Wednesday, March 31, 2021




I am an eighty-two year old American citizen living in Thailand.  I have been a teacher, a gospel public speaker, a coach, a businessman, and a writer. I realize that the shades of life are closing in around me but I still get great joy with the pen.  I have written and published over 200 Op.-Ed.’s, 10 novels, numerous short stories, and several poems.  There comes a time in any man’s life when it becomes necessary for him to blow his own horn, particularly if he knows his horn is capable of producing sweet music. You are welcome to join individuals from 68 different countries who have read and are still reading my Op.-Ed.’s. There is a lifetime of reading @

I am presently writing several novels but there is one particular one that I would like to tell you about, and the title is “LOCKER ROOM TALK.” I have been writing this novel for over 5 years and naturally, I think this book has potential. However, when it is published in 2021, the readers will become the final judges. All I can do is write it and hope for the best. 

(To be continued)









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