there is a Jesus and if he is in heaven as he is suppose to be, he is furious because his name is being misused in modern-day Christianity. He is experiencing more anger than the day when he drove the moneychangers out of the temple. He is absolutely begging his Father to let him return to earth and take care of this massive number of false prophets.

If Jesus returned to earth today he would rebuke with vengeance these church leaders who have turned Christianity into a false form of monetary worship.  He would walk inside the mega churches, overturn their velvet cushioned pews, rip open their long velvet curtains, and chase the deceivers of Christianity from the pulpits. He would then stand tall and preach to the masses the meaning of real Christianity.

Christianity is to blame for much of the false doctrine that dominates Christian lifestyle.  The truth has no value in America today. In religious and political circles lying has become an acceptable standard of behavior. Apparently Christians do not believe their own doctrine. The BIBLE, which is the worshiper's guide to the Christian life, plainly states, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.”  

Directly opposite from the truth is lying.  Lying is wrong and is not an acceptable form of behavior.  It is just as wrong to accept lies as it is to be a liar. There is no gray area. One lie has to be covered up by another,  and thus lying must continue. A liar is in a mental prison, and all he has is memory and sooner or later memory fails.  As the Bible clearly states truth is the only path to freedom.  Most contemporary Christians are not free but are under the brainwashed, authoritative hypocrisy of false church leaders.       

However, false evangelical church leaders are not the only ones to blame for the creation of capitalistic Christianity. There are certain types of people who are attracted to false doctrines and enjoy defending liars because it satisfies their self-interest. Evangelical preachers learned that people love money, so they developed a form of Christianity that does not separate parishioners from their money. This form of religion is called CAPITALISTIC CHRISTIANITY.  Not only does it justify monetary worshipers, but it allows evangelical preachers to maintain riches and still be considered a member of the glorified, heavenly group who are called Christians. 


Wednesday, August 15, 2018



One day the world will realize that the negative connotations about sexual orientations are “much to do about nothing.” After two hundred plus years of verbal and physical abuse, the number of LGBT individuals has greatly increased in the USA. For decades LGBT individuals have been working to achieve acceptable social status and equal protection under the law. These are the civil rights that should be granted to all citizens including LGBT individuals.

The people of the world have no idea of the exact numbers of gay individuals, but the numbers far exceed all expectations. The world is experiencing a “gay revolution” that many believe started in the USA. When individuals are allowed to be themselves, they become better citizens, better students, better professionals, and do a better job at the work place. (The first Trillion Dollar Company in America is Apple, headed by an openly gay CEO, Tim Cook.)   It is a fact that LGBT individuals are some of the most talented people in the world, and have made valuable contributions to society.  When Christians leave gays alone, they are some of the happiest, productive, and talented people in the world.  It is also a fact that gay men are some of the best looking men in the world, and no one will ever stop the world from appreciating handsome men.

Social acceptance is a must in a diverse society. America is and will continue to be a diverse society, and those who think they can crawl into their caves of white supremacy and surround themselves with an all white environment is as wrong as wrong can be. However, the administration of Donald Trump has brought out the worst in American behavior and has given the KKK, White Supremacists, and Neo-Nazis, a renewed courage in spreading public hate onto American streets. Statistics show that hate crimes have increased over 80% during the Trump administration.
American Christian’s centerfold is hate for all LGBT individuals. Hate is a deteriorating characteristic that has never accomplished anything worthwhile. Hate is the worst form of evil within the human race and hate causes indescribable atrocities. No matter how many sermons are preached condoning hate against gays, no matter how many gays are beaten, and killed, it is impossible to irradiate gays from society.

It is an established fact that sexuality is determined at conception and nothing will ever change facts.  All of the “conversion therapy” in the world cannot change the sexuality of any individual.  There are more LGBT individuals coming out of the closet today than anytime in history, and this is predicated to be only the beginning.

Americans enjoy creating problems where problems do not exist. American Christians have always had the “better than thou” attitude to separate themselves from others of the world.   Even though that has never been productive for the Christian lifestyle, it is something that has dominated Christianity from the beginning.  

Believe it or not, there are places in the world where sexual orientation is “much to do about nothing.”  Within those societies there are phenomenal records of peace loving individuals who have learned the secrets of getting along with each other. These are the civilizations that should become the examples for the world.  It is a simple fact, when people are allowed to be themselves the world becomes a better place for all.



Saturday, August 4, 2018



The pages of world history are filled with examples of rogue nations that have gone wrong. Each time it has taken courageous leaders to stand up against the statuesque to lead the people back to some form of normalcy. At the present America is a failed nation. America has failed the working class. America has failed education; failed school teachers and failed American students, but most of all has failed the lower class and middle classes of citizens.

The time has come for men and women throughout America to take a stand for that which is right.  It is time for real men to admit that the rainbow they have been following is actually no more than a fallen star. It is time for real men to realize that the future they are leaving for their children and grandchildren is built on a series of false hopes and lies. And believe it or not, today’s children and grandchildren are going to hold adults responsible for their future.  One day the question will be asked, “Grandpa or grandma what did you do?”

Most parents want to be admired by their children and the best admiration is that which will stand the test of time.  The support of a government built on a foundation of lies and false hopes will not stand the test of time. The men and women who stand up against it will be those who will stand tall with future generations.  It takes a real man to stand up among his peers and say, “This is wrong and I will have no part of it.”

Parents are doing an injustice to their children by involving them in an environment of hatred and prejudice. Teaching children to believe in the superiority of the white race is wrong and is jeopardizing their future happiness. In order to provide them with a secure place in the future they should be taught to accept diversity and to see the beauty in all colors. It is time for real men to forget themselves and stand up for future generations. Our forefathers did that for us and that is what we should do for the future.

America has become a complicated group of confused citizens, with one side pulling for progressive politics and another side pulling for conservatism. One side is attempting to move the future in a forward direction and another side is attempting to move back to the past.

America is at a crossroads in history. The movement is crucial because no society will be able to remain the same. One way or another change will occur and that change will direct America’s path for the future.

Even with the mistakes of a growing nation America has been blessed. America has accomplished the highest level of prosperity of any nation on the planet and that prosperity is the direct result of the accomplishments of a free people. It is a shame that wealthy Republicans want to sit on those accomplishments as a selfish act for themselves.

Nevertheless, the future will not allow that. America will either move to a third world status or will assume the position as the leader of the free world. It is true that leadership costs, but Americans have been able to pay the cost and still maintain a high standard of living. American citizens will decide to either pay the cost of leadership or attempt to place the nation in a bottle. In the long run isolationist will destroy American’s economy.

Now the test is at hand!  Will the real men and women of America stand up and fight for America’s future or will they bow down to an authoritative government that has proven to be unsuccessful for other nations? It is hoped beyond all hopes that Americans will look up and realize what a great nation America has been and will chose the continued path of leadership. The people of the world look on with hope and hope is all that is left.
It is a shame that one man has come along with a cartel of simplistic mottos that serve as a disgrace to every American leader who had a part in making America the greatest nation on the planet and many American citizens have swallowed it hook, line and sinker.