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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a grandpa and sit in your favorite rocking chair, on the front porch of your home, and cradle your grandson in your lap and tell him a story? It is a story about a lady whose voice was sweeter than the song birds. A woman who could play the church piano so good that it would make the old time Holy Rollers want to stand up and shout. But that same lady could bake an apple pie, darn a sock, sew a patch on a pair of trousers, and decorate a Christmas tree that would make your heart glow. That lady was his grandmother. 

It warms my heart to sit back and listen to my friends tell the story. I am pleased and amazed concerning the details that individuals remember about the story. THE MAMA MILLER LOVE STORY brings back memories to those who have read it, and they are memories worth retelling. 

A book can take you on an adventure like nothing you have ever experienced. It can also be one of the less expensive adventures you’ll ever encounter. People spend money on cigarettes, coke-a-cola, candy bars, and even in slot machines, and never give one serious thought about it.  But yet, they act like to spend money on a book would bankrupt them. 

A book can offer valuable moments of pleasure that takes the reader away from the hustle and bustle of daily living into a quiet place of peaceful rest. A book can provide knowledge never before experienced, and tell things about people you will never meet.    

Then the question is asked, why don’t you do yourself a favor and read the book THE MAMA MILLER LOVE STORY and enjoy the same pleasures that a grandpa shared with his grandson? 

It has been said that humans will never get tired of a good love story.  Love is a beautiful thing. It is an emotion that is hard to describe but the results are tangible.  Love comes in many forms such as the love between a mother and a child, a brother and a sister, or a neighbor respecting a neighbor.  But the most talked about form of love is that between a man and a woman. 

Some men are destined to love only one woman. A man falls in love with his high school sweetheart, and they are married and live happy ever after. This is a love affair that many believe is conceived in heaven and will continue throughout eternity. 

THE MAMA MILLER LOVE STORY is a classic story of the love between one man and one woman. The expectation of love is many years of peace and happiness, but sometimes those expectations prove to be wrong. Falling in love means the willingness to accept the consequences. It is true that sometimes love hurts, but for many the endurance of the pain is worth the benefits.  

Marriage vows should be taken seriously. However, many love affairs go wrong because the eternal flame of love was not there in the first place.  But when the flame burns out adjustments must be made.  In others the flame is there but the deck of cards that is called “life” deals a bad hand. 

The language of love is universal and it comes in the form of thousands of songs that have been sung, hundreds of poems that have been penned, thousands of books that have been written, plus hundreds of movies that have been made.  But there is one thing for certain humans will never get tired of a good love story.    

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