Wednesday, December 9, 2015



   In 2008 the first man of color was elected as the president of the United States.  For many it was a time to rejoice because it was assumed that America had turned a new page, and prejudice and racial hatred had become a thing of the past.  It didn’t take long to prove that assumption to be incorrect. Immediately, the white back-lash began.  Instantly, the leadership of the opposing party met and made the decision to oppose every word that came out of the president’s mouth.  

   There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Americans are better off today under the present administration than the previous. When individuals look facts directly in the face and deny them, there is a serious intellectual problem. When individuals disguise prejudice and declare that undocumented opposition is a political right, the definition of prejudice has been changed.  For decades prejudice has been, and still is, an enjoyable social trait for many Americans. And the medicine that is prescribed by the leaders is not a cure but a promotion. 

   Today, America has a political party that is the equivalent to the Know-Nothing Part that sprang up in the middle of the nineteenth century. The one word that described the party was ANTI: anti-black Americans, anti-immigration, and anti-religious freedom.  It is significant to note that in 1855 Abraham Lincoln wrote a letter expressing disgust with the Know-Nothing Party. He said that if they were ever elected to office, America would have to rewrite the Declaration of Independence.

   The unwritten motto of this present-day wealthy class of Americans is “I got mine, so the heck with you getting yours.” And they go a step further—“I got mine, and I will do everything possible to keep you from getting yours.”  This is a sad commentary on American politics, but it is even sadder when working middle class Americans are brainwashed to vote to keep the wealthy class in office. 

   Americans, and the people of the world, should thank their lucky stars that Obama was elected president, because with his leadership, America and the world was saved from an economic depression.  Many middle class Americans who are presently ‘eating high on the hog’ would be lucky to be ‘eating pig tail soup’ if a member of the opposing party had become the President.